Jetblue Military Discounts | How to get Veterans Advantage?

Looking for ways to stretch your travel budget? If you’re a military veteran, JetBlue’s got your back. This popular airline offers special discounts for veterans, making it easier for you to see the world or visit loved ones.

But how exactly can you snag these savings? It all starts with the Veterans Advantage program. This exclusive program offers a range of benefits for military vets, including some sweet deals with JetBlue. Read on to discover how to get Veterans Advantage and start saving on your JetBlue flights today.

What is Veterans Advantage?

Veterans Advantage is a unique rewards program specifically designed for U.S military veterans, active-duty military, National Guards, and reservists. Not only does it cater to our military veterans, it extends benefits to their families as well. As a Veteran’s Advantage member, you’re entitled to exclusive discounts and benefits which can be accessed nationwide.

How does this program work? It’s pretty straightforward. Veterans Advantage partners with a myriad of companies that wish to honor U.S military veterans with exclusive discounts and benefits. Now, these aren’t just your run-of-the-mill companies. We’re talking about major corporations like JetBlue, Apple, Dell – just to name a few.

Once you become a member, you receive a unique membership card. This card acts as your golden ticket to accessing all of these fantastic benefits. So when you’re shopping online, renting a car, booking a flight, or even enjoying a meal at a participating restaurant, be sure to flash your Veterans Advantage card to claim all the benefits you rightly deserve.

That said, it’s not just about the discounts. The Veterans Advantage program aims to provide tangible recognition and respect to American military veterans all year long. It’s a way for the nation’s top brands to give back. This isn’t a one-time veterans day sale; these are exclusive, year-round discounts and benefits just for you.

So, are you an active-duty military member, a reservist, a National Guard, or a veteran? Then you may want to look into the Veterans Advantage program. The registration process is quite user-friendly. So why not sign up? Explore the fantastic offers that await you! Be prepared to level up your savings game with these amazing veteran-specific benefits. Every cent you can save counts, doesn’t it?

Just remember to keep that exclusive membership card handy! The rewards are just one swipe away.

The Benefits of Veterans Advantage

From significant savings on travel to a user-friendly interface, the Veterans Advantage program is a godsend for those who’ve served the country in any military capacity. Covering not only veterans, active-duty soldiers, National Guards, and reservists – it’s also available to their families, a token of recognition for the sacrifices made.

Let’s explore the major benefits offered by Veterans Advantage. Besides the basic monetary savings on retail and travel, there’s much more to this program than meets the eye.

Exclusive Discounts from Major Corporations

When you become a Veterans Advantage member, you’re signing up for exclusive discounts from some of the biggest names in the corporate world such as JetBlue, Apple, and Dell. From software to hardware, flights to retail shopping – there’s an entire gamut of products and services you can avail discounts on.

Unique Membership Card

With this membership, you receive a unique card that aligns with your identification. This card acts as a pass to a realm of benefits. Whether you’re shopping online, booking a flight, or dining out – just flash your card and reap the benefits.

Streamlined Registration Process

The user-friendly registration process is simple, straightforward and can be finished in no time. The Veterans Advantage team is dedicated to helping our heroes. They’ve ensured that the sign-up process is as easy as 1-2-3.

Recognition Year-Round

A noteworthy aspect of Veterans Advantage is its commitment to recognising and reminding our heroes of their valuable contributions. 365 days of the year, you’re appreciated, respected, and honoured – it’s a testament to continuous recognition of your service.

While these are just a few highlights, remember, there’s a myriad of other benefits bundled within the Veterans Advantage program. Explore more and let Veterans Advantage become your go-to solution for all discounts, honours, and privileges that you seamlessly deserve.

How to Sign Up for Veterans Advantage

Taking advantage of the Veterans Advantage program doesn’t have to be challenging. By following these steps, you’ll breeze through the sign-up process.

First, navigate to the Veterans Advantage website. Their streamlined, user-friendly website layout makes it easy to locate the ‘Join Now’ button on their homepage. Click on this button to begin the registration process.

Next, select the membership plan that suits your needs. There are different options to choose from, including individual and family plans, with varying lengths of subscription from one to five years. Choose the one that’s perfect for you. Remember, it’s all about making maximum savings and gaining wonderful benefits with major corporations like JetBlue, Apple, and Dell!

Following that, you’ll need to provide some basic personal information. It’s this simple information – like your name, address, and date of birth – that’ll differentiate your unique membership card. Rest assured, your data is safe with Veterans Advantage, they understand the importance of privacy!

After filling in your personal details, input your military service information. Clarifying when and where you served, what branch of the military you were in, or if you’re a military family member or veteran is vital. This is what qualifies you for the program, so don’t skip this step!

Finally, review everything and make your payment. Triple check your information for any possible errors. When you’re confident everything is correct, proceed to make your payment. Veterans Advantage accepts a range of payment methods, offering you flexibility and convenience.

After completing payment, you’re done! You’re now a member of the Veterans Advantage. You’ll receive your unique membership card in the mail, and you’re now eligible to start claiming those fantastic discounts and benefits.

