Cheap Flights With Allegiant Air: Ultimate Guide

Why Allegiant Air?

Have you ever caught yourself wondering, “Why Allegiant Air?” Well, I find no shortage of reasons to choose this budget-friendly airline.

Mainly, Allegiant Air stands out due to its aggressive pricing strategy. They offer some of the most affordable prices in the air travel sector, focusing on connecting smaller cities and leisure destinations. Now, you might say, “Well, I’ve seen cheap flights somewhere else, what’s the big deal?”

Here’s the big deal: Allegiant implemented a unique approach to pricing, where consumers pay a low base fare and then add on the services they wish to use, such as baggage, priority boarding, and in-flight meals. This model, sometimes called “unbundling”, allows passengers complete control over the total cost of their journey. It’s a game-changer for those who know how to play.

Besides the unbeatable ticket costs, Allegiant Air offers non-stop flights which is a boon for folks like us who’d rather not stop at a hub airport or sit through tedious layovers. Thus, travel is more direct and, importantly, quicker. You get to your destination in no-time!

Moreover, their customer service is top-notch. Allegiant’s staff are dedicated and fully committed to ensuring a safe and pleasant flight for all.

From an economic perspective, Allegiant’s business model is sustainable. They’ve consistently been profitable and are known for their financial transparency. As a traveler, it’s good to know you’re flying with a stable and reputed company.

Most importantly, there are lots of opportunities to snag great deals with Allegiant Air. Their strategic planning sets you up for savings that add up. Just think, your dream trip might be a smart booking away.

So, the next time you’re planning a trip, consider Allegiant Air. There you have it; the bag of reasons why Allegiant Air gets my vote.

  • Affordable prices.
  • Customizable travel experience.
  • Non-stop flights.
  • Superior customer service.
  • Strong economic model.

Tips for Finding Cheap Flights on Allegiant Air

In today’s digital era, finding a cheap flight isn’t as tough as it looks. With a bit of planning, some smart strategies, and an eye towards grabbing opportunities, you can find countless deals. Many great opportunities are hanging right around the corner, especially when we’re talking about Allegiant Air.

Considering Allegiant Air’s unique pricing approach and its unyielding strategy, it’s no surprise the airline provides numerous ways to snag great deals. Here are some tips I’ve gathered through my experience:

  • Watch for Sales: Allegiant Air often has sales where they discount flight rates. Be alert to these amazing deals. You can check their site every now and then or sign up for their e-mails to get notified about any possible sales.
  • Be Flexible: Allegiant Air rewards flexible travelers. If you can switch your travel dates, there’s a higher chance you can cut costs significantly.
  • Bundle Up: Allegiant Air allows passengers to bundle flight tickets with hotel bookings and car rentals. This can often be cheaper than reserving separately.
  • Book Directly: Booking directly through Allegiant Air’s website ensures you’re getting the lowest fare. Certain deal sites might have hidden fees and they may not provide you with all the options available.

Aside from these, another approach to getting the best deals is to book your flights as early as possible. Allegiant Air’s pricing model rewards early birds. Their fares tend to rise as the travel date nears.

And lastly, consider signing up for the Allegiant Air Credit Card. It’s a fabulous way to accumulate points which you can then redeem for flights. With the card, you also get priority boarding and other benefits.

Of course, while these strategies can help secure cheap flights, it’s important to remember that each traveler’s needs are unique. Therefore, you should choose the strategies that work best for you. One thing’s certain though: with a little savvy and some luck, you’ll find plenty of ways to save money on Allegiant Air.

1. Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates

Let’s say you’re eyeing a weekend getaway. Instead of locking on specific dates, try being open to alternatives. When it comes to bagging a bargain on Allegiant Air, flexibility is your friend. And here’s why.

Unlike bigger airlines, Allegiant operates fewer flights. So, you might find that prices spike for certain travel dates. But don’t let that scare you. Changing your travel dates could help you unearth some real steals.

In my experience, midweek flights tend to be cheaper. Everyone wants to jet-off on a Friday and return back home on a Sunday. That’s rush hour for airlines. So, if you don’t mind tweaking your travel plans a little, you might just beat the browsing crowd.

Also, consider flying at less popular hours. It’s no secret that early morning or late-night flights are often cheaper. Not many people are thrilled about waking up at the break of dawn to catch a flight. But can you think of a better way to save money? I bet not.

This isn’t a rule written in stone. There are exceptions. Holidays, festivals, or major events in your destination can cause airfares to skyrocket, even for those odd-hour flights. So be sure to do a little research before you book.

