Spirit Airlines COVID 19 Travel Requirements and Other Rules

Traveling in the era of COVID-19 is no small feat. It’s crucial to stay updated with the latest guidelines and rules. If you’re planning to fly with Spirit Airlines, there are certain travel requirements you need to know about.

Spirit Airlines has implemented a range of measures to ensure your safety. From mandatory face masks to increased sanitation, they’re doing their part to keep you safe. But what exactly are these rules? And how will they affect your travel plans?

Spirit Airlines COVID-19 Travel Requirements

Now that you’re familiar with the basics, you might be wondering ‘what are the specifics of Spirit Airlines travel requirements during COVID-19?’ We’ll take you through these regulations so you’re prepped and ready for your journey.

Spirit Airlines has made wearing face masks mandatory for all passengers as part of their COVID-19 prevention strategy. The airline requires face coverings to be worn from the time you enter the departure airport until you exit the destination airport. Whether you’re onboard the aircraft or in transit, keep your mask on.

There’s an exception, though. Masks may be removed briefly while eating or drinking. Spirit Airlines allows various types of face coverings—surgical masks, cloth masks, gaiters—but the mask must cover both your nose and mouth. If your mask doesn’t meet Spirit Airlines’ requirements, they may provide you with a suitable one.

One of the critical changes made by Spirit Airlines is their revised boarding process. Seats are filled from the back of the plane to the front to minimize close contact between passengers. So don’t be surprised to see your boarding group number has changed!

Another crucial point to note is that Spirit Airlines no longer provide in-flight meals or drinks to prevent spread. You’ll need to pack your snacks and drinks, but remember, they must follow TSA’s liquid rules.

Concerned about in-flight restrooms? Fear not! The restrooms on Spirit Airlines are cleaned and sanitized after each use, so you’ll find them squeaky clean.

Feel at ease knowing you’re in good hands, with the airline implementing increased sanitation measures regularly. On your end, it’s essential to follow these rules and regulations diligently, ensuring the safety of yourself and fellow travelers. With everyone working together to keep it safe, flying with Spirit Airlines during COVID-19 times can still be a smooth journey.

Mandatory Face Masks on Spirit Airlines

Air travel demands adaptation to new rules, especially when safety becomes paramount because of a global pandemic. One such rule on Spirit Airlines is the mandatory wearing of face masks. Implemented to vanquish unnecessary health risks, it’s crucial that you understand and adhere to this requirement to experience smooth, hassle-free flying.

Mask requirements on this airline are pretty straightforward. But understanding why they’re important can help you appreciate their inclusion in the routine. The use of a face mask forms one of the most effective barriers against COVID-19. By wearing yours, you’re not only protecting yourself but also safeguarding the health and safety of your fellow passengers and airline staff.

Just as vital it is to know when to don the face mask, you must also be privy to the rare exceptions. Eating or drinking are the only circumstances under which you’d be allowed to momentarily lower your mask. But, as soon as you’re done, make sure to promptly pull it back up. Spirit Airlines insists on these rules to make your flying experience safer during the pandemic.

The type of mask you use is equally important. Any standard cloth or disposable mask does the trick. But, remember that vented masks, bandanas, makeshift masks, or face coverings that do not adequately cover your nose and mouth are not permissible. Make sure yours fits snugly, as improper usage counteracts the purpose of the mask.

Finally, Spirit Airlines caters to a clientele that spans across age groups. Hence, they’ve tailored their policies to address that diversity. For toddlers under 2 years of age, wearing a mask is optional. Older counterparts must adhere to the mandatory face mask rule except in cases of medical exemptions.

Age Group Mask Requirement
Under 2 years Not Mandatory
Above 2 years Mandatory (except for medical exemptions)

Remaining informed and following these guidelines will help you safely navigate the skies during these challenging times. The mask mandate is not exclusive to Spirit Airlines; it’s a universal safeguard to ensure collective safety on your journey.

Enhanced Sanitation Measures

In view of COVID-19, Spirit Airlines has raised the bar when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. They’ve instituted an enhanced sanitation routine to keep their cabins as germ-free as possible. You’d be relieved to know that your health and safety is their top priority.

Spirit follows a rigorous cleaning process after every flight. Their crew utilises hospital-grade disinfectants, paying extra attention to high touch areas such as seats, tray tables, and lavatories. Plus to this daily routine, the airline has a scheduled deep-cleaning process every seven days for a thorough disinfection of the entire cabin.

But the airline’s efforts don’t stop there. They’ve introduced a key player in their fight against any potential virus spread: fogging. This technique uses an electrostatic sprayer which sprays a mist of disinfectant throughout the cabin. It’s a potent way to deal with hard-to-reach areas and it ensures maximum coverage.

To limit contact, the inflight services have also been modulated. In-flight meals and drinks are off the table for now. This is a small trade-off for an added layer of protection from COVID-19. But, you may still consume your own food and drinks, provided you follow the mask guidelines while doing so.

Spirit Airlines has also bolstered the air filtration system in their planes. They’ve fitted every aircraft with state-of-the-art High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. These filters can capture around 99.97% of tiny particles, including microbes, ensuring every breath you take onboard is wholesome.

