How do I book Economy Comfort Seat on KLM?

Ever wondered how to snag that coveted Economy Comfort seat on your next KLM flight? You’re not alone. These seats, known for their extra legroom and recline, are a game-changer for long-haul flights.

Booking an Economy Comfort seat on KLM isn’t as complicated as you might think. With a few clicks and some insider knowledge, you can secure a more comfortable journey. Read on to discover the secrets behind booking your Economy Comfort seat on KLM.

What is the Economy Comfort seat on KLM?

When you’re planning a long-haul journey, comfort can make an enormous difference. That’s where the Economy Comfort seat on KLM comes into play. This extraordinary seating option is KLM’s special offering for those who wish to maintain a bit more comfort on their flights without very costly.

Think of these seats as an upgrade to the standard economy class seats. The Economy Comfort seats offer more legroom and greater reclining capacity. Now, let’s understand why this is so significant. Legroom is the distance from the edge of your seat to the seat in front of you. While it may seem like a minor feature, it can greatly impact your comfort during a long flight. And reclining is a crucial feature for any traveler looking to take a little nap while cruising through the clouds. These seats offer up to twice the recline of standard economy seats so you can stretch out and relax during your trip.

Plus to these perks, as an Economy Comfort passenger you’re also treated to priority boarding. This means you’ll be one of the first onboard, allowing you to settle in and stow your luggage with less hassle.

If you’re a frequent flyer, keep in mind that all these benefits of the Economy Comfort on KLM also make the most of your Flying Blue Miles. Your seat upgrades, extra legroom, and preferred boarding are not just comfort features but also a smart way to make your miles work for you.

What’s more? The location of these seats is the cherry on top. Typically positioned at the front of the Economy cabin, you’ll not only have the comfort but also the privilege of being among the first to disembark the plane.

So, when booking with KLM, don’t overlook the Economy Comfort seating option. It’s your ticket to a more comfortable, enjoyable, and efficient travel experience. Your journey needn’t be a tiring precursor to your actual trip. Instead, it can be a part of the fun and relaxation that vacations, or even business trips, have to offer. So why not start exploring this option for your next flight? The experience is sure to make your travels more pleasurable. Remember, comfort plays a significant role in your overall flight experience. Your choice can be the difference between a restless journey and a relaxed, enjoyable one.

Benefits of booking an Economy Comfort seat

When it’s time to book your flight, you’ll have many aspects to consider. One key choice you’ll need to make is seating. Economy Comfort seats on KLM flights take your in-air experience to a new level, and there are numerous reasons to choose these seats. Let’s explore the standout benefits that make these seats a worthy selection.

Extra Legroom

Long-haul flights can be strenuous, and comfort becomes paramount. Economy Comfort seats provide you with extra legroom, adding much-needed space for relaxation. No more cramped legs or constantly adjusting in your seat. You get to stretch, move around a bit, and arrive at your destination with a spring in your step, rather than a cramp in your leg.

Greater Reclining Capacity

Imagine this: you’re up high in the sky, flying towards your destination. With an enhanced reclining capacity, your Economy Comfort seat transforms into a cozy cradle. It’s the recipe for a restful flight! Less strain on your back, fewer aches, and a better position for relaxation and sleep.

Priority Boarding

Beat the boarding queues with priority boarding, one of the cherries on top of the Economy Comfort experience. You’ll get the opportunity to settle into your seat without the stress of a crowded cabin. It’s a far more relaxing way to start your journey.

Swift Disembarkation

Located at the front of the Economy cabin, these seats ensure you’ll disembark the plane quickly once you land. The result? You’re one of the first to be on your way, be it to the baggage claim, connecting flights, or heading out to explore a new city.

Don’t forget you can book these seats using your Flying Blue Miles. We’d say it’s a pretty neat way to apply those hard-earned miles, isn’t it? Think about the quality experience these Economy Comfort seats offer. For your next flight, they might well be the choice for you.

How to book an Economy Comfort seat on KLM

We get it – you’ve realized how much better your travel experience can be with an Economy Comfort seat on KLM. Now you’re wondering, how do I book it? It’s quite simple, and you’ll be glad to know you can do it during your standard flight booking process.

When you’re booking a flight on the KLM website, you’ll need to choose your fare. On the “Your Fare” page, you’ll see an option labeled “Economy Comfort”. This is what you’re looking for. Click on it, and it’ll show you the additional costs and benefits that come with this seating option. If you’re satisfied with what you see, continue booking as usual and you’ve nailed it!

For those of you who’ve already booked your ticket but want to upgrade to Economy Comfort, don’t panic, it’s not too late. All you need to do is go to “My Trips” on the KLM website. From there, select “Manage My Booking”, find the upgrade options, and voilà — you can upgrade to Economy Comfort.

