Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy: A Guide for Jetblue Pet Travel

Planning a trip with your furry friend? JetBlue Airlines might just be the perfect choice for you. They’ve got a pet policy that’s designed to make traveling with pets as smooth as possible.

Whether you’re a seasoned pet traveler or it’s your first time flying with a pet, understanding JetBlue’s pet policy is crucial. This guide will give you the lowdown on everything you need to know.

From carrier requirements to fees, we’ve got you covered. So buckle up and get ready to embark on a pet-friendly journey with JetBlue Airlines.

Overview of JetBlue Airlines’ pet policy

When booking your next flight, don’t forget to think about your furry friends. JetBlue Airlines has taken the lead in pet-friendly travel, offering services that make your trip less stressful and more enjoyable. They’ve created a detailed pet policy designed to ensure the safety and comfort of both you and your pet. Let’s investigate deeper into the details of JetBlue’s pet policy.

JetBlue’s pet policy allows small dogs and cats in the cabin of the aircraft. Bring your pet on board with you and avoid the stress of separate travel. Pets are not permitted in the cargo area – they’ll be right by your side throughout your flight.

The airline has a limit for the number of pets allowed onboard and it’s first come, first serve. Only four pets per flight are allowed, so make sure to book your pet’s reservation as early as possible. Remember, service and emotional support animals do not count towards this limit, offering more flexibility for those who need their pets by their side for medical or emotional support.

Fees shouldn’t get in the way of traveling with your pet. JetBlue charges a moderate fee of $125 per pet carrier, each way. This offers an affordable option for those who can’t bear to leave their pets behind. Investing in your pet’s travel comfort is key and JetBlue ensures it’s within your reach.

JetBlue recognizes the importance of pet comfort, and has so introduced JetPaws, a pet program that offers pet travel etiquette tips, a pet carrier tagging program and TrueBlue points for each pet fare! Maximizing your airline experience is now a reality for you and your pet.

Stay tuned as we dissect further into the guidelines and requirements you’ll need to follow to make JetBlue’s pet-friendly services work well for you.

Types of pets allowed on JetBlue flights

Diving deeper into the JetBlue pet policy, it’s crucial to note the types of pets that can join you on your journey. Currently, only domestic dogs and cats are allowed onboard. It’s key to remember that it’s not just about the type of pet you can carry, but also the age of your pet. JetBlue’s policy requires your furry friends to be at least eight weeks old.

One standout feature of JetBlue’s pet policy is the focus on in-cabin pet travel. Your pets are treated with respect and care, without having to endure the stress and discomfort often associated with cargo shipments. While many other airlines limit their pet-friendly space to the cargo hold, JetBlue allows your canine and feline companions in the cabin. But, there’s a limit on the number allowed per flight.

  No. of Pets Allowed
JetBlue 4 per flight

JetBlue consciously limits the number of pets on each flight, ensuring each pet has an appropriate amount of space and individual attention. This limit includes both carry-on pets and Emotional Support or Psychiatric Service Animals.

JetBlue’s pet policy does come with certain restrictions. Snub-nosed (brachycephalic) breeds of either dogs or cats aren’t accepted for travel due to increased health risks associated with high altitude pressure changes. These breeds include English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pekingese, Persian Cats, and Himalayan Cats, among others.

Remember, if you’re planning to travel with your pet, it’s always best to check the latest pet policy with JetBlue before you book your ticket. This ensures that your travel plans align with their pet-friendly policy, making your process stress-free and straightforward. Stay tuned as we continue exploring other facets of JetBlue’s pet policy, such as carrier requirements, registration process, and pet relief areas.

Carrier requirements for traveling with pets on JetBlue

JetBlue’s pet policy is meticulous about adhering to carrier requirements. Besides ensuring that your pet fits the breed and age criteria, your pet’s carrier is crucial for its travel. The dimensions, construction, and comfort level of the carrier are pivotal aspects.

The maximum carrier dimensions permitted on JetBlue flights are 17″ length x 12.5″ width x 8.5″ height. Make sure your pet’s carrier fits snuggly under the seat in front of you. While it’s important that the carrier is compact, it’s also essential to ensure enough space for your pet to stand, turn and lie down.

