Hainan Airlines Flight Change Policy and Fee Info

Ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve booked a flight and now need to change it? Well, you’re not alone. It’s a common scenario for many travelers and, if you’ve booked with Hainan Airlines, you’re in luck. They’ve got a pretty straightforward flight change policy.

In this text, we’ll jump into the specifics of Hainan Airlines’ flight change policy and fee info. We’ll break down what you need to know, from the fees involved to the steps you need to take to make those changes. So, whether it’s a sudden change in plans or just a desire for a different flight time, we’ve got you covered.

Hainan Airlines Flight Change Policy

Navigating the intricate world of airline policies, you’d be delighted to find that Hainan Airlines keeps its flight change policy simple and customer-friendly. Let’s walk you through the specifics.

One of the cornerstones of this policy is the grace period of 24 hours. Yes, you can make any necessary changes to your flight within 24 hours of booking, without a penalty fee looming over your head. Feel free to alter your travel dates, switch flights or even change your destination entirely – without incurring any charge.

For any changes made post this 24-hour window, fees may apply. The amount depends on the fare type purchased and the proximity of your intended departure time. To put it simply, the closer you are to your flight time, the higher change fee you’d be expected to pay. This encourages passengers to finalize their travel plans as early in advance as possible, thereby avoiding unnecessary fees.

Suppose your new flight costs more than the original one. In that case, you’ll pay both the change fee and the price difference. Conversely, if the new flight is cheaper, you’d still be charged the change fee but receive a travel credit for the price difference.

Changes effected within two hours of your scheduled departure time would be treated as same-day changes and these attract a fixed change fee regardless of fare type. This policy ensures that even last-minute changes don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

With Hainan Airlines, ‘No Show’ could also affect your flight change prospects. If you fail to show up for your flight without making an advance flight change, it could result in forfeiture of your ticket.

In cases of illness or personal emergencies, Hainan Airlines exhibits a high degree of empathy. They often waiver change fees upon valid proof, so make sure you keep your relevant documentation handy.

Now that you’ve got a hang of Hainan Airlines’ flight change policy, your travel plans with them would certainly be a breeze. Next, we’ll investigate into the specifics of the associated fees, shedding light on any hidden costs.

Fees and Charges for Flight Changes

If you’ve moved beyond Hainan’s 24-hour grace period, you’ll run into the reality of their flight change fees. These aren’t stagnant amounts—they vary depending on how close you are to your original departure time, as well as your fare class.

Typically, flights that are changed more than 15 days before departure result in a smaller fee, while those changed within 14 days or less are subject to a more substantial fee. But here’s the caveat: same-day changes, those made within two hours of departure, aren’t subject to these incremental increases. Instead, they carry a fixed change fee.

Let’s talk about your ticket fare. It goes without saying that if your new flight costs more, you’ll be responsible for paying the difference plus to any change fee. Should the new flight cost less though, Hainan Airlines does not refund the difference. Instead, you’ll receive a travel credit, but don’t forget about the change fee—you’ll still be on the hook to pay that.

In a bid to provide a clear representation, the following markdown table presents an outline of Hainan Airlines’ flight change penalties:

Fare Class Change Period Change Fee
All 24 hours from booking No Charge
All More than 15 days to departure $50-$100
All 14 days or less to departure $100-$200
All Same-day change (within 2 hours to departure) Fixed fee

A word of caution: if you opt not to show up for your flight without putting in a change request, be prepared to forfeit your ticket altogether. Don’t be shy to ask about exceptions to these rules, though. For instance, if illness or a personal emergency has hindered your travel plans, Hainan Airlines may bend the rules a bit. Providing valid proof of such circumstances could potentially allow for change fee waivers. So while each situation is unique, it’s certainly worth checking.

Steps to Make a Flight Change

Changing a flight with Hainan Airlines isn’t rocket science. With a better understanding of the rules, you’ll breeze through the process.

Step One: Check your Ticket.
Before making changes, it’s essential to understand how your fare class will impact the fees you’ll face. Review the ticket or email confirmation you’ve received from Hainan Airlines. Clear knowledge of your fare class helps to forecast the alteration’s cost-effectiveness.

Step Two: Decide the Changes.
Once you’re familiar with your fare class, make a decision about what changes you want to make to your journey. Are you looking to push the dates back? Is there a specific time you’d prefer to fly? Travel plans change, and it’s good to have a clear idea about the modifications you’re seeking.

