Allegiant Air’s Flight Change Policy Explained

Allegiant Air Flight Change Policy

Understanding Allegiant Air’s flight change policy is key to making your travel plans more flexible. So here’s what you need to know:

Allegiant Air is known for its liberal flight change policy. They’ve designed it in a way that you can easily adjust your travel plans without falling prey to heavy penalties. If you’re at least one week away from your scheduled flight departure, changing your ticket will only cost $75 per person.

The airline’s change policy doesn’t just stop at a nominal fee. Allegiant Air takes their flexibility a step further by giving passengers a 24-hour grace period from the time of booking. If you make any changes or cancellations within this window, there’s no fee at all – it’s completely free!

Fast-forward to a day or two before your flight and the scenario changes slightly. Changes within 24 hours of your flight departure come at a cost, with the change fee rising to $75. However, even then, the fee isn’t exorbitant when compared to other major airlines and their change fee structures.

Every policy has its exceptions, and Allegiant Air’s is no different. The no-fee rule applies only when the changes are made at least 7 days prior to the scheduled flight. Tickets bought as part of a group block, convention or reservation aren’t entitled to the standard flexibility that individual passengers enjoy.

Exploring Allegiant’s website will reveal additional exceptions and give you more insight into their flight change policy. The website’s FAQs and customer service pages hold abundant information.

Refunds are given in the original form of payment, and are processed within 20 business days.

Flight Change Costs Fee
Change made at least a week prior to departure $75
Changes made within 24 hours of departure $75
Changes made within 24 hours of booking Free

Remember to have a quick look at Allegiant Air’s official site to confirm any policy changes. They tend to update their policies periodically, just as any savvy airline would.

Understanding the Fee Structure

Allegiant Air’s flexible policies make them a preferred choice amongst airline passengers. The core aspect that sets them apart is their fee structure for flight changes. It’s built around the concept of minimizing penalties while maximizing passenger convenience.

At the heart of this structure is the $75 fee for flight changes made at least one week before the trip. This fee is significantly perhaps smaller than those of most airlines. Its impact on your travel budget is negligible considering it allows you to adapt to unexpected changes in plans.

The best part is right here: No fees are charged for changes made within 24 hours of booking or within 24 hours of departure. Yes, that’s right! It’s the airline’s way to give you a second chance on your travel plans without burning a hole in your pocket.

Flight Change Time Frame Fee
At least one week prior to departure $75
Within 24 hours of departure $0
Within 24 hours of booking $0

It’s important to note this fee structure is subject to changes. Allegiant Air may update it in response to market conditions. So keep an eye on the official website to be up-to-date on any potential amendments.

Switching to the next phase, we will tackle the processes involved in changing flights with Allegiant Air. The step-by-step procedures will guide you to smoothly navigate through the changes. So, stay tuned to know more about the procedural aspects of Allegiant Air’s flight change policy.

Free Flight Change Options

Flexibility is key, especially when it comes to travel plans. I’m glad to highlight that not every flight change with Allegiant Air will cost you. Contrary to popular belief, Allegiant offers free flight change options under specific circumstances, allowing you to alter your travel plans without worrying about the additional fees.

Let’s dive into the No-cost Change Options with Allegiant Air. Remember, these come into play under certain conditions, which I’ll elaborate below.

The first no-cost option relates to the booking time. If you’ve just booked your ticket and realize that you need to make changes, you’re in luck. Allegiant Air allows free flight changes within 24 hours of the original booking. This window gives you plenty of time to double-check your plans, ensuring there are no mistakes or conflicts.

The second no-cost change policy is unique to Allegiant Air. If you find yourself needing to change your flight within 24 hours of departure, rest assured—you won’t have to pay any change fees. While most airlines would charge hefty fees for such last-minute alterations, Allegiant Air provides its customers with this additional flexibility.

Allegiant Air Free Change Options Time Frame
Changes post-booking Within 24 hours of original booking
Last minute changes Within 24 hours of departure

Amidst the unpredictability of travel, it’s assuring to know that Allegiant Air provides these customer-friendly options. By checking the official Allegiant Air website regularly, you can stay updated with any changes in these policies. This way, you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to save your hard-earned money.

