Maximizing Your Chase Ultimate Rewards: A Guide to Redeeming & Booking Delta Flights

How to Earn Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

Now that you’re aware of the potential uses of Delta flights, let’s talk about how you can earn these Chase Ultimate Rewards points. Earning these points is simple, straightforward, and can be rewarding in more ways than one.

The first and foremost method for earning points is by using your Chase Credit Card for everyday expenses. Credit Card Spending is an excellent way to start accumulating these points. Every dollar you spend with your card can earn you 1 point, allowing you to start stacking up your points balance right from your daily purchases.

Next, think about Shopping Through Chase. With this feature, you can shop from countless online retailers via the Chase website. Not only can you find brilliant deals and discounts, but you’re also earning points for every dollar you spend. It’s a win-win situation!

Chase cards also offer Sign-Up Bonuses for new cardholders. These bonuses could potentially bump up your points balance by several thousand points upon reaching a specified spending target within the first few months of card membership.

Also, you can also Refer a Friend to Chase. If your referral results in a new account, you’ve landed yourself some bonus points!

Last but not least, use Chase Dining for reservations or delivery services and earn points while you indulge your culinary cravings.

Here’s a breakdown of your points earning potential:

Method Points Earned
Credit Card Spending 1 point per dollar spent
Shopping Through Chase Varies by retailer
Sign-Up Bonus Variable bonus points
Refer a Friend Bonus points on successful referral
Chase Dining Points earned per dollar spent on dining

So, start activating these earning channels and watch the reward points roll in. You’ll be off on your Delta flight before you know it! Now, let’s investigate into how to redeem these points for maximum value.

Understanding Delta Airlines and its Benefits

As you venture into maximizing your Chase Ultimate Rewards points, it’s beneficial to familiarize yourself with Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines is a significant American airline, renowned for its robust domestic and international network. It serves more than 300 destinations in over 50 countries.

Delta’s vast network offers you numerous opportunities to travel the globe. One of the key benefits of Delta Airlines is its membership in the SkyTeam Alliance. This alliance enhances your travel route options as it gives you access to 19 different airline partners around the world. SkyTeam’s combined network gives you an enviable reach, stretching from the American continents to Asia, Africa, and Europe.

You might be pleased to know that Delta Airlines has an impressive On-time Performance. It regularly ranks top among US carriers in terms of punctuality. Hence, if you value being timely for your meetings or engagements, Delta Airlines could be a good match for you.

The comfort of your journey also matters to Delta Airlines. They offer a variety of cabin classes. These include Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Comfort+, First Class, Delta Premium Select, and Delta One. With this wide range of choices, you’re able to select a travel class that best suits your needs and budget.

One of Delta’s wholesome amenities is its in-flight entertainment. Delta Studio has won accolades over the years for its extraordinary entertainment content. You’ll find popular movies, TV shows, music, and games right at your fingertips.

Besides, Delta Sky Club offers luxury at its airport lounges. These lounges provide value-added services such as complimentary snacks, beverages, Wi-Fi, personalized flight assistance, and more.

That’s a snapshot of the various benefits you’ll enjoy with Delta Airlines. But how do you maximise these benefits using your Chase Ultimate rewards points? That’s what we’ll explore next.

How to Connect Your Chase Ultimate Rewards Account with Delta

Transferring your hard-earned Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Delta Airlines is a piece of cake. Here is your step-by-step guide to making that connection.

Begin by logging into your Chase Ultimate Rewards account. Make sure the account has an eligible Chase card linked to it. The next task is to find the section labeled as ‘Use Points.’ Click on that and choose ‘Transfer to Travel Partners.’

At this point, Delta Airlines will appear on your screen as one of the travel partners. Notice that Delta Airlines doesn’t come up directly; instead, it is included under the SkyTeam Alliance partners. This is due to Delta’s membership in the SkyTeam Alliance. Don’t let that confuse you!

You’ll then be prompted to enter the number of points you wish to transfer. Bear in mind that Chase points transfer to Delta at a 1:1 ratio, so if you transfer 1,000 points, you’ll receive 1,000 Delta SkyMiles.

Finally, verify your transfer details and click on ‘Confirm & Submit.’ Your transfer should be instantaneous, and your Chase Ultimate Rewards points are now ready to be used on Delta flights! Sweet, isn’t it?

Be aware of one important fact – once you’ve transferred points to a travel partner, you cannot reverse the process. So, make sure you’ve made the right decision before hitting that submit button.

By now, you’ve mastered how to connect your Chase Ultimate Rewards account with Delta. The journey doesn’t stop here, though. It’s time to explore how to use these points effectively to get the maximum out of your ★Delta voyage★! With our guidance, you’ll be jet-setting to your dream destination in no time.

Navigating the Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal for Delta Flights

Now that you’ve transferred your Chase points into Delta SkyMiles, you’ll want to make them stretch as far as possible. Understanding how to navigate the Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal for Delta flights is crucial for maxing out the value of your points.