Step Three: Contact Hainan Airlines.
When you’re ready, your next step is to contact Hainan Airlines. You can change your flights via their website, by a phone call, or visiting your nearest ticketing office. If you’re making changes online, you’ll find the “Manage Booking” section to guide you through the whole process. If you’re in a ticketing office or on the phone, be patient and attentive. It’s important to understand the conditions of change clearly.

Step Four: Be Prepared to Pay.
Remember, changes after the 24-hour grace period may result in additional charges. This fee can be a composite of a fixed change fee and a potential fare difference if the new flight costs more than your original one. Be prepared for this unless you’re in the grace period or provided a waiver by the airline due to exceptional circumstances.

Step Five: Review Changes.
Now that you’ve made your changes and assessed any associated fees, it’s time to review these changes. Ensure you’re happy with the new flight details. If you’re not, remember you can always adjust your booking again, although that might come with more fees.

Note: Always keep in mind, failing to show up for a flight without making a change request can result in forfeiting the ticket altogether. Hence, it’s better to modify your plans than to have them go down the drain.

Remember, the flights are there to match your rhythm, not the other way around, so feel free to manage it as needed.

Exceptions and Considerations

It’s essential to understand that Hainan Airlines does have the fare class policy, but they also allow certain exceptions and considerations for their customers in a few situations. Unplanned eventualities can come knocking at your door, and the airline is quite understanding of it.

One of the major exceptions is illness of a passenger. If you’re medically unfit to travel, Hainan Airlines may provide an exemption from the change fees. But, to avail this, you need to submit valid medical certificates or reports, justifying your incapability to travel on the scheduled date.

Plus, bereavement in the passenger’s immediate family is also a scenario that Hainan Airlines considers. They understand that such occurrences may call for an unforeseen change in your travel plans.

Hainan Airlines may also exempt change fees in case of specific emergency scenarios. It’s always advisable to contact their customer service to get clarity on the same in such a case. Regardless of the fare class, the airline generally shows empathy during such difficult times.

Even with these exceptions, always remember to review your fare rules before proceeding with a change in your ticket. You might find some specific instructions or guidelines related to your fare class, not generally conveyed. It’s advisable to check your ticket for fare class information since exceptions can vary from class to class.

Although generally strict, Hainan Airlines does have a human touch to their policies. So, even if your travel plans do go a bit haywire due to circumstances beyond your control, rest assured, they might not hit you harshly on your wallet. They try to offer some leniency in fees in the light of genuine emergencies or unavoidable circumstances.


So, you’ve got the scoop on Hainan Airlines’ flight change policy. Remember, after the 24-hour grace period, you’ll likely face a fee. The cost can vary based on your fare class and how close you are to departure time. If you’re making a same-day change within two hours of take-off, there’s a fixed fee. Don’t forget, if your new flight is pricier, you’ll pay the difference plus the change fee. But if it’s cheaper, you’ll get a travel credit minus the change fee.

Always opt for modifying your plans over forfeiting a ticket. While Hainan Airlines is generally strict, they do show leniency in genuine emergencies or unavoidable circumstances. Just be sure to provide valid proof. Finally, always review your fare rules and specific instructions related to your fare class before making changes. Happy flying with Hainan Airlines!

1. What is Hainan Airlines’ flight change policy after the 24-hour grace period?

After the 24-hour grace period, Hainan Airlines charges a fee for flight changes. The exact fee depends on one’s fare class and how close the change is made to the departure time. The airline may also charge any difference in fare.

2. What happens if the new flight is cheaper?

If your new flight costs less than the original, you will still be required to pay the change fee, but you’ll receive a travel credit for the price difference.

3. What happens if I fail to show up for a flight without a change request?

If you fail to show up for your flight without requesting changes, you may forfeit your ticket and not be eligible for any refunds.

4. Under what circumstances will Hainan waive the change fees?

Hainan Airlines may waive change fees in cases of illness or personal emergencies provided you show valid proof of the circumstance.

5. How can I make flight changes with Hainan Airlines?

To change a flight with Hainan Airlines, check your ticket for fare class information, decide your changes, contact Hainan Airlines, be ready to pay extra charges, and review the changes made.

6. What are the specific exceptions to Hainan Airlines’ change fees policy?

Hainan Airlines may waive change fees in special situations such as the illness of a passenger, bereavement in the immediate family and specific emergency scenarios. Valid proof is required, however, for these exceptions.

7. What can passengers do to better navigate the change fees policy?

Passengers can review the fare rules before making changes and check their ticket for specific instructions related to their fare class. This will ensure they understand potential extra charges associated with flight changes.

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