JetStar Seat Selection Policy | Can you pick seats on JetStar?

Ever wondered about JetStar’s seat selection policy? You’re not alone. Many travelers are curious if they can pick their own seats on JetStar flights. Well, you’re in luck! This article is going to investigate into the ins and outs of JetStar’s seat selection policy.

JetStar, known for its budget-friendly fares, also offers a variety of seating options. But how exactly does it work? Can you really choose your own seat? Let’s jump into the specifics and clear up any confusion. So buckle up and get ready for a journey into the world of JetStar’s seating policy.

Understanding JetStar’s Seat Selection Policy

Whether you’re a first-time flyer with JetStar or a seasoned passenger who frequents this airline, it’s important to grasp the specifics of JetStar’s seat selection policy. So, let’s break it down.

First up, yes, you can indeed select your own seat with JetStar. The airline provides the liberty to choose your own seat while booking your flight. It means you’re not entirely at the mercy of the airline’s seat assignment algorithm.

But, guess what? There’s a catch. JetStar describes this service as an ‘optional extra’ which means it isn’t included in the basic ticket price.

Is it worth paying extra? Depending on your preferences, the answer varies. JetStar provides three categories for seat selection:

  • Standard Seats
  • Up Front Seats
  • Extra Legroom Seats

Standard Seats are the regular seating options – nothing fancy. Up Front Seats refer to rows 2 to 5 on domestic flights, providing faster disembarking upon arrival. Grabbing one of these can save you time indeed.

Heading to the grand Extra Legroom Seats? Now we’re talking comfort. As the name suggests, these seats offer extra space. They can be found in the exit rows and the first row of the cabin on most flights. The comfort and relaxation these provide can be worth the additional expense, especially for long flights.

For the cost-conscious, you’ll be glad to know that prices for seat selection vary, letting you have some control over how much you’re willing to splurge on comfort. Given below is a markdown table highlighting the price range for each seat category.

Seat Category Price Range ($)
Standard Seats 3-9
Up Front Seats 4-15
Extra Legroom Seats 7-35

JetStar’s seat selection policy is undoubtedly multi-faceted. Depending on your needs and budget, you’ll find a solution that works for you. After all, who doesn’t love options when it comes to comfort while flying?

Different Seating Options Available on JetStar Flights

Navigating the JetStar seating chart might seem overwhelming at first glance. But don’t worry. Let’s break it down for you. Here’s a closer look at the three categories of seat selection you’ll find on JetStar flights.

Standard Seats

This is your basic option where you can select any remaining seat on the plane outside of the Up Front and Extra Legroom areas. Remember these aren’t included in your basic ticket price; they’re optional extras. If you’re not fussed about where you sit, you might skip this step to save bucks.

Up Front Seats

Want close proximity to exit doors and shorter waits? Consider the Up Front Seats. You’ll enjoy the convenience of disembarking the plane faster once you’ve landed. You pay a little extra for this privilege and prices will vary.

Extra Legroom Seats

Craving space to stretch out? Opt for the Extra Legroom Seats. As the name implies, these seats offer you more space, comfort, and freedom. Especially valuable on longer flights, these seats are priced higher because of the added comfort.

Remember, JetStar’s seat selection policy provides options to meet diverse needs and budgets. Choose based on what value you seek from your flight experience.

Seat type Benefits Cost
Standard Seats Choose your spot Optional extra
Up Front Seats Faster exit, shorter waits Varying prices
Extra Legroom Seats More space and comfort Higher price

So, the next time you’re booking a JetStar flight, keep in mind these seat selection options. How you want to fly is totally up to you.

Can You Really Choose Your Own Seat on JetStar?

Possibly you’ve found yourself asking “Can I really pick my own seat on JetStar?”. The short answer is yes! JetStar provides this value-added service although it’s not part of the regular ticket price. So if you have specific seating preferences, you’re in luck.

When making your booking, JetStar allows you to choose from Standard Seats, Up Front Seats, or Extra Legroom Seats. Each category of seats boasts of its unique advantages, tailored to satisfy varying passenger needs. Let’s investigate deeper into what each option entails.

Opting for Standard Seats allows you to choose a specific seat at an additional cost. It’s all about guaranteeing your personal comfort. Perhaps you prefer a window view or enjoy aisle seats. This option lets you reserve exactly what you want.

Next, we have the Up Front Seats. If you’re the type who wants to get off the plane as soon as possible, this option is for you. With Up Front Seats, your wait time is significantly reduced as you’ll be seated in the front rows of the aircraft.

Then there are the Extra Legroom Seats. Perfect for those who crave a bit more space during their journey. Notably, these seats come with the added benefit of a little more room to stretch out and relax.

If you’re concerned about cost, remember that the prices for seat selection will vary. JetStar’s seat selection policy is designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate passengers based on their needs and budget.