Table 1: Maximum carrier dimensions on JetBlue

Length Width Height
17″ 12.5″ 8.5″

The carrier should be well-ventilated, secure, and leak-proof. A soft-sided carrier is preferred on JetBlue flights. It’s the responsibility of the pet owner to keep the pet calm and quiet. If your pet is a nuisance, JetBlue reserves the right to deny boarding.

When choosing a carrier for your pet, look for features that guarantee comfort. Choose a carrier with easy accessibility, ventilation, sturdy zippers, and a strong bottom. Padding is important too. A comfortable carrier can make a difference in your pet’s travel experience. JetBlue recommends a Sherpa bag, but any comparable brand that meets their guidelines is fine.

For future travel with your pet on JetBlue, remember the noteworthy points – carrier size, construction, and comfort. Keep the carrier within guidelines, and your pet’s journey will be smooth. You’ll find more handy information in the upcoming sections – registration process, pet relief areas, and other special notes.

Pet fees and restrictions on JetBlue flights

Understanding the pet fees and restrictions on JetBlue flights can provide you with a peace of mind as you travel. JetBlue Airlines has a set pet fee of $125 each way. This does not include your ticket – it’s an additional charge.

How many pets are allowed on each flight? Take note, only a limited number of pets are allowed on each JetBlue flight – this includes four pets in the cabin on domestic and international flights. Keep in mind!

Seeing an open spot on the JetBlue flight doesn’t guarantee your pet’s spot. Reservations for pets cannot be completed online. You must call the JetBlue Reservation Crew at 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583). So, plan and book early!

What about the types of pets allowed? JetBlue only allows small cats and dogs in the cabin. No other pets or animals are permitted on board. Be aware of this specification should you decide to travel with pets that aren’t cats or dogs.

Age restrictions also take center stage. Puppies and kittens should be at least 8 weeks old to travel. JetBlue won’t allow younger pets to board flights. Their safety and well-being is important to consider.

Let’s jump into the weight restrictions. JetBlue stipulates that your pet and the carrier must not weigh over 20 pounds combined. If you’ve got a hefty pet, it might be time to rethink your plans or take the necessary weight management measures.

Criteria Policy
Reservation needed? Yes
Cost per flight $125
Maximum pets 4 per flight
Pet types allowed Small cats, dogs
Age minimum 8 weeks
Weight limit 20 pounds

JetBlue’s policy also includes other restrictions on flight duration and destinations. Dogs and cats can fly on flights less than 12 hours. And, no pets are allowed in Barbados, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, or Saint Lucia. So, weigh the destinations in your itinerary with the policy!

It’s your responsibility to ensure you comply with local laws and regulations about traveling with pets. Do your due diligence. Knowledge is power and it’s vital in this case.

Booking a flight for your pet on JetBlue Airlines

Ensuring your pet has a spot on your JetBlue flight is an integral part of your trip planning. As an essential heads-up, JetBlue doesn’t allow pet bookings via their website. Now, don’t get bogged down by that. A simple, traditional phone call to the JetBlue Reservation Crew is how you get it done. They’re exceptionally accommodating and will guide you through the process smoothly.

Hold on a moment; remember the airline’s policy of ‘first come, first serve’. It’s hence wise to book your pet’s spot early. Late bookings might lead to disappointment as JetBlue limits the number of pets allowed on each flight. Booking early not only secures a place for your pet but also provides ample preparation time for both you and your furry friend.

Procedural details aside, it’s vital to check and cross-check your flight details. JetBlue policies enforce certain restrictions based on factors like flight duration and destinations. Be sure to confirm that your intended flight allows pets. You wouldn’t want any hitches on your travel day, would you?

There’s one more important thing to remember. When booking, you’ll hear the phrase “$125 each way”. That, dear pet owner, is the pet fee and it’s non-refundable. It may seem steep, but JetBlue’s priority is the comfort and safety of your little friend. And isn’t that worth every penny?

