Allegiant Air’s Trip Flex Cancellation & Change Policy Explained

How does Allegiant Air’s Trip Flex work?

As a frequent flyer I’ve found Allegiant Air’s Trip Flex to be incredibly beneficial. But how does it work? It’s simple.

When you’re purchasing your ticket, select the Trip Flex add-on. It’s that easy. Once you’ve added it to your ticket, you’ve got flexibility at your fingertips. You’ll be able to modify your flight up to one hour before departure without incurring change fees.

I’ll provide some details about how this can be used. With Trip Flex:

  • You can change your flight dates not once but twice.
  • The normal change fee is waived.
  • Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before departure.

Those who do take advantage of Trip Flex gain precious peace of mind. Forget about fretting over last-minute changes. This add-on has got you covered.

And there’s one more key piece of information you need to know. If you do decide to cancel your flight, the funds will be returned to your Allegiant Air account as credit. This credit can be used for any future flight – it doesn’t expire.

Trip Flex is a convenience you didn’t know you needed, until now.

Remember, Allegiant Air’s Trip Flex allows you to control your travel plans. No more worrying about unpredictable circumstances affecting your journey. Simply add Trip Flex to your basket the next time you’re booking with Allegiant Air.

I’m living proof of how Trip Flex can turn your travel experience around – completely. Now you might be wondering about the cost. Well, let’s dive into that in the next section.

Benefits of using Trip Flex

Stepping into the realm of the numerous benefits offered by Trip Flex, it’s instantly evident that its key advantage lies within its flexibility. With Trip Flex, you’re no longer tied down by rigid flight schedules, penalties for flight changes, or the fear of cancellation. Let’s delve into the benefits on an in-depth level.

Firstly, Trip Flex empowers you to make changes to your flights without incurring change fees up to one hour before departure. This convenience shields you from the financial burdens typically associated with rescheduling flights. Being able to change your flight dates twice, gives you control over your travel plans.

From a peace of mind standpoint, Trip Flex assures you against any unpredicted hitches during your travel planning. If a flight is cancelled, you can breathe easy knowing the funds will be returned as credit to your Allegiant Air account. This transformation from potential loss to future opportunity is one of the standout features Trip Flex offers. Your credit could serve you at a time when you need to make an impromptu trip or wish to upgrade your seat on your next flight.

Finally, enhancing the overall travel experience, Trip Flex allows cancellations up to 24 hours before departure. This feature is designed with understanding your need for last minute changes and tends to reduce the worry of unpredictable circumstances affecting your journey.

Overall, I must say, these features truly emphasize the value and convenience that Trip Flex brings to the table, all to make your journey smoother and hassle-free.

Now let’s move onto understanding the scenarios where the use of Trip Flex truly shines.

How to add Trip Flex to your booking

Booking a flight with Allegiant Air is a relatively straightforward process. Adding Trip Flex to your booking isn’t any different.

First, begin by selecting your desired flight on the airline’s official website. As you progress through the booking process, you’ll be presented with the option to add Trip Flex, likely after you’ve selected your preferred seats.

Click on the Trip Flex option. Doing so will add it to your booking automatically–it’s that simple. You’ll notice a marginal increase in the cost of your ticket, but it’s a small price to pay for the flexibility and peace of mind Trip Flex brings. Plus, its cost is generally less than most airlines’ individual flight change fees.

Making a last-minute change? Don’t sweat it. Allegiant Air understands that plans can change and offers travelers the ability to add Trip Flex up to one hour before departure. Just log into your Allegiant account, find the booking you want to add Trip Flex to, and proceed to make the additions. However, do note that adding trip flex close to your departure time will likely incur a higher fee than if added during the initial booking.

Let’s dig into the cost implications of adding Trip Flex at the time of booking versus close to departure time. The numbers look as such:

Time of Adding Trip Flex Expected Cost Increase
At time of booking Marginally more
Close to departure time Substantially more

Knowing how to add Trip Flex to your booking will ensure you’re always ready to accommodate those last-minute changes. By adding Trip Flex, you can steer clear of hefty change fees and enjoy a smoother, hassle-free travel experience. Be sure to consider this option next time you’re booking a flight with Allegiant Air.