Undoubtedly, JetStar affords customers greater freedom when it comes to seat choice. So, during your next flight booking with JetStar, considering these options might just make your journey a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

How Does the Seat Selection Process Work?

When you book a flight with JetStar, the seat selection process is a simple and straightforward one. What you need to keep in mind is that your ticket purchase does not automatically come with allocated seating. If you’d like the luxury of choosing your preferred spot, it’s considered an ‘optional extra’.

Booking your seat is a piece of cake. When you’re finalizing your reservation online, the JetStar website will present you with an interactive seating chart of the plane. From there, you have the freedom to choose any available seat, provided you’re willing to pay the additional fee. This system allows you the flexibility to decide whether you want effects like extra legroom or a faster exit.

For those who like to sit up the front, ‘Up Front Seats’ might be a suitable choice. While these seats are an additional cost, they’re dependent on the length of the flight.

Alternatively, if you’ve got long legs or just enjoy stretching out, ‘Extra Legroom Seats’ come at a premium. They offer you a more comfortable flight experience by providing you with…you’ve guessed it…extra legroom!

Last but not least are the ‘Standard Seats’. This tier allows you to reserve any unselected seat as per your preference. Breaking it down, this means you can bag that aisle seat you’ve been eyeing or escape from the noise by selecting a spot away from the wings.

In brief, Jetstar allows you the opportunity to customize your travel experience. But, it’s worth noting that this is not a mandatory aspect of flight booking. You can very well decide to skip seat selection and trust the auto-allocation process. But with the flexibility of choices and the range of prices, taking charge of where you’re seated is a great way to ensure you have a hassle-free, relaxed flight journey. Take a look at the options and decide what works best for your needs and budget.

Clearing Up Any Confusion: Explanations and FAQs

Unpack the facts and banish any doubts you might have about JetStar’s seat selection policy. Here we’ll answer some of the most frequent questions posed about seat selection within JetStar’s purview.

Am I obligated to select a seat?
While seat selection provides a chance to personalize your flight, you’re not mandated to pick a seat. Seat selection is a supplemental service JetStar offers and isn’t included in the traditional ticket price. For those who forgo seat selection, JetStar will automatically assign a seat for you during the check-in process.

How does Up Front seat differ from Standard and Extra Legroom seat?
JetStar offers three distinct seat selection options each with its unique benefits tailor-made for varied passenger needs and budgets.

  • Standard Seats allow you to chose any non-occupied seat. They provide an opportunity to secure your favorite spot but at a marginal extra cost.
  • Up Front Seats expedites your access to exiting the aircraft by positioning you in the forward-most rows.
  • Extra Legroom Seats geared towards those longing for more space. They offer ample legroom, rendering your journey more relaxed and snug.

Regardless of the category, your choice can be made during the online booking process through the interactive seating chart.

What if I elect not to choose a seat during booking? Can I do it later?
Certainly! You’re not compelled to select a seat at the time of booking. You can revisit JetStar’s website up to a few hours before departure to customize your seat choice if you want. Let it be said, the earlier you select, the better your choices, as seats are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

And there you have it. This should have cleared up some of the confusion around JetStar’s seat selection policy. Don’t hesitate to read more in the next sections or visit JetStar’s official website for further clarification.


So, there you have it. JetStar’s seat selection policy offers you the flexibility to customize your travel experience. Whether you’re looking for a Standard Seat, an Up Front Seat, or an Extra Legroom Seat, you’ve got options. Remember, this service isn’t part of the basic ticket price. It’s an optional extra that comes at an additional cost. The choice is yours. You can select your seat while booking online using the interactive seating chart. It’s simple and straightforward. But if you prefer, you can opt to choose your seat later. JetStar’s policy is all about giving you control over your journey, accommodating your needs, and fitting within your budget. It’s your flight, your way.

What is JetStar’s seat selection policy?

JetStar allows passengers to select their seats while booking, but this service is an extra, not included in the basic ticket price. They offer Standard Seats, Up Front Seats, and Extra Legroom Seats, each with distinct benefits.

How can I select a seat on JetStar?

During the booking process online, passengers can choose their preferred seat from an interactive seating chart. This service comes at an additional cost, which varies depending on the type of seat selected.

Is seat selection mandatory?

No. Booking a specific seat is optional but provides an opportunity for passengers to customize their travel experience according to their requirements and budget.

What are the benefits of each seat category?

Standard Seats allow specific seat selection at an added cost. Up Front Seats, situated in the front rows of the aircraft, offer reduced wait times, and Extra Legroom Seats provide additional space for increased comfort.

Can I select a seat later?

Yes. Even if a seat isn’t decided at the time of booking, one can select a seat later depending on the availability and the additional charges.

How much does seat selection cost?

The cost varies depending on the type of seat selected. Prices aren’t included in the basic ticket price and will be clearly displayed during the selection process.

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