Is American Airlines a Good & Safe Airline?| Why choose it?

When you’re planning a trip, safety and quality of service are top priorities. You’re probably wondering if American Airlines fits the bill. Is it a good and safe choice for your travel needs? You’re in the right place to find out.

American Airlines, one of the world’s largest airlines, has a rich history and a reputation for providing top-notch service. But what makes it stand out from the rest? Let’s investigate into why you might want to choose American Airlines for your next journey.

Remember, the perfect airline for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. So, let’s take a closer look at what American Airlines brings to the table.

History of American Airlines

American Airlines, one of the giants in aviation, wasn’t always the behemoth you see today. It initially took flight in 1926 as a mail delivery service.

In the beginning, American Airways, the predecessor to today’s American Airlines, used to operate a humble fleet of single-engined biplanes for its mail delivery service. It was a subsidiary of the Aviation Corporation, an umbrella company that had its fingers in various aviation-related businesses. The airline managed to weather the Great Depression, mainly due to its robust mail delivery operations.

In 1930, an important merger took place. American Airways and Southern Air Transport joined forces under the leadership of E.L. Cord. This resulted in a rebranding – and the birth of the American Airlines most people are familiar with today.

The airline continued to prosper during the World War II era. It expanded its fleet, adding multi-engine aircraft capable of carrying substantial passenger loads. The introduction of these aircraft paved the way for American Airlines to become a major player in the commercial aviation industry. The industry, at the time, was set for a significant growth after the conclusion of the War.

Fast-forward to the Jet Age, American Airlines again was at the forefront of innovation. It was the first major airline to use a computerized flight reservation system. In 1953, American Airlines launched the revolutionary Sabre system, leading to an enhanced booking experience for its customers.

The airline’s history is filled with ups and downs, yet it persevered through it all. Today, American Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world. It serves hundreds of destinations across the globe, providing top-notch service to millions. Crucial pieces of American Airlines’ history played a role in forging its identity, be it the creation, the growth, or the innovations.

Keep reading to discover why American Airlines stands out in the saturated airline market and how it continues to provide reliable, safe, and high-quality service to its passengers.

Reputation of American Airlines

When it comes to reputation, American Airlines has carved out a significant space for itself in the competitive landscape of the aviation industry. You may be familiar with news headlines or reports that mention American’s exceptional track record. Indeed, it’s often pointed out for its high standards of service, professionalism, and operational safety.

As a further testament to its reputation, American Airlines has a continuous trend of boasting low flight cancellations. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation regularly reports that American Airlines has ranked favorably in terms of on-time arrivals, a vital factor for any traveler.

The airline has also earned acknowledgements on several fronts. For instance, in 2020, it bagged the prestigious Air Transport World’s ‘Airline of the Year’ award. A strong counterpoint to these achievements, but, are the occasional bouts of negative press concerning customer service hiccups, which is not an uncommon aspect for any major airlines.

When it comes to safety, you’ll have love knowing that American Airlines prioritizes it supremely well. To that end, the airline invests greatly in regular aircraft maintenance checks and safety protocols. It’s worth noting that American Airlines has a significant number of FAA-certified aviation maintenance technicians working around the clock to ensure stringent safety standards.

Understanding the importance of customer feedback, American Airlines has established several means to gather and respond to passenger grievances and suggestions. The net effect of this is the constant improvement in service delivery, customer relations, and overall passenger experience.

As for the question, “Is American Airlines a good and safe airline?” The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. Like any significant company, American Airlines has its strengths and weaknesses. But looking at the legacy, operational record, safety policies, and awards, you can confidently conclude that American Airlines is undoubtedly a solid airline choice. It has demonstrated resilient performance and maintains a commitment to passenger safety and satisfaction. No airline is perfect, but American Airlines strives to be better, which is all one can ask.

Year Award
2020 Air Transport World’s ‘Airline of the Year’

Safety Measures and Records

Let’s pay some attention to American Airline’s safety measures and records. Safety is, undoubtedly, the foremost consideration when choosing an airline, and American Airlines shines brightly in this aspect.

American Airlines has consistently shown a reliable track record when it comes to safety. From enforcing strict compliance to regulations to implementing the industry’s best practices, they’ve maintained a high standard.

The airline follows a methodical approach to safety, known as the Safety Management System. This system is pivotal in identifying, evaluating, and mitigating risks. They’ve adopted this approach not only on the operational level but also on the organizational one. This well-organized system allows every hazard to be tackled effectively before it can cause any harm.

Further, they make significant investments in regular aircraft maintenance checks which are aligned with global standards. From routine checks to complex engine maintenance, every aircraft in their vast fleet is meticulously screened for any possible malfunction.

Also, American Airlines believes in the mantra of continuous learning and improvement. For instance, staff training modules are regularly updated, providing the crew with the most current knowledge and emergency practices.

As a passenger, your safety is primarily in the hands of the flight crew. With American Airlines, you’re in safe hands. Their flight crews are highly skilled and undergo rigorous training which is frequently updated and refined.

Carefully considering the details above, it’s clear American Airlines goes an extra mile to assure you of a safe journey.

