Is Spirit Airlines a safe & good airline to fly?

When you’re planning your next trip, you might be wondering if Spirit Airlines is a good choice. Known for its budget-friendly fares, it’s a popular option for travelers looking to save a few bucks. But how does it stack up in terms of safety and overall service?

You’ve probably heard mixed reviews about Spirit Airlines. Some praise its low-cost tickets, while others express concerns about its comfort and punctuality. So, it’s time to clear the air and give you an unbiased perspective.

Safety Record of Spirit Airlines

When considering an airline, it’s crucial to address its safety record. So let’s jump into Spirit Airlines’ safety record, because your safety should never be compromised, no matter how attractive those low-cost fares may appear.

Spirit Airlines operates with a commendable safety history. As a budget airline, it is mandated to meet the same stringent safety standards as any other carrier in the US, and it does a good job of doing so. The airline’s management places an irrevocable emphasis on safety and maintains strict compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

Here’s an interesting fact: Spirit has not encountered any fatal accidents in its operational history. This certainly places Spirit Airlines on a high safety pedestal when compared to global carriers that have unfortunately experienced mishaps that led to fatal tragedies.

But, it’s important to remember that safety encompasses more than just avoiding catastrophic events. There are other parameters like aircraft maintenance, pilot training, onboard emergency procedures, and regulatory compliance audits that contribute to a broader perspective of an airline’s safety performance.

Moving on to discuss Spirit’s fleet, the airline boasts a modern and well-maintained lineup of Airbus aircraft. Spirit has one of the youngest fleets in the Americas which provides an immediate advantage in terms of safety. Newer aircraft come equipped with the latest in safety and flight technology, so statistically reducing the chance of accidents.

According to FlightGlobal, an aviation industry analytics company, Spirit’s fleet had an average age of just 5.6 years at the end of 2019, making it one of the youngest fleets in operation. Here’s a look at the breakdown when compared with some of its top competitors.

Airline Average Fleet Age
Spirit Airlines 5.6 years
Frontier 6.0 years
Southwest 11.4 years
Delta 14.9 years

So to answer the question – is Spirit Airlines a safe carrier? The data and records would assure you that it is. But, it’s vital to understand that safety is a comprehensive aspect of an airline’s operation, and it takes consistent enforcement of standard procedures to maintain a clean slate.

Factors to Consider for Safe Flying

When it boils down to your travel plans, there’s more to consider than just cost. Safety, punctuality, and comfort are all key elements to take into account before boarding a flight. Spirit Airlines has its strength in its safety record; but, don’t limit your assessment merely to this.

Compliance with Regulations

One of the top points to ponder is the compliance of the airline with aviation regulations. Spirit Airlines operates within the rules set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Always ensure the airline you travel with abides by the appropriate regulatory bodies’ guidelines.

Fleet’s Age and Maintenance

Another aspect to weigh in on is the age and condition of an airline’s fleet. Modern aircraft are typically equipped with advanced safety features making the newer the aircraft the safer. Spirit Airlines prides itself on its modern fleet, and this should certainly be taken into account when considering safety aspects.

Crew Quality and Training

Finally, remember that a highly trained crew can be essential in maintaining safety standards during unexpected situations mid-air. The crew from Spirit Airlines undergo rigorous training sessions to ensure that they can handle any emergency that could arise during a flight.

On-Time Performance

While it might seem unrelated at first, punctuality can indeed impact the overall safety of your journey. Late departures and rushed schedules can contribute to safety compromises. Spirit Airlines has a moderately good on-time performance record compared to its industry peers.

Remember these factors the next time you plan your journey. While Spirit Airlines scores fairly well on these parameters, it’s always beneficial to make an well-informed choice about your travel.

Customer Reviews on Safety

Knowing the safety record of an airline through the stats is crucial, sure, but it’s also enlightening to understand how real passengers perceive the safety practices. In this section, we’ll be delving into customer reviews, specifically relating to Spirit Airlines’ safety measures.

Customers have touted in various online forums and social media platforms about their encounters with Spirit Airlines. The wide majority have expressed satisfaction with the standard of safety at Spirit Airlines. They’ve mentioned the professionalism of the crew as a strong point, with many noting the meticulousness in following safety protocols.

A common theme among many reviews is the emphasis on clear communication. Passengers have commended Spirit Airlines for its efforts in ensuring that the safety procedures are communicated effectively before takeoff. In the unlikely event of unanticipated turbulence or technical issues, the crew’s calm and clear communication has been appreciated by many.

Given this feedback in the public domain, it’s evident that the majority of Spirit Airlines passengers feel safe and secure when flying. But, remember to take into account that these are subjective experiences from individual users.

In the next section, we’ll analyze more objective factors, such as Spirit’s safety ratings from industry authorities, to form a comprehensive understanding of the airline’s safety situation.