How to Navigate Allegiant Air’s Policies

If you find yourself needing to tweak your travel itinerary with Allegiant Air, there’s no need to fret. With a keen understanding of their policies, I’ll guide you through the steps involved to ensure minimal impacts on your wallet and your trip.

Step One: Understand the Timing

Since Allegiant Air’s policy is largely based on timeframes, it’s crucial to keep track of when you booked your flight and how close you are to your departure date. Remember: changes made at least one week before the flight attract a fee of $75. However, you can make changes without any fees within 24 hours of booking your flight or within 24 hours of your departure.

Step Two: Make Your Changes

If you’re within the window for no-cost changes, simply log into your account on the Allegiant Air website, locate your current booking, and select the “Change Flight” option. Follow the prompts to select your new flight and confirm your changes.

Step Three: Review the Changes

After making your flight changes, always ensure to review the changes you’ve made and confirm the new flight details are correct. It’s easy to make mistakes during this process, and you want to be 100% sure of your flight details to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Remember, moving swiftly is key here. If you’ve passed the 24-hour mark since booking, a $75 fee might be knocking at your door. Conversely, if you’re within the 24-hour window before departure, the change is free – but don’t be fooled. Not all flights are equal, if no flight with the same value is available, you still might need to fork out extra.

And a final friendly tip: If there are uncertainties or you’re finding the process a tad bit complicated, don’t hesitate to reach out to Allegiant Air customer service. They’re there to help. Let’s not forget, policies can change. Always double-check Allegiant Air’s official website for the most current information on their flight change policy.

The Ins and Outs of Allegiant Air’s Flight Change Policies

Nailing down the ins and outs of a flight change policy can feel like a game of pin the tail on the donkey. Allegiant Air? Let’s simplify things here.

No Cost Changes. Allegiant Air offers two golden opportunities to make changes without forfeiting cash. Firstly, within 24 hours of booking your flight and if your scheduled departure is at least one week away. This limitation applies to all tickets, not just promotional or sale tickets.

Secondly, Allegiant’s Trip Flex add-on. Yes, it costs a little more at the time of booking but the benefits are worth it. It allows changes or cancellations up to one hour before departure without any fees. Best of all, this add-on is available for all ticket types.

$75 Fee. Remember, not all changes are free. Outside the 24-hour booking window and Trip Flex benefit, changes come with a $75 fee per passenger, per segment. Be sure to calculate the cost of changes before making any rash decisions.

Customer Service. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all, that’s alright. Allegiant Air has a stellar customer service team ready to assist. Don’t be shy, give them a call.

Allegiant Website. Keep your eyes on the prize – Allegiant’s official website. Here you’ll find the most up-to-date information on their flight change policy. Because remember folks, information changes.

There are other limitations and terms associated with Allegiant’s policy that you should cross-check yourself before making any decisions. Don’t just rely on third-party websites for information. There’s no better source than directly from the horse’s mouth – Allegiant’s own website.

Whether you’re dealing with changing travel plans or hunting down the best deals, understanding a company’s policies is key. It doesn’t need to be complex. Use this guide to better navigate Allegiant Air’s change policies and be well-prepared for any curveballs that your travel plans may throw your way.

Let’s continue peeling back the rest of the onion in the next section as we explore more about Allegiant Air and its provisions for a seamless travel experience.


Navigating Allegiant Air’s flight change policy can be a breeze if you’re armed with the right knowledge. Remember, timing is key – you can save a hefty $75 if you make changes at least a week ahead. Don’t forget about the free change options within 24 hours of booking or departure. It’s also wise to keep an eye on Allegiant Air’s website for policy updates. Need help? Don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer service. And if you’re a frequent flyer, consider the Trip Flex add-on. It’s a lifesaver, allowing changes or cancellations up to an hour before departure without any fees. Just make sure you’re well-versed with its limitations and terms. With these insights, you’re all set to manage your Allegiant Air bookings like a pro!

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