The table below exhibits some of the significant safety accolades awarded to American Airlines:

Year Safety Award
2018 IOSA Certification
2019 APEX Official Airline ratings
2020 Air Transport World’s ‘Airline of the Year’

While there are safety achievements, it’s noteworthy to remember that the safety measures practiced by American Airlines are not just about awards and certifications. They are tangible proof of the airline’s commitment to your safety. The airline considers the safety of its passengers not just a priority but a duty entrusted upon them.

Always remember, when you’re traveling with American Airlines, they’ve got your safety covered. You sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.

Quality of Service

Delving further into your experience with American Airlines, it’s crucial to address the question: How does the airline’s quality of service fare? As with safety, American Airlines also excels in this domain. The airline puts an unmistakable emphasis on passenger satisfaction, aiming to turn each flight into a memorable experience.

High levels of customer satisfaction can only be achieved with a surplus of amenities and services tailored to passenger needs and American Airlines understands this. The airline’s services include comfortable seating, a variety of in-flight meals, and a roster of entertainment options including latest blockbuster movies, TV shows, and music, providing you with multiple modes of enjoyment throughout your journey. While amenities differ based on the type and duration of the flight, the main focus is comfort and satisfaction, ensuring you an enjoyable journey no matter what.

Flight quality is determined not only by the flight itself, but also its on-ground services. American Airlines strives to provide seamless service from the moment you book your flight to the moment you depart the aircraft. The airline offers an easy-to-navigate online platform for booking and managing your flights and a professional, responsive customer service team should you require assistance.

Recognizing that a pleasant journey begins even before you board the plane, American Airlines indulges its passengers with exclusive lounges at various airports around the world. First and Business class passengers, as well as eligible AAdvantage members, can unwind pre-flight in style with luxury amenities and services offered at the Admirals Club and Flagship Lounge.

Not to overlook, American Airlines is a part of the Oneworld alliance. This partnership facilitates smooth global travel with increased flight options and rewarding frequent flyer programs. As a result, passengers who choose American Airlines open doors to numerous benefits and flight connectivity, making it a promising choice for your flying needs.

Reasons to choose American Airlines

Just after taking a peek into the quality of services provided by American Airlines, it’s easy to see why many choose it for their air travel. But there’s more to American Airlines than just comfort and on-ground conveniences.

American Airlines hits the mark on punctuality. The airline has an impressive on-time percentage. Don’t you hate it when your travel plans go awry because of flight delays? With American Airlines that’ll be one worry off your list.

American Airlines is a part of the Oneworld alliance. This global aviation alliance not only provides increased flight options but also allows you to earn and redeem miles on all member airlines. Think about the possible destinations!

Are you a frequent flyer? Then you’d appreciate the AAdvantage program by American Airlines. This stellar frequent flyer program rewards denizens of the sky like you for your constant voyages. The more miles you rake up, the more you earn.

And then there are the lounges. American Airlines lounges are akin to an oasis in the hustle and bustle of busy airports. Distinctly designed with comfort and convenience in mind, these lounges are the perfect place to relax before your flight.

Safety is paramount at American Airlines. The airline ranks among the top when it comes to safety parameters and audits. Coupled with the experienced crew, you can rest assured your flight will be traversing safe skies.

Choosing American Airlines isn’t just about a flight – it’s about choosing an experience. From ticket booking to touchdown, every interaction with American Airlines is designed to be as smooth, convenient, and enjoyable as possible. There’s no doubt that the journey with American Airlines is often as memorable as the destination.


So, is American Airlines a good and safe airline? Absolutely. It’s not just about getting you from point A to point B. It’s about offering an experience that’s punctual, comfortable, and rewarding. With their impressive on-time performance, you’re less likely to face travel disruptions. Being a part of the Oneworld alliance, you get more flight options and the chance to earn and redeem miles across member airlines. Plus, the AAdvantage program is a cherry on top for frequent flyers. Add the comfort of their lounges and their commitment to safety, and you’ve got an airline that truly stands out. When you choose American Airlines, you’re choosing more than a flight. You’re choosing a memorable journey from start to finish. Make your next flight a great one with American Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why choose American Airlines for air travel?

American Airlines boasts of its punctuality, with a high on-time percentage. It’s also a part of the ‘Oneworld alliance’, enhancing flight options and enabling earning and redeeming miles on member airlines.

Q2: What is the Oneworld alliance?

The Oneworld alliance is a network of airlines, offering passengers increased flight alternatives. Passengers can earn and redeem miles across all member airlines maximizing their benefits.

Q3: How can frequent flyers benefit from American Airlines?

With the AAdvantage program, frequent flyers can earn rewards for their consistent travel, adding more value and comfort to their journey.

Q4: What facilities does American Airlines offer?

Apart from timely flights and seamless miles program, American Airlines also stands out with comfortable lounges for passengers, enhancing their overall travel experience.

Q5: How does American Airlines ensure safety?

American Airlines is committed to the safety of its passengers, taking all necessary measures to ensure safe flights and an unwavering commitment to well-being.

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