Let’s round up those points so they’re easy to remember:

  • Being flexible with your travel dates can help snag a deal.
  • Midweek and off-hour flights might offer lower prices.
  • Watch out for holidays or big events. They could inflate airfares.

So, just because your calendar is showing a weekend, doesn’t mean you have to jet-off on the same. Play around with your travel dates a little. Chase those cheap flights. And rest assured, Allegiant Air’s got your back. Just remember, saving money on flights is all about a mix of strategy, flexibility, and a bit of savvy.

2. Sign Up for Allegiant Air’s Email Newsletter

Another powerful trick in your arsenal for securing cheap flights year-round is signing up for Allegiant Air’s email newsletter. Allegiant’s regular emails are a goldmine, and here’s why – they often give you a lead over others. Subscribe to their emails and you’ll be the first to know about any sales, discounts, and special offers that become available.

Already, you may be wondering – isn’t my inbox cluttered enough? Why add to the chaos? I get it. But believe me, these emails are worth the minor inconvenience of a few extra messages in your inbox.

What makes these newsletters crucial? Well, sales and deals on airfares often have a limited availability. They’re either active for a short period, or the discounted tickets themselves are limited. The point is, you’d want to grab these deals before they’re gone. Subscribing to Allegiant’s email newsletter gives you that head start against the crowd.

Moreover, to make sure you don’t miss out on these notifications among hundreds of other emails, you can set up special email alerts. Refer to your email service provider to learn how you can prioritize Allegiant’s messages. That way, you can give these emails the attention they deserve.

Let’s also consider the many times Allegiant offers subscribers-exclusive deals. These specials are only made available for those who’re signed as subscribers, giving them an edge in the chase for cheap flights. By subscribing, you’re literally purchasing your way into an exclusive club of privileged flyers cashing in on some of the best airfare deals out there.

With a treasure trove of discounts just an email away, the ball is in your court. There’s also another concept I’m eager to introduce to you – the Allegiant Air Credit Card. It’s time to venture deeper into the world of cheaper flights. Perhaps that’s a story for another section, though.

3. Use Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites are a traveler’s best friend and a treasure trove to find cheap flights with Allegiant Air. The beauty of these platforms lies in their simplicity and how they do all the hard work for you.

Imagine the effort you’d have to put in if you were to visit each airline’s website, manually input your travel details and then write down or remember the different fares. It’s safe to say that it’s a time-consuming and somewhat daunting task.

Price comparison websites eliminate this hassle. They sift through multiple airlines’ fares, including those from Allegiant Air, within the blink of an eye. As a result, I get a neatly organized list of all available flights, ranked by price, duration, or other criteria that matter to me.

Key things to remember about these websites:

  • They give a bird’s eye view of the cheapest fares across multiple airlines.
  • They help identify trends in price changes and suggest the best time to buy tickets.
  • Not all price comparison websites list Allegiant Airfares, so it’s crucial to check multiple sites for comprehensive results.

Some popular price comparison platforms include Skyscanner, Kayak, and Google Flights. Each of these has its own set of pros and cons. For example, Skyscanner has an outstanding feature which allows me to search for the cheapest destinations from my location. Yet, Kayak’s strength lies in its Price Forecast tool which predicts if the flight fares will rise or fall.

When it comes to finding cheaper flights, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why these platforms are so handy; they offer personalized options tailored for individual preferences. So next time when looking for Allegiant Air deals, make sure to hit up a few of these price comparison websites for a more comprehensive search.

Oh, and don’t forget to clear your browsing history or make use of the Incognito Mode. Many believe that ticket prices can go up if they see you coming back again and again! It certainly can’t hurt to play it safe, can it? With these smart techniques, you’re one step closer to snagging that smashing deal on your Allegiant Air ticket.

Heading to the next section of this article, we’ll go over some insider tips and tricks that few know about but make all the difference in securing that super saver fare.

4. Book in Advance

An often overlooked but worthwhile tip when hunting for cheaper flights is booking in advance. This strategy can save you a significant chunk of change, particularly when booking with Allegiant Air. The benefits are not just about securing a low cost, but it’s also about getting the best schedule and seats. Let’s delve into this approach a little further.

You may have heard the timeless advice “the early bird gets the worm”. Well, in the airline world, the early bird doesn’t just nab a worm but a noteworthily cheaper flight ticket. The more days, weeks, or months you have before your travel date, the better the chances are of snatching a good deal. According to travel experts, 70 days in advance is the best window to purchase your tickets.

I’m not suggesting you always need to book three to six months prior. For some routes, even just a month in advance can still yield an affordablefare. However, the closer you get to your departure date, the more likely the prices will begin to spike.

