How to Buy Air Canada Multi City Flights?

Planning your next adventure? You’re probably considering Air Canada’s multi-city flights. They’re an excellent choice for travelers looking to explore more than one destination without the hassle of booking separate tickets. This guide will walk you through the process of buying these tickets with ease.

Air Canada’s multi-city flights are a game-changer for globetrotters. They offer flexibility, convenience, and often, cost savings. But how do you go about buying them? That’s what we’re here to discuss.

Why Choose Air Canada Multi City Flights?

Making travel arrangements can often become a tedious process. Especially if you’re planning to visit multiple cities! Air Canada’s multi-city flights are your answer to this predicament, offering an unmatched blend of flexibility, convenience, and cost savings.

There’s a lot about these flights that makes them an attractive option. For starters, they save you from the hassle of booking separate tickets. Imagine piecing together a complex travel itinerary using multiple airlines. Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? Well, with Air Canada, you can skip that entirely. Book your multi-city journey with just one ticket.

What’s more, travel flexibility is a given. Want to spend a few days touring Vancouver before heading over to Toronto? You can do just that with a multi-city ticket. No need to confine your travel plans to the rigidities of a traditional round trip.

Another facet of these flights that aids in their appeal is the significant reduction in travel expense. As intuited, flying round trip can often be more pricey as compared to a multi-city journey. Why? It’s all due to the flexibility in planning cheaper stops and the elimination of separate booking fees.

Let’s not forget the convenience aspect. Multi-city flights save you bother on many fronts. There’s no need to rush a tour in one city to catch a plane to the next. You can take your time, absorb the locales to your heart’s content, and proceed to the next city when you’re ready.

Last, but not least, these flights can even earn you more Aeroplan points. Yes – your multi-city journey could contribute significantly toward your next vacation!

Summarizing, choosing Air Canada Multi City Flights is about picking the perfect blend of convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Easy to book, they offer a more relaxed pace of travel, and create opportunities for extended stays at stopover cities. Plus, who wouldn’t want a boost in their Aeroplan points?

Step 1: Research and Plan Your Itinerary

With the remarkable benefits of multi-city flights, it’s no surprise you’re eager to plan your adventure with Air Canada. The initial step, research and plan your itinerary, is the foundation of your travel process. It’s important to have a clear outlook on what your trip’s going to look like.

Start by determining the cities you’d like to visit. Factor in the time it’ll take to explore each city fully. Be realistic about your sightseeing goals and make sure you allow time for relaxation and leisure as well. Have you always dreamt of exploring the cultural richness of Vancouver, diving into the vibrant lifestyle of Toronto, and witnessing the grandeur of Montreal? Say goodbye to the hassle of booking separate round trip flights and use Air Canada’s multi-city option.

Once you’ve pinned down the cities you want to visit, research about the weather conditions, sightseeing spots, local transportation, accommodation, and more. Knowledge about local customs and traditions can deepen your travel experience and ensure a smoother trip.

Also, keep a keen eye on flight prices. Fares fluctuate and it’s crucial to seize a good deal while it lasts. Setting up flight alerts and comparing fares across various platforms can help you tap into potential cost savings. Remember that Air Canada’s multi-city flights are typically more cost-effective than multiple round trips.

Also, consider the order of the cities on your trip. The logistics of your travel—from one city to the other—is a crucial aspect of planning. Factor in the distance between destinations and the availability of flights to ensure a seamless journey.

Finally, prioritize gathering information about Air Canada’s Aeroplan loyalty program. As an Aeroplan member, your multi-city travel can earn you more points, amplifying the value of each dollar spent.

In essence, step one is your chance to dig deep, unearth the facets of your journey, and shape a memorable and hassle-free multi-city adventure with Air Canada.

Stay tuned for the following steps—’Choosing Your Flights’ and ‘Making Your Booking’. You’re on the right trajectory towards a travel experience that is convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness personified.

Step 2: Visit the Air Canada Website

After you’ve gathered your thoughts, researched your destinations, and brainstormed a multi-city itinerary, it’s time for action. Air Canada’s user-friendly website is a one-stop hub for all your flight booking needs. The platform gives you access to a wide range of services and options, facilitating a seamless booking experience.

To make your multi-city ticket purchase easier, ensure you’re on the correct page. Look for the flights tab on the homepage and select the ‘Multi-City’ option. This redirects you to a dedicated section designed for multi-city bookings. It’s here that you’ll start building your personalized journey.

You can enter your chosen cities, travel dates, and number of passengers, giving you a solid framework for your trip. The interface is intuitive and simple, making it easy for you to navigate, understand, and control.

