American Airlines Boarding Pass Policy| How to get it?

Ever wondered how to get your boarding pass from American Airlines? You’re not alone. It’s a common question among travelers, and we’re here to help you navigate through the process.

American Airlines has a specific policy for issuing boarding passes, and understanding it can save you a lot of time and stress. This article will walk you through the ins and outs of their policy, making your next trip smoother and more enjoyable.

So, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning your first trip, we’ve got you covered. Let’s jump into the American Airlines boarding pass policy and how to get your hands on one.

What is the American Airlines Boarding Pass Policy?

American Airlines boarding pass policy exists to streamline the boarding process and make it as efficient as possible. Their approach combines best-practices and user-friendly technology, creating a more pleasant travel experience for you.

As soon as you understand their boarding pass policy, you’ll find that it’s pretty straightforward. To start with, you can check-in and obtain your boarding pass 24 hours before your flight departure online. It’s handy to know these facts:

  • Check-in time: Yes, you remember it right! It’s 24 hours before your departure.
  • Closure time: Do not forget that the check-in closes 45 minutes before domestic flights and 90 minutes before international flights.
  • E-pass or Paper Pass: You have the option to use an electronic boarding pass on your mobile device or print it out.

Suppose you’re an AAdvantage member, a part of Frequent Flyers Program, or you’ve any elite status with American Airlines. In this case, you stand a higher chance of getting priority during boarding, and it can be a real game-changer. They have a system of 9 groups for boarding. With increasing privileges from Group 1 to Group 9, those in earlier groups get to board before others.

A simple table to illustrate the American Airlines’ Boarding Groups can be seen below:





Group 1


First Class, Active US Military
Group 2


Business Class, Elite Members
Group 3


Premium Economy
Group 4


Elite Members, Credit Card Holders
Group 5-8


Main Cabin Tickets
Group 9


Basic Economy Tickets

Why is it important to understand the American Airlines Boarding Pass Policy?

Navigating the boarding process at any airport can often feel like navigating a labyrinth. Each airline has its own procedures and protocols which may be a source of confusion for some passengers. Understanding American Airlines’ boarding pass policy will allow you to navigate this process with confidence.

Being familiar with the policy can lessen any pre-flight stress. Knowing the check-in cut-off times can help you avoid any last-minute hassles and means you’re less likely to miss your flight. Remember, for domestic flights American Airlines closes check-in 45 minutes before departure; for international flights, it’s closed 60 minutes before.

Understanding this boarding pass policy also means you can take advantage of any privileges or amenities available. As was mentioned earlier, priority boarding options exist for AAdvantage members and those with Elite status. This takes away some of the uncertainty and waiting time in the boarding process.

Also, check-in for your flight online up to 24 hours in advance is allowed under the policy. This could save you a lot of time standing in line at the airport. Plus, early check-in increases your chance of getting your preferred seat.

Finally, knowing the ins and outs of the policy will help you understand the way in which boarding groups work within American Airlines. There are nine boarding groups on AA flights. Your boarding pass contains details of which group you’re in – knowing when your group is likely to board can help you plan accordingly. For example, if you’re in Group 5, there’s absolutely no need to be at the front of the queue when boarding begins. Understanding this information helps you manage your time more effectively and ensures a smoother boarding process.

Types of Boarding Passes offered by American Airlines

When booking your flight with American Airlines, it’s vital to know the types of boarding passes available. Your selection not only impacts your overall travel experience but can also decrease your pre-flight stress.

The primary types of boarding passes offered by American Airlines are Mobile Boarding Passes, Print-at-home Boarding Passes, and Airport Counter or Kiosk Boarding Passes.

Mobile Boarding Passes

In today’s digitally driven world, mobile boarding passes offer tremendous convenience. If you’re a tech-savvy traveler, the airline’s app enables you to check-in and get your boarding pass directly on your smartphone or tablet. Just make sure you download and install the American Airlines app before your journey starts.

Print-At-Home Boarding Passes

While some travelers prefer paperless travel, others might still fancy the traditional way. Print-at-home boarding passes provide you the opportunity to have your boarding pass paper in hand before you even reach the airport. This option simplifies your journey, but just remember to have access to a printer for this facility.

Airport Counter or Kiosk Boarding Passes

Finally, for travelers who are not comfortable using digital platforms, obtaining a boarding pass from the airport counter or kiosk is a feasible option. American Airlines have dedicated kiosks at airports, where you can perform a self-check-in and get your boarding pass.