It’s a tall order keeping flights spotless while providing a seamless flying experience. Spirit Airlines is pulling all stops to safeguard passengers while they travel, even amid a pandemic. Remember, adherence to these rules not only protects you but also your fellow passengers. So when you pick Spirit, think of the collective safety. You’re part of a conscious effort to travel safe.

Social Distancing Policies on Spirit Airlines

Staying safe isn’t only about cleanliness. A crucial component to limiting the spread of COVID-19 is social distancing. Spirit Airlines has made specific changes to ensure that passengers can maintain safe distances from each other during their journey.

To start with, boarding processes have been revamped. You’re now boarded back-to-front, in a way that minimizes contact between passengers. Rather than congregating in wait for your zone to be called, you’re encouraged to remain seated until your row’s number is announced. This new approach reduces unnecessary movement inside the aircraft, effectively helps maintain social distancing protocols.

Once onboard, Spirit Airlines’ aircraft seating displays another layer of safety. While Spirit Airlines does not block middle seats specifically, they have adjusted the booking system to ensure that parties traveling together are seated together. This trick reduces the likelihood of sitting next to an unknown traveler. But, it’s important to remember that full flights could still result in a stranger occupying the seat next to you, as air travel does not allow for six feet of separation. Hence, wearing a face mask throughout the journey remains a requirement.

Spirit Airlines has also suspended the onboard grouping. This policy limits the in-flight service to minimize physical interaction between the crew and passengers. Services like buying snacks or beverages during the flight, or browsing the duty-free may not be available. This step further ensures that travelers maintain a safe distance throughout the journey.

The airline further encourages contactless check-in and boarding, and use of the Spirit Airlines mobile app for all updates. They’ve also made several changes at the airport itself. From floor markers reminding you to keep a safe 6-foot distance at check-in lines, to closed or modified seating arrangements at the gates, Spirit Airlines is striving to keep its customers safe, every step of the way.

Booking and Check-In Process for Spirit Airlines

As you journey through the booking process with Spirit Airlines during these pandemic times, you’ll notice a few changes. Emphasizing your safety, the airline champions a redesigned contactless check-in process.

When you’re ready to book a flight with Spirit Airlines, remember the process has been streamlined and simplified to limit your points of contact. Ideally, booking should be done online via the airline’s official website or the Spirit Airlines mobile app. You will find instructions to guide you through prioritizing seating options and indicating your meal preferences, all adhering to social distancing rules.

After you’ve successfully booked your flight, you might wonder about the check-in. Remember, Spirit Airlines encourages passengers to check-in before arrival at the airport, further ensuring minimal contact. Digital boarding passes can be downloaded and displayed on your own personal device, so eliminating the need for physical ticket handling. Also, Spirit Airlines provides an online portal and mobile app, making your check-in and boarding pass access simple and instantaneous.

Spirit Airlines has also made significant adjustments to the check-in kiosks at airports. They’ve introduced self-service options, ergo allowing you to process your check-in independently. These kiosks are rigorously cleaned and sanitized after each use, adding another layer to your safety toolkit.

This updated process is a testament to Spirit Airlines’ dedication to your safety and wellbeing. It’s essential to remember and adhere to these guidelines to ensure a smooth and secure journey. Navigating through these processes might be different, but it’s geared towards minimizing risk and maximizing safety during your travel with Spirit Airlines.


Navigating air travel during a pandemic can be daunting but Spirit Airlines has taken significant steps to keep you safe. They’ve implemented rigorous sanitation measures, including the use of hospital-grade disinfectants and fogging techniques. You’ll find comfort in knowing that they’ve upgraded their air filtration systems with HEPA filters. Face masks are a must, except when you’re eating or drinking. The airline has also revamped its boarding process and eliminated in-flight meals to minimize contact. The check-in process is now more contactless than ever, with a focus on online booking and self-service kiosks at airports. So, when you choose to fly with Spirit Airlines, you’re choosing a carrier that puts your safety first in these challenging times. Follow their guidelines for a smooth, worry-free journey.

What safety measures has Spirit Airlines implemented due to COVID-19?

Spirit Airlines has implemented a variety of safety measures. They have made the wearing of face masks mandatory for the duration of the journey, except when eating or drinking. The airline has increased sanitation, including rigorous cleaning and the use of hospital-grade disinfectants. They have also introduced fogging, a technique to sanitize hard-to-reach areas, and improved air filtration with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters.

Has the boarding process changed at Spirit Airlines because of COVID-19?

Yes, Spirit Airlines has revised the boarding process in light of COVID-19. The article does not provide specific details about the changes but implies these modifications are aimed at ensuring passenger safety.

Is Spirit Airlines providing in-flight meals and drinks during the COVID-19 period?

The article mentions that Spirit Airlines has stopped in-flight meals and drinks as a part of their safety measures during COVID-19.

What is Spirit Airlines’ policy on social distancing?

Spirit Airlines has implemented social distancing policies that include changes to booking and check-in processes to minimize contact. They also encourage passengers to book online and check-in before arrival, and have introduced self-service check-in kiosks at airports.

How is Spirit Airlines ensuring the cleanliness of the self-service check-in kiosks?

The self-service check-in kiosks at airports are rigorously cleaned and sanitized after each use to ensure cleanliness.

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