Spirit Airlines’ Safety Measures

The safety standards of any airline company matter. That’s why your focus naturally shifts towards Spirit Airlines’ safety measures. We’ll dig deeper into how Spirit ensures that you have a comfortable and safe journey.

Spirit’s commitment to safety is uncompromising. They strictly adhere to the guidelines set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). These regulatory bodies have stringent standards for aircraft maintenance, security protocols, and crew training – ensuring top-notch safety records for those compliant.

One pivotal aspect of Spirit Airline’s safety measures involves their fleet. It’s critical to fly on up-to-date aircraft models. Aging fleet can signify higher risks of mechanical problems. Yet, with Spirit, that’s not a worry. Their fleet predominantly comprises Airbus A320 aircraft, one of the most modern and reliable in the industry.

Spirit Airlines’ Fleet Age
Airbus A320 5.6 years

Diligent and regular fleet maintenance is another important safety measure. Spirit executes rigorous checks and routine maintenance on their aircraft to ensure they remain in tip-top condition.

A well-trained crew is integral in upholding an airline’s safety standards. Spirit Airlines’ flight crew and cabin crew undergo extensive training. They’re adept at handling any in-flight emergencies and comply with all safety regulations.

Then there’s the safety measures that directly involve you, the passenger. Spirit communicates clear safety instructions pre-flight. If you’ve flown with them, you know their safety demonstrations are as comprehensive as they come – giving you peace of mind.

But what do authoritative bodies think about Spirit’s safety commitment? We’re heading to the next section which reviews Spirit’s safety ratings from reliable airline safety-rating organizations. There we will find objective factors that help form a comprehensive understanding of the airline’s safety status.

Evaluating the Quality of Service

Quality service and customer satisfaction are equally as important as safety in the aviation industry. For an airline to rank among the top, it is crucial to provide an unbeatable service that customers can rely on. In this regard, Spirit Airlines’ commitment to service needs a detailed look.

When considering Spirit’s on-board services, their Ultra Low Cost Carrier (ULCC) model stands out. Unlike other airlines that include everything in your ticket price, Spirit has a different approach known as the “Bare Fare”. This approach allows you to pay only for the services you want to use, creating a more personalized flying experience. This includes paying for bags, choosing your seats, or buying on-board snacks and drinks if you want to, instead of being forced to pay for them upfront.

It’s important to remember that as a low-cost carrier, Spirit might not offer all the frills and luxury that you’d find with more expensive airlines. What they do offer, but, is great value for your money with various options for customization. Besides, Spirit focuses a lot of its efforts on punctuality. In 2019, Department of Transportation reports stated Spirit had a significantly improved on-time arrival performance, something which their customers highly appreciated.

Let’s have a look at customer reviews online. Spirit has mixed reviews from passengers all over the world. Some passengers applaud the low fares and no-frills concept, while others find the unbundled pricing model to be confusing and unpredictable. It’s essential for you to remember that reviews can be subjective, and it’s always best to try it out for yourself.

In the next section, we’re going to investigate into Spirit’s reward program—The Free Spirit Loyalty Program. Here, we will analyze their loyalty program structure, benefits and how to maximize its usage for your travels. So, stay tuned.

Punctuality and Delays

Onto a crucial aspect of airline performance – punctuality. You’re probably wondering about Spirit Airlines’ promptness in getting you to your destination. Well, Spirit Airlines has made significant strides in improving its on-time arrival performance.

Unlike traditional airlines, Spirit operates using a point-to-point system. Essentially, flights are direct and not dependent on a central hub. This unique system can drastically decrease the chance of delays caused by connecting flights. Paired with Spirit’s signature discipline, it makes for the recipe to punctuality.

Let’s dive right into the numbers. According to Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Spirit’s on-time performance has been quite impressive. In fact, as of 2020, Spirit Airlines was one of the top 10 airlines for on-time arrivals.

Here are Spirit’s on-time performance data:

Year On-time Arrival Rate
2018 78.99%
2019 80.47%
2020 81.04%

That’s not to say Spirit hasn’t had its fair share of delays. Each airline faces unavoidable setbacks such as weather conditions or air traffic control disruptions. But, Spirit’s commitment towards punctuality has seen it take innovative steps to curb such issues. For instance, they’ve been investing heavily in modernizing their aircraft fleet to minimize mechanical delays.

Remember, no airline can promise 100% punctuality. But a continued commitment to improve statisfied customers’ expectations for on-time arrivals and limit potential inconveniences is key. After all, time is money. By sticking to this mantra, Spirit Airlines strives to get you where you need to go, when you need to get there.

Next, we’ll be covering Spirit’s reward program, the Free Spirit Loyalty Program, including its structure, benefits, and how to maximize its usage. Stay tuned to explore its potential for your travel needs.

In-flight Comfort and Amenities

Beyond just cost and punctuality, In-flight Comfort and Amenities play a pivotal role in defining your traveling experience. It’s crucial to understand what Spirit Airlines has to offer in this aspect.

