Step-by-Step Guide to Booking Delta Flights with Flying Blue Miles

Are you sitting on a pile of Flying Blue Miles and wondering how to put them to good use? Well, we’ve got some great news for you. You can use those miles to book flights with Delta Air Lines, one of the world’s leading airlines.

This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of how to book a Delta Air Lines flight using your Flying Blue Miles. It’s easier than you might think! So, get ready to pack your bags and embark on your next adventure without very costly.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-timer, this guide will make the booking process a breeze. So let’s immerse and get started on your journey towards a cost-effective, miles-driven travel experience.

How to Use Flying Blue Miles

You’ve been saving up your Flying Blue Miles and it’s high time you got the best out of them. So, let’s investigate into the usage process that you’ll find both seamless and cost-effective.

Firstly, log into your Flying Blue account. This account is your gateway to a wealth of benefits. Including, of course, the ability to book flights with Delta Air Lines using your hard-earned miles.

Next, you’ll need to navigate to the “Use my Miles” section under the “My Rewards” tab. Here you can see different options that allow you to use your miles. In this case, you’ll want to select flight bookings.

Once you’re on the flight booking page, select Delta Air Lines for your flight. It’s crucial to remember that availability of reward flights can vary. So plan ahead and book your flights well in advance to secure your spot.

Key in your chosen destination and travel dates then hit the search button. This action fetches you the available flight options you can capture with your miles.

The next step is an exciting moment: Choosing your flight. Take a look at the flights available and select the one you find most suitable. Make sure the flight details tally with your travel itinerary before proceeding to the next stage.

Onward to payment! Select Flying Blue Miles as your payment option and follow the prompts to get your booking confirmed. That’s it! You’ve successfully booked a flight with Delta Air Lines using your Flying Blue Miles.

This process of using Flying Blue Miles doesn’t end here though. There are other fantastic ways to use your miles besides flight bookings. Keep an eye out for updates within your account on the chance to redeem miles for premium services, upgrades, and partner offerings. The possibilities are endless if you’re willing to explore.

Remember, the more you use your Flying Blue Miles, the more you get to experience a world of cost-effective travel. Have fun swiping those miles for great deals and get ready to enjoy the flight experience of a lifetime. In case of any technical difficulties, the Flying Blue customer service is always at your disposal to assist you.

Introduction to Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is the world’s second-largest airline. It serves more than 180 million customers each year. Delta’s impressive network extends to over 300 destinations in 50 countries. So, chances are high you’ll find a Delta flight to your desired destination.

Delta Air Lines consistent investment in enhancement of its services have made it a preferred choice for travelers worldwide. Their focus on improving not just the process but also the experience of flying is something that truly stands out about the airline.

Not only that, but Delta also has a commitment to ensuring comfort and satisfaction for their flying customers. They offer a wide range of cabin options from basic economy to first class, each progressively offering greater amenities and superb service.

Delta Air Lines is also well-known for its strong commitment to operating in the most eco-friendly way possible. They’re fully aware of their environmental responsibility and are always evolving in their approach to reduce emissions.

Also, Delta is a significant player in the loyalty space. Their unique program, known as Delta SkyMiles, offers benefits to frequent flyers that can be redeemed for a range of perks and services. SkyMiles is also affiliated with Flying Blue, the leading frequent flyer program in Europe, offering even more opportunities for you to earn and redeem miles. This cooperation leads to expanded opportunities for you, especially when your goal is to book Delta flights using Flying Blue miles.

So, as you move forward with booking your Delta flight with Flying Blue Miles, know that you’re choosing not just any airline, but a globally recognized one committed to exceptional service, comfort, and environmental responsibility. A journey with Delta is always more than just a flight – it’s an experience that’s continuously improving and expanding. Now, let’s dig deeper into how you can take advantage of your Flying Blue Miles to fly Delta.

Step 1: Sign in to Your Flying Blue Account

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started. First off, go ahead and open your Flying Blue account. You can do this by heading to their website and looking for the ‘Sign In’ button. Usually, it’s located at the top right of the home page.

It’s crucial to have your account details handy – typically your email address or Flying Blue number along with the password. If you’re a new member who’s yet to activate the account, be sure to complete this step first. You don’t want a minor hiccup like not being able to log in to keep you from that dream trip, right? So ensure your membership is activated and ready for use.