So, what’s stopping you from signing up? With the Veterans Advantage, savings and benefits for heroes like you are just a click away. Enjoy the benefits that come with your service, it’s a way to say thank you for all you’ve done for your country.

JetBlue’s Military Discounts with Veterans Advantage

One of JetBlue’s key partnerships is with the Veterans Advantage program, making it a part of its corporate social responsibility. JetBlue offers exclusive discounts to the revered members of our military community. It’s their way of showing appreciation and respect to the veterans and active military personnel for risking their lives to protect us.

Discount rates vary but one thing’s for sure: significant savings await. For instance, you can snag a seat on a JetBlue flight for a fraction of the usual price. Thanks to the Veterans Advantage program, these exclusive perks are no longer out of reach.

This doesn’t end with just flight discounts. More benefits follow when you fly with JetBlue. This includes early boarding, no change or cancellation fees, and free checked baggage. The objective is simple: to make flying with JetBlue a rewarding experience for every veteran and active military member.

As a Veterans Advantage affiliate, JetBlue adheres to a year-round commitment to our heroes. It’s not just about Veterans Day discounts or Memorial Day Specials; it’s constant gratitude for those who served.

To get these discounts, first, you need to be a part of the Veterans Advantage program. It isn’t rocket science. Visit the Veterans Advantage website and follow the steps to get started. It’s as easy as pie. You make the payment, wait for your unique membership card to arrive, and kick-start your journey towards untapped savings. Here’s to more value for your money while flying with comfort and class.

There’s no time like the present. If you’re eligible, why wait? Grab your Veterans Advantage membership and start saving on your JetBlue flights today. You deserve these discounts and benefits after all the contributions and sacrifices you’ve made. Remember, JetBlue does more than giving discounts; they provide you an enriching experience of flying. This is for you. Your deeds are valued.

Other Ways for Military Veterans to Save on JetBlue Flights

Aside from the Veterans Advantage program, JetBlue has more ways to honor the brave men and women who defend our country. These are additional ways for you to shave a few dollars off your next trip.

One of these additional ways is JetBlue’s Military Fare. This fare is available to active-duty Military personnel and their immediate families. These special fares are not available on JetBlue’s website. You’ll need to call 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) and provide your valid military identification to get these exclusive discounts.

Another way to save is through the TrueBlue program. In this fantastic program, you can earn points for every dollar spent on JetBlue flights and packages, as well as through purchases from JetBlue’s partner businesses. You can then redeem these points for future flights. Even better, these points never expire!

To make sure you never miss a JetBlue deal, Sign up for JetBlue’s newsletter and fare alerts. By doing this, you’ll always be among the first to know about new promotions, destinations, and discounts.

Also, don’t forget to check JetBlue’s deals section regularly. Here you can find the latest deals available for different destinations. This section is updated frequently so keep an eye out for the best prices.

Remember, though, to always carry your Military ID while traveling. You might be asked for it at any time to enjoy these benefits.

With JetBlue, it’s not just about saving money on flights; it’s also about making your journey as comfortable and rewarding as possible. Take advantage of these additional savings opportunities and make your JetBlue experience even more enjoyable.


JetBlue’s dedication to honoring military veterans and active-duty personnel shines through in its partnership with the Veterans Advantage program. This collaboration ensures you enjoy significant savings on flights and additional perks. Beyond this, JetBlue’s Military Fare and the TrueBlue program offer more ways to save, making your travel experience even more rewarding. Remember, your Military ID is your key to these benefits. JetBlue’s regular newsletter and fare alerts, along with their deals section, keep you updated on the latest promotions and discounts. The aim is simple: to make your flying experience as comfortable and rewarding as possible. So, take advantage of these savings opportunities and let JetBlue show you how much your service is appreciated.

What is the partnership between JetBlue and the Veterans Advantage program?

JetBlue has partnered with the Veterans Advantage program to offer exclusive discounts and benefits to military veterans and active-duty personnel. The program provides significant savings on flights, early boarding, zero change or cancellation fees, and free checked baggage.

What other programs does JetBlue offer to help military personnel save on flights?

Aside from the Veterans Advantage program, JetBlue provides further saving opportunities through its Military Fare and TrueBlue programs. With valid military identification, active-duty military personnel can access exclusive discounts. The TrueBlue program lets individuals earn points for every dollar spent on JetBlue services and purchases from partner businesses.

How can active-duty military personnel access JetBlue’s exclusive discounts?

Military personnel can access these discounts by calling a specific number provided by JetBlue and presenting their valid military identification, inclusive of immediate family members.

How does the TrueBlue program work?

The TrueBlue program allows members to earn points for every dollar spent on JetBlue flights and packages, as well as on purchases from partner businesses. These points can then be redeemed for future flights.

What other sources of information does JetBlue provide regarding promotions?

JetBlue maintains a newsletter and offers fare alerts to keep customers updated about new promotions, destinations, and discounts. Regularly checking JetBlue’s deals section is also recommended.

Why is the Military ID important for traveling military personnel?

Military ID is essential as it verifies their status and allows them to avail the benefits of the programs JetBlue offers exclusively to military veterans and active-duty members. It is advised that military personnel carry their Military ID while traveling.

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