Making changes with Trip Flex

So, how does one make changes with Trip Flex? It’s surprisingly straightforward. Once you’ve added Trip Flex to your booking, you’re all set to navigate unexpected itinerary shifts with less angst.

One key point to remember is that Allegiant Air’s Trip Flex isn’t a “cancel anytime” sort of pass. Rather, it’s a tool that grants you a larger time frame and lessens the penalties for changes or cancellations. Offering greater flexibility, Trip Flex acts as an added layer of protection in your travel planning.

Need to make changes to your booking? Here’s where Trip Flex shows its true value. Changes must be made at least one hour before departure. That’s a significantly more generous time frame than most traditional airlines, which often require changes to be made 24 hours or more before departure.

To implement changes, log into your account on the airline’s website. Proceed to ‘Manage Travel’, then click on ‘Change Flight’. From this point, you’re able to manage your booking with ease.

Price changes apply when the new itinerary costs more than the original. With Trip Flex, instead of facing a change fee plus the fare difference, you’ll only be billed for the adjustment in fare. This aspect underscores the monetary value of opting for this feature, potentially saving you from the sting of hefty change fees.

Note, however, that while Trip Flex reduces the penalties for changes, it doesn’t eliminate them entirely. The intent is to mitigate, not eradicate.

Cancellation with Trip Flex is also relatively painless. Allegiant allows Trip Flex users to cancel their flights up to an hour before departure. Passengers receive a refund in the form of a voucher to use on future Allegiant flights. The process is simple: log into your account, navigate to ‘Manage Travel,’ and select ‘Cancel Flight’.

Indeed, maneuvering travel plans can often feel like a carefully choreographed dance, fraught with unexpected challenges and potential missteps. With Allegiant Air’s Trip Flex, you gain greater control and smoother transitions, effectively setting the stage for peace of mind in your travel ventures.

Cancelling flights with Trip Flex

When it comes to flight cancellations with Trip Flex, things really couldn’t be easier. The overarching benefit Trip Flex provides is a speedy process with a minimal penalty. In a world where flight cancellations can lead to a surge of issues and stress, the simplicity of Trip Flex stands out.

Cancellation requests with the Trip Flex add-on can be made up until an hour before your flight’s scheduled departure. Traditional flight cancellation policies often require at least 24 hours’ notice. This extended grace period awarded by Allegiant Air is one you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Going through the cancellation process is a breeze. Passengers simply need to access their Manage Travel option using Allegiant Air’s website and select Cancel Reservation. It’s a straightforward task that anyone can tackle, whether tech-savvy or a novice. Allegiant Air has made a clear effort to make this procedure easy to follow and quick to complete.

The beauty of Trip Flex doesn’t just end with the convenience of the cancellation process. There’s also the added advantage of the cancellation penalty being significantly less. Rather than feeling the sting of a hefty cancellation fee, Trip Flex users get issued a voucher. This voucher is valid for 12 months and can be used towards a future Allegiant Air booking.

Policy Traditional Airlines Allegiant Air with Trip Flex
Cancellation Notice 24 hours before flight Up to 1 hour before flight
Cancellation Procurement Varied Levels of Complexity Through Manage Travel option on website
Cancellation Penalties Hefty Cancellation Fee Voucher for future use within 12 months

Being aware of how cancellations work with Trip Flex can be a game-changer for frequent flyers and occasional travelers alike. It’s these intuitive, customer-focused features that make Allegiant Air’s Trip Flex a clear winner in the world of travel.


Allegiant Air’s Trip Flex has truly revolutionized the way we handle changes and cancellations. It’s a game-changer, offering travelers a more generous time frame and significantly lessened penalties. With just a click on their website, you can easily modify your itinerary up to an hour before departure. And if you need to cancel, Trip Flex softens the blow by providing a voucher for future flights instead of a hefty fee. It’s clear that Trip Flex is designed with the traveler’s peace of mind at the forefront, offering greater control over our travel plans. So, if you’re looking for flexibility and ease in managing your flights, Trip Flex from Allegiant Air is certainly worth considering.

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