Understanding the different boarding passes available is crucial in planning your journey. You can choose the one that suits your preferences and ensures a comfortable, hassle-free boarding process. Meanwhile, knowing the difference between these passes will also help you use the privileges and amenities you’re eligible for under American Airlines’ policy. Remember, your choice of boarding pass could be the start to a smooth and enjoyable flight experience. Knowledge is indeed the first step towards an enjoyable journey.

How to get a Boarding Pass before your flight?

Getting a boarding pass for your flight can make your journey smoother. There are different ways you can get a boarding pass:

  1. Online: Checking in online and getting a mobile or print-at-home boarding pass is the most feasible method. You can check in through the official website of American Airlines or their mobile app. The process usually starts 24 hours before your flight takes off and ends 45 minutes before domestic flights and 90 minutes before international flights.

It’s important to have your reservation details and flight number handy during this process. This not only secures your seat, but it also allows you to skip potential lines at the airport!

  1. At the Airport: In case you didn’t manage to get your pass online, don’t worry. American Airlines counter or kiosk are present in most airports. Here, you can get your boarding pass with the support of a ground helper.

The process is simple – verify your identity, present your flight reservation details, and obtain your boarding pass. If you have luggage for check-in, make sure to drop it at the counter.

Understanding the process, respecting the timeliness, and following the methods mentioned above, you are set to get your boarding pass with ease. Keep this policy in mind, and allow American Airlines’ efficient service to guide you through all your air travel needs.

Alternative options for obtaining a Boarding Pass

So, you’ve caught up with the basics of acquiring a boarding pass through either an online portal or an airport kiosk. But what if we tell you there are a few alternative ways to get your boarding pass? Let’s immerse and explore these options.

Third-Party Travel Apps are becoming a new trend these days. Platforms like Expedia, Travelocity, or Skyscanner often offer the feature to check-in and fetch an eBoarding pass right to your mobile device. This option might be handy if you’ve booked your American Airlines ticket through these apps. You’ll need your reservation details for this process too; so keep them within your reach.

If you are into frequent flying and love perks, American Airlines’ own AAdvantage program might be your go-to option. As a member of this program, you will get various benefits including priority check-in. With your membership credentials, you can easily log in to the American Airlines website or mobile app where you’ll find your boarding pass ready after online check-in; all within the comforts of your own time and space.

For those rushing to get to their destination, Curbside Check-in at the airport might be a worthwhile option to consider. Though not available at all airports, curbside check-in services will print the boarding pass for you outside the terminal. Remember though, this might involve a petty cash transaction, so it’s a good idea to have small bills at hand.

Understanding and leveraging options as per your convenience can really take the stress out of air-travel preparing. You just need to focus on choosing the right option for you, keeping in mind your specific needs and comfort level.


Navigating your way through American Airlines’ boarding pass policy doesn’t have to be a challenging job. With a clear understanding of the different types of boarding passes and the various ways to obtain them, you’re well-equipped to make your next trip a breeze. Whether you opt for the convenience of a mobile boarding pass, the familiarity of a print-at-home pass, or the traditional airport counter option, rest assured, you’re covered. Don’t forget about the alternative options like third-party travel apps, the AAdvantage program, and curbside check-in. They’re there to make your travel experience even smoother. So go ahead, pack your bags and get ready for a stress-free boarding experience with American Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of boarding passes does American Airlines offer?

American Airlines offers three main types of boarding passes: mobile boarding passes, print-at-home boarding passes, and boarding passes obtained at airport counters or kiosks.

Are there alternate ways to obtain a boarding pass?

Yes, you can get the boarding pass through alternative methods such as using third-party travel apps, enrolling in the American Airlines AAdvantage program, or using the curbside check-in service at the airport.

Can using third-party travel apps make the boarding process easier?

Yes, third-party travel apps can make the boarding process smoother by allowing for easy access and presentation of your boarding pass.

Is the American Airlines AAdvantage program beneficial?

Yes, the American Airlines AAdvantage program allows members to easily access their boarding passes and enjoy other benefits which can make the entire travel experience more convenient.

What is curbside check-in at the airport?

Curbside check-in is a convenient service offered at most airports where passengers can get their boarding passes and check their bags right at the airport’s curb, thereby avoiding potential lines inside the terminal.

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