Experience Enhanced Travel: Why Choose Delta Premium Select Economy Class?

Benefits of Delta Premium Select

Are you consistently scouting for a superior travel experience? Then you should consider the Delta Premium Select. This premium economy class has numerous advantages that’ll make your flight more enjoyable and far from ordinary. Below are some of the key perks you’ll relish when you upgrade.

Extra Legroom

Craving for more personal space? Delta Premium Select’s got you covered. You’ll enjoy up to an additional 3 inches of legroom compared to the standard economy. That’s so much space that you won’t need to worry about unwanted intersections or squeezed legs anymore!

  • Increased legroom: 3 inches extra

Enhanced Meal Service

With Delta Premium Select, you’re not just getting a seat on a plane. You’re investing in a refined dining experience. This service provides you with upgraded meals and beverages. From freshly prepared food to selected wines and premium spirits, it’s a feast in the sky!

Dedicated Overhead Bin Space

Don’t fancy the hustle and bustle around overhead bins? You won’t face it here. Each Delta Premium Select seat comes with dedicated overhead bin space, ensuring that your belongings are within easy reach and safe.

Superior Amenities

You’ll have access to a TUMI amenity kit, snug bedding by Westin Heavenly and special headphones on most transoceanic routes. These will make your journey comfortable and entertaining. Now that’s a deluxe flight indeed!

Delta Premium Select’s benefits extend to more than just extra personal space and better food. The overall in-flight experience is designed to be premium and unique. It’s an investment that gives you more than what you’re paying for. So, are you ready to experience these delights on your next trip?

Increased Comfort and Legroom

Imagine sitting in a spacious seat with plenty of room to stretch out and relax. That’s what you’ll experience when you book Delta Premium Select, Delta Airlines’ premium economy class.

The extra legroom is one of the most notable features of this upgraded class. Standard economy seats on most airlines typically offer around 31-32 inches of pitch (the distance between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front of it). In stark contrast, Premium Select seats offer up to 38 inches of pitch. That’s a whopping 6-inch difference which you’ll undoubtedly appreciate on long-haul flights.

But it’s not just about extra space. Comfort is amped up at Delta Premium Select. The seats are designed to enhance your comfort during your journey. Wider than a standard economy seat, you’re promised a more relaxed and comfy trip. Your chair is equipped with an adjustable footrest and leg rest – added luxuries you wouldn’t get in the regular economy.

If you’re someone who enjoys having their space and being able to move around without bumping into the passenger next to you, Delta Premium Select is definitely worth considering.

Seating Type Pitch (inches)
Standard Economy 31 -32
Delta Premium Select 38

Beyond the enhanced physical space, there are also the smaller details that Delta tends to. Remember those frustrating times jostling for overhead bin space during boarding? With Delta Premium Select, you have access to dedicated overhead bin space. No more rummaging through stacks of bags to find your items or struggling to find a spot for your belongings. Everything just becomes more relaxed and streamlined.

As we’ve outlined, the greatest perks of booking Delta Premium Select are the enhanced seating space and better comfort. Coupled with the dedicated overhead bin compartment, you’re in for an incredibly smooth and enjoyable flying experience. Seamless from start to finish, you won’t regret the decision to upgrade and savor these delights on your next trip with Delta.

Enhanced Meal Service

Your adventure with Delta Premium Select isn’t confined to extra legroom and comfort while you travel. It reaches skyward, where it creates a culinary journey to kick-start your flight. Say goodbye to plain airline food, as one of the main allures of Delta’s premium economy class is the enhanced meal service.

Delta Premium Select offers an upgraded menu that truly differentiates it from standard economy. Serving a high-quality, three-course meal, the airline ensures you’re savoring every bite. To start, you’re offered a choice of delicious appetizers, followed by a choice of a main course that promises variety and innovation, leaving you eagerly waiting for your next meal onboard. For the cherry on top, or in this case, the dessert, prepare for a sweet ending (or beginning) to your meal. It’s all about adding a touch of gourmet to your travel.

Keep yourself refreshed and hydrated throughout your flight with complimentary spirits. A selection of carefully curated wines, beers, spirits, and soft beverages are included in your ticket. Satisfy your cravings with the convenience of a snack bar that’s accessible to Premium Select passengers. It’s open throughout the flight, ensuring you’re never left feeling peckish.

To make your dining experience truly personal, Delta Airlines also provides special dietary meals catering to specific dietary preferences or requirements. Speak with the Delta Airlines team, or choose your option while booking, to make sure that your inflight dining is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Priority Boarding and Check-In

Bask in the priority experience when you choose Delta Premium Select. One of the significant advantages of this booking choice is the Priority Check-In. We all know the long lines that await at check-in counters, and the time consumed can be exhausting. This problem, but, vanishes with Delta Premium Select. You get a priority queue, saving you time and giving you a smoother start to your journey.