Remember those Flying Blue Miles we mentioned earlier? Yes, you can use them to book Economy Comfort seats. Head to the Flying Blue website, log in, and select the option to book a flight with miles. Next, choose the Economy Comfort option during booking. It’s as simple as that!

Finally, remember you can always inquire at the airport if an upgrade is available. While this isn’t guaranteed, you never know when you might get lucky.

It’s important to know that Economy Comfort seats are limited – they’re sold on a first come first served basis. So, don’t delay your booking if you really want that extra legroom and reclining capacity for your trip.

There you have it – no more wondering “how do I book an Economy Comfort Seat on KLM?”. The process is straightforward and user-friendly. Let your travel experience become even more relaxing and convenient with this simple decision.

Step 1: Access the KLM website

To begin, the first essential step to book an Economy Comfort seat on a KLM flight is to visit the KLM website. But why go there? The intuitive interface not only simplifies your booking experience but also assures you of a secure transaction.

Once you’ve successfully reached the homepage, look at the array of options presented. You’ll need to find the “Book a Flight” option, typically located at the top of the webpage. Don’t get overwhelmed with the quantity of options. Take it steady. Step by step; you’ll get there.

Let’s consider you’ve clicked on “Book a Flight”. This action will lead you to a window where you’ll need to enter details about your flight – the destination, dates, and number of passengers. Don’t overlook specifying the class of travel as Economy Comfort to secure the additional benefits.

Perhaps you’ve already booked your standard flight ticket and you’re looking for an upgrade to the Economy Comfort seat. Then, find a relevant option for “Manage your Booking”. A click on this will help you enhance your existing booking status to a seat with more legroom and an improved reclining capacity.

Another great thing about KLM’s reservation system? You can use your Flying Blue Miles, KLM’s reward points, to book or upgrade to an Economy Comfort seat. All you’ve got to do is look for the “Use your Miles” option while booking.

Step 2: Choose your flight

With your basic flight information filled out, the KLM website will provide a list of available flights matching your criteria. Take your time in this section as you’ll need to observe some important details that could affect your flight experience.

Look for the ‘Flight number and schedule‘. Note the times and any layovers on the route. KLM offers direct flights to many destinations, but for some, you might have to choose a flight with a layover.

Ensure you also check for flight duration. You might notice differences in flight times even for the same destination. Things like wind direction, speed, and flight path can change the flight duration. Although the variance might not be that significant, it’s an essential factor to consider, especially for long-haul travel.

Another crucial aspect is the ‘service class‘. You’ll find the Economy Comfort option under this category. If this is your first time flying with KLM, you might be wondering, “What’s the difference between regular Economy and Economy Comfort?” Well, the Economy Comfort class offers you more legroom and reclining space. It’s designed for passengers looking for a little extra comfort on long flights.

Ready to move to the next step? If you’ve found your ideal flight and you’re keen on experiencing the extra comfort KLM Economy Comfort has to offer, hit the ‘Select’ button next to the flight details.

Notice that seats in Economy Comfort are always subject to availability. During peak travel seasons or on popular routes, these seats can fill up quickly. So, booking as early as possible will increase your chances of securing an Economy Comfort seat.

To make it even easier, KLM allows you to filter your search results. Use the ‘Flight Duration‘, ‘Departure Time‘, and ‘Price‘ filters to refine your options. This way, you’ll have an easier time finding a flight that suits your preferences and budget.

Step 3: Select the Economy Comfort seat

Having navigated through the initial stages of booking, you’re now at the thrilling jigsaw piece of the process. Selecting your Economy Comfort seat.

In the seat selection step, you’ll spot the Economy Comfort zone highlighted separately. It’s usually located at the front part of the economy section, so you won’t miss it.

Review the Important Details

Don’t just leap straight at the first available seat. Review details and compare options first. Some factors to account for include:

  • Cost: Economy Comfort seats come with a premium price due to the added benefits.
  • Legroom: These seats offer up to 4 extra inches of space. Look at the measurements provided to confirm.

Your preferences may also guide your choice. For example, if you like a window view, you’ll tend to lean towards window seats. If it’s aisle access you’re after, you’ll select accordingly.

Make the Booking

Once you’ve decided on a suitable seat, click on it to make the booking. The additional cost for the upgrade will then be added to your total flight fare. After this, proceed to payment.

Hovering over the hotspots in this phase allows you to see some additional seat-specific details, such as proximity to lavatories. This kind of information might influence your decision, so make it a point to explore before finalizing.

By using your Flying Blue Miles for the payment, you can bypass the additional costs altogether. Just select the “Use your Miles” option at the payment stage to capitalize on this feature.

Booking the Economy Comfort seat on KLM is straightforward, hassle-free, and provides you considerable value in terms of in-flight comfort and convenience. Being savvy with your decisions and strategic with your options will ensure you get the best experience possible for your trip.