Once you are logged into your account, hover around to familiarize yourself with the layout. This is where you’ll spend quite a chunk of time searching for flights, booking experiences, and more. So it’s wise to understand where everything is. If you can’t locate a feature, not to worry, assistance is always available.

Remember, you’re gaining more than just access to your miles balance when you sign in. You’re opening a portal that offers a world of possibilities, ready for you to explore and enjoy. Next, we’ll walk you through how to navigate to your most wanted section: the “Use my Miles” page, where all magic happens. But that’s a story for our next section. So, stay tuned!

As you continue with your Flying Blue journey, embrace this one vital point: always keep your login credentials safe. It’s just like protecting your passport when traveling. With optimal security, your miles and future trips remain in safe hands.

Do you have any questions or need help with the login process? Don’t hesitate to use the ‘Contact Us’ option on the Flying Blue page. Their team is incredibly responsive and helpful. Alright, let’s move on to the next step, shall we? You’re one step closer to booking your flight with Delta.

Step 2: Search for Delta Flights

Once you’ve logged into your Flying Blue account and navigated to the “Use My Miles” section, your next task is to search for Delta flights. Here’s the most efficient way to do it!

To start, you will find a flight booking engine visible on your screen. Simply input your desired departure and destination cities into the search bar. Remember to input only Delta Air Lines as your preferred carrier – it’s by this method that you’ll find the flights you can book using Flying Blue Miles!

A key point to remember is that flexibility is king when it comes to using air miles for booking flights. Dates, travel times, and even destinations might not always be available as per your first preference, especially if you’re booking close to the date of departure.

A typical search would return a matrix of available flights. This handy flight grid makes it easy to compare different flight options based on the required miles, departure and arrival times, and layovers if any.

All this data needs careful consideration – and not just the miles required. You have to take into account the following factors as well:

  • Departure and arrival times: Early morning or late-night flights often require fewer miles. Are you willing to adjust your schedule for a better deal?
  • Number of layovers: Non-stop flights might require more miles than flights with layovers. It’s important to weigh the convenience of a non-stop flight against its cost in miles.
  • Class of service: Travelling in economy class will require fewer miles compared to business or first class.

Step 3: Select Your Flight

Now that you’ve successfully navigated to the “Use my Miles” section and found Delta Air Lines as your preferred carrier, the next phase in our comprehensive guide uncovers how to select your desired flight. This step marks a decisive moment where the real value of your Flying Blue Miles begins to emerge, and it’s all within your grasp. It’s crucial to choose the best flight possible, and here’s how you can do so seamlessly.

Firstly, key in your travel specifics in the flight booking engine. These details include your destination, desired departure and return dates, and number of passengers. Upon entering these, a list of available flights with Delta Air Lines will be displayed based on your input.

You’ll notice each flight option comes with data. The data generally consist of the following information:

  • Flight duration
  • Departure and arrival times
  • Number of stops or layovers
  • Class of service

Here’s a brief snippet of how the data might look like:

Flight Duration Departure-Arrival Time Stops Class
Delta 001 5 hr 20 min 7:30 AM – 12:50 PM Direct Economy

A thorough review of these factors is highly recommended as they play a massive role in shaping your travel experience. For instance, flight duration and the number of layovers directly hint at how long you’ll be in transit. If you’re time-conscious, you’d want to lean on quicker, direct flights.

Conversely, if you’re looking to accrue more miles or experience multiple airports, flights with layovers might sing to your tune. The class of service also plays a critical role as it determines your in-flight comfort level.

In the selection process, flexibility is key. Don’t be too rigid with your choices. If you find a flight that fits almost all your criteria but departs at a slightly different time than you’d like, it’d be wise to make that sacrifice. Chances are, the next opportunity might cost you more miles than you’d want to spend.

Moving forward, keep this strategy in mind while you prepare yourself for the next phase in our guide. This is where you’ll finalize your flight selection and move closer to making the most of your Flying Blue Miles to book Delta Air Lines flights.