Alongside having a lessened queue at the check-in, Priority Boarding is another perk that proves advantageous. No more waiting and standing in line for your turn to board the airplane. With Delta Premium Select, you will be among the first and foremost to board. The early boarding gives you time to settle your belongings in the dedicated overhead bin space, find your seat with ample legroom, and make yourself comfortable before the majority of passengers have even begun boarding.

Pair the priority check-in and boarding with the luxurious amenities provided. As you’re escorted in the premium section, get treated with enhanced comfort and extra legroom. Boost your journey beginning with an adjustable footrest and leg rest, something that significantly elevates your flying experience.

Enjoy a meal in peace without any hurry. Savor the high-quality three-course meal offered in the Delta Premium Select’s enhanced meal service. Choose from a myriad of appetizers, main courses, delightful desserts, and compliment it with complimentary spirits. You can even grab a bite or two at the snack bar or acquire special dietary meals as per your requirements.

With Delta Premium Select, your journey starts on a relaxed and stress-free note, making it a worthwhile investment. You, your well-being, and your comfort are the airline’s topmost priority. Fly with Delta Premium Select to experience this priority and luxury for yourself. Remember, travel is not just about reaching the destination; it’s about enjoying the journey.

Entertainment and Amenities

Stepping on board a Delta Premium Select flight isn’t just about a comfortable seat. There are a multitude of travel amenities and in-flight entertainment options waiting to engage and make your journey a pleasurable one. This high-end economy class provides an array of premium features that easily transform your travel into a memorable experience.

Notably, the entertainment aspect is well-covered. An extensive selection of movies, shows, music, games and more are provided on large, high-definition screens. You hardly feel the time flying by! With Delta’s inflight entertainment, dull moments become a thing of the past. A complimentary pair of noise-cancelling headphones ensure that you enjoy your chosen entertainment to the fullest.

Yet, that’s not all. For the tech-savvy traveller, onboard Wi-Fi is invaluable. Delta Premium Select offers high-speed internet access so you can keep up with work, connect with friends, or stay updated with the world below while soaring in the sky.

Your personal space comes with a USB port and power outlet, letting you stay charged up and ready to go. So, checking emails, scrolling social media, or even finishing that binge-watch session on your own device – all is possible and convenient.

Also, the amenities provided are on par with luxury. From dedicated overhead bin space and storage compartments that keep your essentials close, to personal care kits packed with travel essentials, Delta stows nothing back. The improved cabin services also denote that your needs are taken care of swiftly and smoothly.

So next time you’re planning your journey, keep Delta Premium Select in mind. The comfort, class and superior amenities will make your travel experience not just better but extraordinary. Remember, every little detail counts and that’s exactly what Delta Premium Select aims to perfect.


Choosing Delta Premium Select is all about elevating your travel experience. You’ll enjoy the extra legroom, enhanced comfort, and the luxury of an adjustable footrest and leg rest. You’ll appreciate the dedicated overhead bin space, making your journey more relaxed and enjoyable. The superior meal service, complete with a three-course meal and complimentary spirits, adds to the overall satisfaction of your flight. You’ll relish the priority check-in and early boarding perks, saving you time and giving your journey a smooth start. The entertainment and amenities, from a vast selection of movies and shows to noise-cancelling headphones and onboard Wi-Fi, are designed to keep you entertained and connected. With Delta Premium Select, you’re not just booking a seat; you’re investing in a comfortable, extraordinary travel experience. It’s clear that Delta Premium Select is a smart choice for discerning travelers.

What is Delta Premium Select?

Delta Premium Select is a premium economy class offered by Delta Airlines. This class comes with benefits aimed at making the flying experience more comfortable and enjoyable for passengers.

What are the comforts offered in Delta Premium Select?

Delta Premium Select offers enhanced comforts such as extra legroom, adjustable footrest and leg rest, and dedicated overhead bin space. This allows passengers to have a more relaxed journey.

How is the meal service in Delta Premium Select?

The meal service in Delta Premium Select includes a high-quality, three-course meal with a selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts. The service also offers complimentary spirits, a snack bar, and special dietary meals.

What are the priority services offered by Delta Premium Select?

Delta Premium Select offers priority services like a dedicated check-in queue and early boarding. This ensures passengers have a smooth and time-efficient start to their journey.

What are the entertainment and amenities provided in Delta Premium Select?

Delta Premium Select ensures a fun and engaging journey with a broad selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games on large, high-definition screens. Additionally, they provide noise-cancelling headphones, onboard Wi-Fi, USB ports, power outlets, dedicated overhead bin space, storage compartments, and personal care kits.

What is the aim of Delta Premium Select?

Delta Premium Select aims to provide a comfortable and extraordinary travel experience by perfecting every detail, from comfort to dining, entertainment, amenities, and priority services.

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