Air Canada Check-in: Timings and Requirements

Online Check-in Timings

Air Canada’s online check-in is especially designed to make your journey stress-free. You avoid long queues and save loads of time when you prefer checking in online. So, let’s jump into the specifics about when and how you can check-in online with Air Canada.

Air Canada’s online check-in facility is available from 24 hours up to 45 minutes before departure for flights within Canada and between Canada and the United States. For other international flights, you’ve got from 24 hours until 60 minutes before departure. You’ve got the flexibility to check-in from your home, office, or on the move.

You may wonder about the actual process of checking in online. It’s really quite simple. You just need to go to the Air Canada website or the Air Canada app, enter your booking reference or e-ticket number, and then follow the prompts for check-in. During your online check-in, you can also choose your seat, add your Frequent Flyer number, and even upgrade if you wish. It’s all designed to make your travel experience as easy and comfortable as possible.

To make the matter easier to understand, here’s the timing data for Air Canada’s online check-in compressed in a markdown table:

Destinations Time Range for Online Check-in
Within Canada & to the US 24 hours to 45 mins before
Other International flights 24 hours to 60 mins before

Remember, the earlier you check in, the better your chance of securing your preferred seat. So, next time you’re ready to fly with Air Canada, take advantage of the online check-in process. It’ll make smooth, hassle-free travel all the more achievable.

Airport Check-in Timings

Understanding the timing of Air Canada’s airport check-in process is crucial if you’re looking to avoid unnecessary stress and delays. Different flights have differing check-in times. As such, you need to familiarize yourself with these specifics.

For flights within Canada, the check-in counters open 4 hours before departure and typically close 45 minutes before departure. If you’re going to the U.S. from Canada, the check-in counters open 4 hours before departure, closing 1 hour before departure. While for International Flights, the counters open 4 hours before departure and close 1 hour before departure. Here’s a markdown table to help you recap:

Flight Type Check-in Opens Check-in Closes
Within Canada 4 hours before departure 45 minutes before departure
Canada to U.S. 4 hours before departure 1 hour before departure
International Flights 4 hours before departure 1 hour before departure

It’s important to note that this is counter check-in. There are different timing constraints if you decide to check in using other methods, such as the Air Canada mobile app or online via the official website.

The benefits of checking in early are numerous:

  • Seat selection: Secure your preferred seat by checking in early. It’s competitive, so the sooner you check in, the better shot you have at that window or aisle seat.
  • Frequent Flyer Number Addition: When you check in early, you’ll easily add your Frequent Flyer number to earn points on your travels.
  • Smooth and Hassle-free Travel: Further, early check-in saves you from last-minute rush, long queues, and affords you peace of mind as you prepare for your journey.

Special Requirements for Check-in

After understanding the general timings for Air Canada’s online check-in, it’s time to brush up on the special requirements for a truly seamless travel experience. Navigating these specific check-in requirements can help you avoid unnecessary stress at the airport.

Each passenger is a distinct individual with unique needs. Hence, Air Canada has devised a variety of special assistance services, but these may require pre-booking. Are you travelling with an infant or a toddler? Maybe you’re carrying sporting equipment, musical instruments, or pets. Each of these scenarios often comes with its own set of requirements.

  • Traveling with an Infant or a Child: It’s mandatory to have the child’s identification documents. Infants under the age of 2 who do not occupy a seat typically do not need a boarding pass. But, you’ll need to register their information during check-in. It’s also essential to understand the acceptable car seats and strollers onboard rules.
  • Traveling with Sports Equipment or Musical Instruments: Sports equipment and musical instruments are considered as oversized luggage. Before departure, you must notify Air Canada about these items. Each item may be subject to different registration procedures and potential additional charges.
  • Traveling with Pets: Pets like dogs and cats are often welcome onboard, yet it’s paramount to contact Air Canada in advance for specifics. Size, breed, and carrier requirements need to be confirmed early.

As aforementioned, it’s crucial to notify Air Canada beforehand about any special requirements to ensure your needs are accommodated. Reach out to the airline’s customer service as soon as you’re able, as these services are often limited. Proactivity guarantees you peace of mind.

Going through these guidelines clears any ambiguities about Air Canada’s check-in process. With everything in order, you’re set for your journey. Now that we’ve covered the special requirements, let’s head to the next section, which details the benefits of early check-in at Air Canada. You’ll get to understand the perks of punctuality, and the disadvantages of tardiness within your travel itinerary.

Baggage Policies

Let’s jump into Air Canada’s baggage policies now. When you’re ready to head to the skies, it’s essential to know what items you can bring and what you’ll need to leave behind. We’ve detailed everything in this guide for you to breeze through the luggage process.

Air Canada’s carry-on luggage policy allows for one standard item and one personal item. The standard item must not exceed measurements of 21.5 x 15.5 x 9 inches and the personal item should be smaller, fitting under the seat in front of you.

Curious about checked baggage? You’re in luck. Under most circumstances, your first checked bag flies free. But, the exact allowance depends on your fare class and Flyer status. Let’s break it down for you in a table.

Fare Class Baggage Allowance
Economy First bag $30 CAD/USD, second bag $50 CAD/USD
Premium Economy Two bags free
Business Three bags free

Should you find yourself having more bags than the allowed limit, take note that extra baggage charges apply.

Also, duty to the safety and comfort of onboard passengers, some items are limited or not allowed on flights such as weapons, explosive materials, and flammable items. For a complete list of prohibited items, it’s best to visit Air Canada’s official website.

And remember! Heavier or oversized baggage may attract additional fees. Any bag weighing over 50lb or measuring more than 62 linear inches will be considered oversize. Extra fees range from $100 to $118.50 CAD/USD depending on the weight and size category.

What about carrying instruments or sporting gear? They have unique policies, too. Musical instruments can be able to replace your carry-on baggage if they meet specific size requirements. Likewise, sports equipment generally counts as regular baggage, but some larger items will incur additional fees.


You’re now equipped with the knowledge to navigate Air Canada’s check-in process like a pro. Whether you’re flying within Canada, to the US, or internationally, you know the drill. Remember to check in early for optimal seat selection and add your Frequent Flyer number for those valuable points. If you’re traveling with kids, sports gear, musical instruments, or your furry friends, you’ve got the info to ensure a smooth journey. You’re also clued up on Air Canada’s baggage policies, so no nasty surprises at the airport. So go ahead, check in online, and enjoy your hassle-free travel experience with Air Canada.

What is Air Canada’s online check-in process?

The online check-in process for Air Canada helps passengers to check-in before their flights via the Air Canada website or mobile app. It allows passengers to select their preferred seats and add their Frequent Flyer number among other features.

When can I check-in online for my Air Canada flight?

The online check-in window for Air Canada flights varies based on the nature of your flight. It begins 24 hours before the flight departure for flights within Canada and US but it starts 12 hours before departure for international flights.

Why is early check-in recommended by Air Canada?

Checking in early allows passengers to secure their preferred seats and add their Frequent Flyer numbers if they have one. Moreover, it eases the travel process making it smooth and hassle-free.

What are the special requirements for Air Canada’s online check-in?

If you are traveling with infants, children, sports equipment, musical instruments, or pets, you need to notify Air Canada in advance. This allows them to make necessary arrangements to accommodate your special needs.

What are Air Canada’s baggage policies?

Air Canada has guidelines for carry-on and checked baggage allowances. They also have policies for prohibited items and charges additional fees for overweight or oversized baggage. Special policies are in place for carrying musical instruments and sports equipment onboard.

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