What’s the reason behind this? It’s pretty straightforward. Airlines know that last-minute flyers are typically not vacationers but rather business travelers. This group isn’t as price sensitive because, more often than not, they’re not footing the bill personally.

In contrast, leisure travels—those of us who are more budget-conscious—usually kickstart our travel plans well in advance, seeking ways to save money. That’s why Allegiant Air, like many other airlines, offers better early bird fares.

To put it briefly, planning ahead and booking in advance with Allegiant Air could see you reaping the benefits. Making quick and decisive decisions will enable you to secure a wallet-friendly deal and help you stick to your budget.

5. Consider Alternative Airports

Often overlooked but definitely worth consideration: looking outside your usual departure or destination points. That’s right, alternative airports can offer more competitive fares. In the pursuit of cheap flights on Allegiant Air, I found out that expanding your search to include nearby airports could lead to surprising savings. This tactic takes advantage of varying costs across different airports due to fluctuating demand and operational costs.

So, how does it work? Well, major cities often have more than one airport. For instance, Los Angeles has LAX and Burbank. Even more, Southern California offers John Wayne Airport, Long Beach Airport, and Ontario International Airport. A broader search that includes these alternatives could uncover better deals. Allegiant Air services a variety of both primary and secondary airports, increasing your chances of finding a more affordable fare.

Of course, you must consider potential challenges, like the cost and convenience of traveling to and from this alternative airport. Remember, the cheapest flight isn’t always the most economical one if you’re racking up additional spendings on travel or parking. That being said, some alternative airports offer cheaper or even free parking, which is a bonus.

Additionally, lesser-known airports often have fewer flight delays. They are less congested and often have streamlined security processes, resulting in a more hassle-free and faster travel experience.

I recommend using Allegiant Air’s “Nearby” feature, which lets you see all the airports in your area. It’s one of those helpful tools that makes it easier to factor alternative airports into your decision-making process.

Let me mention one important point: Allegiant Air is a low-cost airline provider. It means they often operate in smaller airports rather than major ones. This strategy allows Allegiant Air to offer lower fares due to lower airport operational costs. By considering alternative airports, you’re aligning with Allegiant Air’s business model. So, you’d be surprised just how much you can save following this tip.

Just remember though, each choice you make along the way should contribute positively to your overall travel budget and experience. Choosing to fly out of a secondary or alternative airport is no exception.

6. Avoid Extra Fees

One of the tricks to finding really cheap flights on Allegiant Air is to sidestep unnecessary charges. Allegiant, like other airlines, has a number of additional fees that can add up if you’re not careful. Let’s dive into a few strategies to dodge these charges and save up big time.

First things first, pack light. Most airlines, including Allegiant, charge a hefty fee for checked luggage. If you can manage with a carry-on bag and a personal item, you’re in luck! Not only does this avoid the baggage fee, it speeds up your check-in process and eliminates the risk of losing your luggage.

Additionally, print your boarding pass at home or use the Allegiant Air mobile app. Allegiant charges $5 to print your boarding pass at the airport, an unnecessary fee that’s easy to avoid.

Also, be watchful while booking your seat. Allegiant charges for seat selection. If you’re not overly concerned with where you sit, let Allegiant choose your seat. You get placed on a seat at no extra charge!

Keeping track of these details while booking won’t save a fortune, but every little bit helps. It is worth noting that Allegiant offers a bundled service called “Trip Flex”. This add-on offers flexibility with changing your itinerary, and protection against cancellation charges. If you anticipate changes to your travel plan, considering “Trip Flex” might be a wise decision.

Another point to remember is that Allegiant charges more for purchases made at the airport, like baggage fees and boarding passes. So, it’s definitely worth taking care of everything online before stepping foot in the airport. Simultaneously, keep a tab on your snack and drink expenses on-board as they can pile on to your bill.


So, there you have it. I’ve shared my top secrets to scoring the best deals on Allegiant Air. Remember, flexibility is key – with your travel dates and even the airports you fly from. Don’t underestimate the power of bundling your flight with hotel bookings and car rentals, and always book directly through Allegiant Air’s website for the most competitive prices. Keep an eye on your inbox for exclusive deals and discounts from Allegiant’s email newsletter, and don’t forget to check out price comparison websites. Booking in advance is a surefire way to save, but also consider the Allegiant Air Credit Card for additional savings. Lastly, avoid those pesky extra fees by packing light, printing your boarding pass at home, and letting Allegiant choose your seat. Safe travels!

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