Step 4: Complete the booking process

Nearly there! Now you’ve got your flight, and have chosen your perfect Economy Comfort seat. It’s about time to finalize your booking.

Start by carefully reviewing all the flight details and the total fare. Make sure everything’s as per your requirements before you hit that “Confirm Booking” button. Missteps in your booking can lead to wasted time and money in rectifying the mistakes down the line.

Once you’re done with the review, you’ll be asked to fill in your personal details. That’ll include your name, gender, date of birth, nationality, and contact information – exactly as it appears on your passport or ID. Remember, airlines have strict name matching rules.

It’s also a good idea to check if you require any Visa or health documents for your flight. KLM provides an option of checking your travel documents in their booking process. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

After filling in your information, you’ll move on to the payment phase.

Making the Payment

You have a bunch of options when it comes to how you pay for your Economy Comfort seat. KLM accepts debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. Considering your convenience, they also allow you to pay at a KLM office or even at the airport.

If you’re a member of their Flying Blue program, you can also pay using your Flying Blue Miles. Here’s a useful little fact – you can pay partly in cash and partly in Miles if your Miles balance isn’t quite there yet.

Now you’ve paid and locked in that roomy Economy Comfort seat. Marking the checkbox for the contract agreement and clicking on the “Complete Purchase” or “Ticket to Adventure” button will be the next step. Hooray! Take a moment to bask in your successful booking.

In a short while, you’ll get a confirmation email from KLM with all your flight details. Double-check it to make sure everything’s in order.

Tips for securing an Economy Comfort seat

Securing an Economy Comfort seat on a KLM flight isn’t rocket science but there’s certainly an art to it. Bookmark these savvy tips and boost your odds of snagging that coveted seat!

Firstly, it helps to book early. Early birds typically have the pick of the best seats and that includes Economy Comfort. So, as soon as you’ve decided on your travel dates and destination, head to the KLM website and secure your booking. Avoid the last-minute scramble and you’ll likely find you’ve got a wider choice of seats.

Secondly, keep an eye on seat availability because it can change rapidly. Sometimes, passengers change their travel plans, releasing previously booked Economy Comfort seats. You can check for these on the “Manage your Booking” section of the KLM’s website. Besides, the airline opens unsold or vacant seats 48 hours before the flight, so stay alert.

Remember to use your Miles. If you’re a member of the Flying Blue loyalty program, you’ve got bonus options up your sleeve. You can use your Miles to upgrade to an Economy Comfort seat. Using this option might even prove to be economical for you.

Wrapping it up, always be proactive. Constant vigilance and quick action can make the difference between securing an Economy Comfort seat and ending up in the general cabin. So, don’t shrink back. Carpe diem and seize that seat!

The process of booking Economy Comfort seats offers several options. One is to upgrade at the time of booking, another is to upgrade later through the “Manage your Booking” section, and yet another is to use air miles for the upgrade. Each method requires forethought, availability monitoring, and swift action.


Securing your Economy Comfort seat on KLM doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the right approach, you can easily navigate the booking process. Just remember to log on to the KLM website and select the correct options, whether you’re booking a new flight or upgrading an existing one. Don’t forget to consider flight specifics like duration and layovers. You can even use your Flying Blue Miles for an upgrade. The key is to be proactive and act swiftly. So why wait? Take the leap and book your Economy Comfort seat today. You’ll be glad you did.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I book an Economy Comfort seat on a KLM flight?

You can book an Economy Comfort seat by visiting the KLM website, clicking on the “Book a Flight” option, specifying your flight details, and choosing Economy Comfort as your class of travel.

2. What should I do if I’ve already booked a standard flight ticket?

If you’ve already booked a standard flight ticket, you can upgrade to an Economy Comfort seat through the “Manage your Booking” section on the KLM website.

3. Can I use my Flying Blue Miles to book or upgrade to an Economy Comfort seat?

Yes, you can use your Flying Blue Miles to book or upgrade to Economy Comfort. Just select the “Use your Miles” option during the booking or upgrading process.

4. Why is it essential to choose the right flight?

Choosing a suitable flight is crucial as it can significantly influence your flight experience. Consider factors such as flight duration, layovers, and the service class to ensure you have a comfortable and satisfactory journey.

5. What are some tips for securing an Economy Comfort seat?

Some tips to secure an Economy Comfort seat include booking early, monitoring seat availability, and using Flying Blue Miles. It’s advisable to be proactive and take swift actions when an opportunity arises.

6. How can I upgrade to an Economy Comfort seat?

You have several options to upgrade to an Economy Comfort seat: through the “Manage your Booking” section, using your Flying Blue Miles, or during check-in at the airport. Each method requires forethought, availability monitoring, and quick action.

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