Being an ULCC, Spirit Airlines offers a different approach, known as the “Thrift” philosophy. They believe that less is more. By focusing on simplicity and efficiency, they’re able to trim down unnecessary expenses, which help keep airfares low. The amenities they provide on their flights reflect this very strategy.

The seating in Spirit Airlines appears lean and built for efficiency. With pre-reclined seats, they maximize the usage of cabin space, fitting more passengers. But don’t let the word ‘lean’ worry you. Spirit ensures the seats maintain the key component of comfort.

What comes as a standout feature in the seating arrangement is the Big Front Seat option. These seats offer more legroom, width and naturally, comfort. They come with an extra cost but if you’re the type who values comfort over cost, these seats provide a solid bang for the buck!

Also, Spirit Airlines offers digitized inflight menus, reducing the carbon footprint by eliminating physical menus. They offer an assortment of snacks and drinks, available for purchase during your flight. From savory to sweet, you’ll find plenty of options to satisfy your on-board culinary cravings.

The ‘Bare Fare,’ model allows you to handpick amenities. That means you have the liberty to choose what you want – be it more legroom, extra luggage, or priority boarding. It’s all about matching your specific traveling preferences and budget.

Talking about entertainment. Many airlines these days provide inflight entertainment systems. Spirit, but, has chosen to opt out. Instead, they installed Wi-Fi onboard. With everyone carrying their own personal device, it makes a lot of sense.

Let’s take a peek over the next section of this article where we’re going to cover the Free Spirit Loyalty Program. We’ll jump into its structure and benefits, and how to get the most out of it for your travel.

Comparing Spirit Airlines with Other Airlines

When comparing Spirit Airlines with other airlines, it’s essential to keep in mind their unique business model. Remember, they operate under the Ultra Low Cost Carrier or ULCC model. While other traditional airlines might offer a bundle of services within the ticket price, Spirit airlines embrace the “Bare Fare” approach. This model distinguishes them and lends the power of choice in your hands. You’ll pay only for the services you want to use, creating a more personalized flying experience.

Looking at punctuality, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Spirit’s on-time arrival rate was 81.04% in 2020. A quick look at the numbers will show you that this rate rivals some of the leading airlines.

  Spirit Airlines Leading Airlines
On-Time Arrival Rate (2020) 81.04% 79-92%

Moving on to comfort and in-flight amenities, Spirit Airlines may seem lean in comparison. Nevertheless, their focus is on simplicity and efficiency, which also reflects on their seating. You’ll find pre-reclined seats to maximize cabin space, practicality over luxury. Their Big Front Seats offer a more comfortable experience with extra legroom, available at an additional cost.

Digitalizing inflight menus and a range of snacks and drinks for purchase further enable you to customize your flight experience. While other traditional airlines still adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach, offering the same complimentary services to all, Spirit Airlines caters to your unique preferences.

Finally, in terms of in-flight entertainment, you won’t find conventional systems aboard Spirit flights. They offer Wi-Fi onboard to keep you connected throughout your journey, a feature that many airlines charge for separately.

In the next section, you’ll find details on Spirit’s Loyalty Program and the benefits it offers. To provide a fair comparison, it should be noted that many traditional airlines too have loyalty programs, but the advantages and terms of each differ. While considering your options, look at your personal needs and preferences. After all, the choice of airline is as unique as the traveler.


You’ve seen how Spirit Airlines stands out with its unique ULCC model, the “Bare Fare”, which puts you in control of your flying experience. You’ve learned about their impressive on-time arrival performance and their commitment to simplicity and efficiency. Spirit’s approach to in-flight entertainment is different, but they’ve got you covered with onboard Wi-Fi. If a bit more comfort is what you’re after, their Big Front Seats are an option worth considering. So, is Spirit Airlines a safe and good airline to fly? With their focus on punctuality, personalized service, and commitment to safety, it’s clear they’re doing many things right. Eventually, the choice is yours. Weigh the factors that are most important to you and make an well-informed choice.

What is the “Bare Fare” ULCC model of Spirit Airlines?

Bare Fare is Spirit Airlines’ unique Ultra Low Cost Carrier model. This model allows passengers to pay only for the services they want to use, ensuring a more personalized and cost-effective flying experience.

How does Spirit Airlines fare in terms of punctuality?

Spirit Airlines prioritizes punctuality and has significantly improved their on-time arrival performance. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Spirit has achieved an on-time arrival rate of 81.04% in 2020.

Is there any in-flight entertainment system on Spirit Airlines?

Instead of a traditional in-flight entertainment system, Spirit Airlines offers Wi-Fi onboard for their passengers.

How comfortable are the flights on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines focuses on simplicity and efficiency. They provide pre-reclined seats to maximize cabin space with an option for Big Front Seats available for an additional cost.

What is the Free Spirit Loyalty Program?

The Free Spirit Loyalty Program is a rewards scheme from Spirit Airlines. It offers various benefits to its members, which will be discussed in the next section of the article.

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