Step 4: Pay with Flying Blue Miles

Now that you’ve pin-pointed that perfect flight, let’s quickly jump into making the most out of your Flying Blue Miles. Paying with Flying Blue Miles might look like a challenging job, but trust, it’s simpler than you think.

In the booking engine, after you’ve selected your flight, look out for the payment method drop-down menu. Here, you’ll notice an option to pay using Flying Blue Miles. Remember, the availability of this option is subject to the flight and class of service you’ve chosen.

In the payment section, click on ‘Pay with Flying Blue Miles’. You’ll then see the cost of the flight expressed in Blue Miles. It’s a powerful sight to see how all your earned miles are about to give flight to your travel dreams.

On-Screen Option List of Steps
Flight Selection Review and Choose your flight
Payment Method Selection Choose your desired payment method
Pay with Flying Blue Miles View the cost of flight in Blue Miles

Here’s a quick tip for the savvy traveler in you: Be sure to check whether there are any taxes and charges that aren’t payable with miles. Most airlines, including Delta Air Lines, have such costs associated with flight bookings. These are usually displayed towards the end of the booking process. Your responsibility is to ensure you know what those charges are and reserve funds to cover them.

Getting your hands on those coveted Delta Air Lines tickets using your Flying Blue Miles is not rocket science. It’s all about planning, flexibility, and understanding how to navigate the process. The next stage brings with it the final steps of the process, where we’ll talk about confirming your flight, going over any final details, and preparing for your trip. There’s still more to come about making the most of your Flying Blue Miles to book Delta Air Lines flights.

Step 5: Complete Your Booking

You’re almost there! At this stage, it’s time to confirm all the details and get ready for your trip. Ensure you’ve thoroughly checked your flight specifics. That includes flight times, travel dates, and seating arrangements. Any mishaps now can lead to confusions later.

Click on the ‘Final Confirmation’ button. This step is crucial as it is the final commitment on your end to the flight. There will be no turning back after this point, unless you cancel or amend your booking according to Delta’s terms and conditions.

Once confirmed, a page showing your booking’s complete summary will appear. This page includes important information like your Booking Code and the Flight Details. Be sure to field screenshot or note these details down. They will be your most important link to your booked flight until e-tickets/boarding passes are issued.

Shifting focus to payment, if there are additional fees and taxes that can’t be paid with Flying Blue Miles, they would’ve been summed up by now. Put aside the necessary funds to tackle those.

Finally, always anticipate the possibility of unanticipated expenses. It’s smart to have funds either in your bank or your credit card. Instances could include last-minute upgrades, excess baggage fees, or duty-free purchases at the airport.

There, that’s your summary on “Step 5: Complete Your Booking”. Clearly, there’s a lot more to booking a flight than merely picking it out and paying for it. Let’s keep going as there are more steps in this guide.


Booking a Delta Air Lines flight using your Flying Blue Miles isn’t as daunting as you might think. You’ve learned how to navigate the process, from confirming flight details to preparing for your trip. Remember, it’s crucial to double-check your flight specifics and ensure you’re ready for any additional fees that can’t be covered by your miles. You’re now equipped with the knowledge to make your booking confidently. So don’t hesitate, put your Flying Blue Miles to good use and start planning your next adventure with Delta Air Lines today. After all, those miles are there to help you explore the world. Safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is step 5 in using Flying Blue Miles to book Delta Air Lines flights?

Step 5 involves confirming your flight details. Ensure that all information including flight times, dates and seating arrangements are correct. This step concludes with a final confirmation by clicking the ‘Final Confirmation’ button.

What happens after hitting the ‘Final Confirmation’ button?

After this step, there’s no turning back unless you decide to cancel or amend your booking as per Delta’s policies. A page displaying a complete summary of your booking including the Booking Code and Flight Details will be visible.

Should I note down the Booking Code and Flight details shown after confirmation?

It is advised to either take a screenshot or write down these details for future reference as they serve as proof of your confirmed booking.

Are there additional costs that can’t be covered by Flying Blue Miles?

Yes, certain fees and taxes cannot be paid with Flying Blue Miles. Ensure to have sufficient funds available to cover them.

Is there a probability of unanticipated expenses?

Unpredicted expenses may arise. Hence, keeping additional funds readily available in your bank or credit card is highly recommended.

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