Air Canada provides various options for fare class selection. Each tier offers diverse benefits tailored to different passenger needs. Whether you’re traveling for business, leisure, or somewhere in between, there’s an option tailored to you. Remember, the fare class can significantly impact the price of your ticket, so it’s crucial to consider your budget and personal preferences.

The website also offers additional resources and services you may find beneficial, such as:

  • Advanced seat selection
  • On-board amenities
  • Customized meal preferences
  • Baggage information and allowances

Another point of note is Air Canada’s Aeroplan loyalty program. It allows you to rake in points with every booking. You can later redeem these points for future flights, upgrades, and more. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to maximize your travel expenditure.

Booking multi-city flights with Air Canada offers a convenient, comprehensive, and cohesive approach. So, immerse and let your multi-city adventure take shape.

Step 3: Enter Your Desired Cities and Dates

Now that you’re looking at the Multi-City option on the Air Canada website, it’s time to fill in the juicy details. This part’s the real core of your multi-city flight booking, and it’s where you’ll secure your travel route and your schedule.

First of all, start by entering the cities you’ll be making stops in. You’ve likely already decided on these during your initial planning phase. Naturally, ensure that these are cities Air Canada sails to. Take a moment and input your destinations in the given fields.

You might wonder, “What’s the best way to enter my cities?” In fact, the website does an excellent job making this really simple. Use the drop-down menu to pick your cities. Auto-suggestions make the task even easier as you start typing.

Next, selecting your dates comes into play. Ideally, your research includes finding the perfect time to visit each destination. The knowledge about local weather conditions and important events at each of your stops, you now have to decide on the dates.

Make sure you leave enough time to enjoy each city and factor in flight times and timezone changes. With each city, you enter a “Departure” and an “Arrival” date, allowing for a tailor-made travel experience.

Remember to book your flights at least a few weeks in advance to save more. The earlier you book, the better the discount. Use the Aeroplan loyalty program to encash your points, if available, for more benefits.

The excellence of Air Canada’s multi-city flights provides you with flexibility, reduces travel stress, and affords you the luxury of time. By clearly specifying your desired cities and dates, a well-planned multi-city itinerary is now a few clicks away. Your flight booking experience will, doubtlessly, be nothing less than deluxe.

Step 4: Choose Your Flights

Once you’ve entered your preferred cities and dates, the next stage is selecting your flights. This might seem daunting due to the extensive list of flights Air Canada offers but don’t fret. It’s simpler than it appears.

Firstly, centralize on your departure time. Some people prefer to fly in the morning, while others might opt for an afternoon or evening departure. Tailor your flight choices to your preferences. Your journey should be just as memorable as your destination.

Secondly, consider the duration of the flights. Long layovers can be a hassle, especially for a multi-city trip. Short layovers but, might mean rushing through airports. It’s a balance; choose a flight with a comfortable time interval between connections.

Thirdly, take note of aircraft type. Air Canada boasts a modern fleet including the latest Boeing and Airbus models. Some travellers pay attention to the plane type for their comfort and peace of mind.

In this phase, you might find it useful to use the sort and filter functions Air Canada’s website provides. They allow you to organize the flights by price, duration, or departure time.

Last but not least, always keep an eye out for any Aeroplan redemption opportunities. As an Aeroplan member, you can redeem your miles for flights, which can provide significant savings.

Let’s also not forget about upgrade possibilities. Business Class on Air Canada offers a superior travel experience. It might be a smart option to upgrade, if budget allows.

Once you’re satisfied with your selection, proceed to the next step. In the end, remember your goal is to create an unforgettable multi-city journey with Air Canada. You’re not just buying flights. You’re buying experiences. The next sections of this guide will walk you through rest of the booking process, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your adventure.

Step 5: Select Your Fare Type and Add-ons

Once you’ve sorted and filtered your flights to your preference, you’re ready to move on to the next step of your multi-city flight booking with Air Canada. This step involves selecting your fare type and adding on any necessary extras. This stage is crucial as it tailors the journey not only to your budget but also to your needs.

Air Canada offers a range of fare types, each with its distinct set of attributes. The different fare types include Basic, Standard, Flex, Comfort, Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business Class. You need to carefully evaluate each fare type and choose one that fits your travel profile best. For instance, if you value flexibility, a Flex or Latitude fare could be your go-to. On the other hand, if comfort is a priority, you might opt for a Premium Economy or Business Class ticket.

Fare Type Pros Cons
Basic Most Budget-Friendly Limited Flexibility
Standard Budget-Friendly, Some Flexibility Less Perks
Flex Good Flexibility More Expensive
Comfort More Room, Extra Perks Comparatively Costly
Latitude High Flexibility, Additional Perks More Costly
Premium Economy More Comfort, Additional Perks High Cost
Business Class High Comfort, Dedicated Service Highest Cost

Now it’s time to think about any add-ons or extras such as seat selection, extra baggage, or in-flight meals. These can greatly enhance your travel experience, making your multi-city flight more enjoyable and convenient. Remember these additional services are optional and may incur additional costs, so always factor them into your total travel budget.