A little tip here. You might want to grab a pen and paper and jot down all these nuggets of information. They’ll prove handy in your JetBlue pet travel journey. You’re taking steps in the right direction to ensure a stress-free and memorable trip for you and your pet. Your careful preparation will undoubtedly pay off. Let’s keep going.

Tips for a stress-free pet travel experience with JetBlue

Navigating airport procedures with a furry friend might seem daunting. Let’s break down some key insights for ensuring a hassle-free JetBlue pet travel experience for you and your beloved pet.

Top of the list: carrier requirements. Your pooch’s or kitty’s ride must conform to JetBlue Airlines’ stringent pet carrier regulations to guarantee a safe and comfortable journey. These involve carrier dimensions, construction, and coziness. A hard rule to remember: your carrier must be well-ventilated, secure, leak-proof, and must not exceed the 17″ length x 12.5″ width x 8.5″ height limit. Your best bet? A soft-sided carrier. Consider reliable brands meeting these specifications, such as a Sherpa bag.

Pet manners count. JetBlue Airlines reserves the right to deny boarding if your pet falls short on good behavior. So, ensure you calm your pet down to avoid becoming a nuisance to other passengers. Remember, your beloved pet always translates your mood, so remain cool, collected, and confident throughout.

Securing reservations is another step you must take to avoid last-minute surprises. Here’s a heads-up: JetBlue only permits a specific number of pets per flight. To hold a spot for your pet, reach out to the JetBlue Reservation Crew over the phone. Unfortunately, online reservation for pet travel is not an option yet.

Pay attention to charges. JetBlue requires a non-refundable pet fee of $125 each way. Weigh your pet and the carrier together to ensure they do not exceed 20 pounds. Overweight charges might apply.

Flight duration and location checks matter. JetBlue has some location-based restrictions, and lengthy flights are pet-free. Get these details from the JetBlue Reservation Crew.

Finally, abide by local laws about pets while traveling. This rule not only aligns with JetBlue’s policy but also guarantees a smooth check-in and check-out at your origin and destination airports. Compliance with JetBlue’s pet guidelines ensures a seamless and stress-free pet travel experience.


Navigating JetBlue’s pet policy doesn’t have to be a challenging job. Remember, your pet’s comfort and safety are paramount, so choose a carrier like a Sherpa bag that meets JetBlue’s size and construction requirements. Keep your pet calm during the flight to avoid any issues, as JetBlue can deny boarding if pets become disruptive. Don’t forget, you’ll need to call JetBlue’s Reservation Crew to secure your pet’s spot on the flight, as online booking isn’t available for pets. With a pet fee of $125 each way and a weight limit of 20 pounds for your pet and carrier combined, you’ll want to plan accordingly. Finally, book early to ensure your furry friend can join you on your journey, as JetBlue only allows a limited number of pets per flight. By following these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to a smooth and enjoyable flight with your pet on JetBlue Airlines.

What are the dimensions of a pet carrier acceptable by JetBlue Airlines?

JetBlue Airlines permits pet carriers with dimensions up to 17″ in length, 12.5″ in width, and 8.5″ in height.

What are the preferences regarding the construction and comfort level of pet carriers?

JetBlue prefers pet carriers to be soft-sided and comfortable for your pet. Brands like Sherpa that meet their guidelines are recommended.

How much is the pet fee for JetBlue?

JetBlue airlines charges a pet fee of $125 each way.

Can I book a reservation for my pet online?

No, reservations for pets can not be done online. Please call JetBlue Reservation Crew to make the booking.

How many pets are allowed on each flight on JetBlue?

JetBlue airlines only allows a limited number of pets on each flight. Hence, it is recommended to book in advance.

What is the weight limit for the pet and carrier combined?

The combined weight of your pet and the carrier should not exceed 20 pounds on JetBlue flights.

Are there any restrictions on flight duration and destinations for pet travel?

Yes, JetBlue implies some restrictions on flight duration and destinations. Information can change so always respect local laws and regulations related to pet travel.

What happens if my pet becomes a nuisance on board?

JetBlue stresses the responsibility of the pet owner to keep their pet calm and quiet. If the pet becomes a nuisance, JetBlue reserves the right to deny boarding.

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