Start by logging into your Chase account. Click on the ‘Ultimate Rewards’ section at the top of the menu. Now you’re on the homepage of the Rewards Portal. Look for the ‘Travel’ drop-down menu at the top. Under this menu, you’ll find ‘Flights.’

As you select ‘Flights,’ you’ll be directed to the search page. Key in your desired flight information such as the departure city and destination in the designated slots. Ensure to click on ‘Use points’ – this will allow the system to calculate the booking cost in SkyMiles instead of cash.

In your search results, Delta Airlines flights should show up if they are available. Note, not all flights are eligible for booking with points. To narrow down your search, use the ‘Airline’ filter on the left-hand side of your page and select ‘Delta Airlines.’

At this point, you’ll have a comprehensive list of Delta flights for which your SkyMiles are applicable. Take your time to consider the cost in SkyMiles for each option. Is there a non-stop flight available? Perhaps a one-stop flight is cheaper in terms of points spent. Remember, your aim is to maximize the benefits of flying with Delta.

Getting the hang of the Ultimate Rewards Portal might take a little bit of practice, but using it effectively is a surefire way to squeeze as much value out of your Chase points as possible – and take to the skies with Delta Airlines sooner rather than later! Now, let’s move on to booking a Delta flight with your well-earned points.

Step-by-Step Guide to Redeeming Chase Ultimate Rewards for Delta Flights

Now that you’ve transferred your Chase points to Delta SkyMiles, the real fun begins. It’s time to investigate into the exciting world of redeeming your hard-earned points. Here’s how you can do it.

First, log into your Chase account. On your dashboard, you’ll find the ‘Ultimate Rewards’ section. Click on it to enter the world of rewards. This is the gateway that enables you to turn your credit card points into real experiences.

Navigating the Ultimate Rewards portal is a piece of cake. Look out for the ‘Travel’ option in the drop-down menu. Clicking on it will present several options, among which ‘Flights’ is your desired one. Once you click on ‘Flights’, you’ll be ready to key in your flight information.

In the flight information section, put in your flight’s particulars. Things like date of travel, location, and the likes. Once you’re done, tick on the box marked ‘Use points’. This will calculate your booking’s cost in SkyMiles. Keep in mind, not all flights are eligible for booking using points. To filter for those that are, use the ‘Airline’ option in the filter section. Here, select ‘Delta Airlines’ or its partners to get a list of available flights.

Be shrewd and strategic about when and how you spend your points. Like cash, cruising through your points without a plan isn’t the best way to maximize benefits. Instead, be goal-oriented, envisioning the experiences you want most then using your points to help them. The earlier you plan and book, the more you can maximize your rewards.

This, of course, is easier said than done. But, even the most daunting tasks become manageable with systematic step-by-step guidance. The above steps offer a simplified pathway to using your Chase Ultimate Rewards portal effectively.

Is this all there is to know about Chase Ultimate Rewards and Delta flights? Not at all. There are more intricacies, tips, and tricks to master but in the meantime, begin with these steps to embark on your rewarding travel journey. Explore the wealth of possibilities with your points and get ready for an elevated travel experience.

The journey continues…


So there you have it – the lowdown on cashing in your Chase Ultimate Rewards for Delta flights. It’s as simple as logging into your Chase account and making a few strategic clicks. Remember, it’s all about being smart with your points and exploring the vast array of options they offer. Don’t forget to use that ‘Airline’ filter to focus your search on Delta Airlines flights. With a bit of planning and savvy point spending, you’ll be booking your next Delta flight with Chase Ultimate Rewards in no time. So go ahead, get the most out of your rewards and let your points take you places. Happy traveling!

How do I redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards for Delta flights?

Log into your Chase account and navigate to the ‘Ultimate Rewards’ section. Access the Rewards Portal, select ‘Flights’ under the ‘Travel’ menu, enter your flight information then click ‘Use points’. It’s crucial to use the ‘Airline’ filter so you only see Delta Airlines flights.

What steps do I need to take after accessing the ‘Ultimate Rewards’ section?

After accessing the ‘Ultimate Rewards’ section, you need to click on the Rewards Portal and select ‘Flights’ from the ‘Travel’ dropdown menu. Then, enter your flight details and click on ‘Use points’.

How do I narrow down my search to Delta Airlines flights?

To narrow down your search to Delta Airlines flights, use the ‘Airline’ filter option. This restricts your search results and specifically brings up Delta Airlines flights.

Why should I be strategic about using my Chase Ultimate Rewards?

Being strategic enables you to maximize the benefits of your points. It allows you to explore a wealth of possibilities with your rewards, including getting more value from your flights or other reward options.

What is the role of the ‘Use points’ option in this process?

The ‘Use points’ option allows you to calculate the booking cost in SkyMiles. Clicking on it helps you determine how many points you’d need to redeem for your flight.

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