Air Canada’s multi-city booking system also allows for Aeroplan redemption and upgrades. If you have earned Aeroplan points, you can use them to upgrade your fare type, book a preferred seat, or enjoy other luxury services. Regular Aeroplan members may also get exclusive discounts or early access to sales, making your multi-city flight even more cost-effective.

Step 6: Review and Confirm Your Booking

After setting up your ideal multi-city itinerary with Air Canada, it’s time to review and confirm your booking. This is a crucial step as it’s your ultimate chance to ensure all the details of your trip are exactly as you want them to be.

You start by checking the dates and destinations of your flights. If there are any errors or second thoughts about the dates or destinations, now is the time to make those adjustments. Remember, a small mistake could lead to unnecessary inconveniences, and nobody wants to start their trip with a hiccup.

Next, validate your chosen fare type along with your add-ons. Say you’ve opted for a standard fare, but after contemplation, you feel the premium fare would best cater to your needs. Wouldn’t you feel relieved to have revised your decision beforehand?

Also, take a few moments to verify the details of your add-ons: seat selection, extra baggage, and in-flight meals. Ensure every element caters to your comfort and convenience.

Plus, cross check the passenger details for accuracy. Every little detail matters and a typo in your name or a slight discrepancy in the date of birth fields can complicate your journey. So, review it carefully.

Finally, don’t forget about your Aeroplan details. Want to earn those Aeroplan points or consider an upgrade? Make sure you’ve entered your Aeroplan number correctly.

After paying meticulous attention to every little detail, confirm your booking with confidence. You’re now a step closer to the multi-city journey of a lifetime with Air Canada.

Step 7: Complete the Payment Process

Once you’ve reviewed your travel details, the next crucial phase in booking your Air Canada Multi-City flights is completing the payment process. Getting the payment done effectively isn’t only about picking your preferred payment option. It also involves making sure you’ve entered the correct billing information and confirmed the total cost.

In the payment section, select your preferred payment method from the options provided by Air Canada. These could range from credit or debit cards to bank transfers, or even using your Aeroplan points if you’ve accrued enough. Be careful to choose a method that suits you best, optimizing for both convenience and ease.

Then, key in the necessary details, which would depend on the payment method you’ve selected. For cards, you’ll need your card details like the card number, cardholder’s name, expiry date, and the three-digit security code at the back of your card. If you choose to pay with Aeroplan points, ensure you have logged into your account.

Following this, check and confirm the total cost of the flights. Air Canada provides a detailed breakdown of the total cost, including flight cost, tax, and any chosen add-ons. Make sure all these details align with your booking for each segment of your multi-city trip.

Finally, when you click on the “Pay Now” button, ensure that your payment has been processed successfully. Air Canada will redirect you to a page where you can see the booking is confirmed once the payment is processed. This serves as your acknowledgment that your flight bookings have been secured.

Remember that the payment process is your final checkpoint in securing your multi-city itinerary with Air Canada. So, take this step seriously as mistakes can lead to changes in your travel plans or even cancellations. Be accurate, stay focused, and that dream multi-city journey aboard Air Canada is just a few clicks away.


Booking Air Canada multi-city flights doesn’t have to be a challenging job. It’s all about understanding the process and paying close attention to detail. Remember, the key lies in correctly completing your payment. Select your desired payment method, input the right billing info, and confirm the total cost. Most importantly, before hitting that “Pay Now” button, review all details thoroughly. This step is crucial to avoid any mishaps that could disrupt your travel plans. With these steps, you’re well on your way to successfully booking your multi-city journey with Air Canada. Safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a multi-city flight with Air Canada?

Booking a multi-city flight with Air Canada involves selecting your preferred route, dates, and flight options. Once your tickets have been added to the shopping cart, you proceed to the payment page where you input the necessary billing information.

What is the method of payment when booking?

Air Canada offers several payment methods including credit card, PayPal, and bank transfers. Make sure to select your preferred method and double check your billing information during the checkout process.

How important is it to review my booking details?

It is crucial to review your booking details before confirming your purchase to avoid errors. Mistakes can lead to travel plan changes or cancellations, causing unnecessary hassles and additional costs.

What happens after clicking the “Pay Now” button?

After clicking the “Pay Now” button, your flight is booked. Double check the payment confirmation details. If everything is in order, expect to receive your electronic plane tickets via email.

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