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Looking to fly with Spirit Airlines? You’ve made a great choice! With its ultra-low-cost model, Spirit Airlines offers some of the most competitive fares in the industry. But, how do you go about making a reservation? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this text, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to book your flight with Spirit Airlines. We’ll also share the direct phone number for Spirit Airlines reservations, so you can call and speak with a representative if you need any assistance. Stay tuned to make your booking process as smooth as possible.

Benefits of Flying with Spirit Airlines

As you consider your travel options, you’ve got the opportunity to reap some unique benefits when you choose Spirit Airlines for your journey.

Competitive Fares

An aspect of Spirit Airlines that often grabs the most attention is its unbeatable fares. The airline operates under the motto, Less Money, More Go and distinguishes itself with its low-cost tickets. It’s their Ultra Low Cost Carrier (ULCC) model that makes these competitive prices possible.

The Big Front Seat

Spirit Airlines offers a premium seating option known as the Big Front Seat. Unlike traditional economy seats, The Big Front Seats provide extra legroom and width, enhancing your in-flight comfort significantly. You can relax and enjoy your flight in a spacious, comfortable environment without very costly.

Free Spirit Loyalty Program

Another great perk is Spirit’s loyalty program, Free Spirit. By booking flights with Spirit Airlines and taking advantage of the Free Spirit credit card, you’ll earn points that you can redeem for future flights or purchases onboard.

The table below breaks down the point allocation:

Activity Points Earned
Every $1 spent on flights 6 points
Every $1 spent on onboard purchases 12 points
Every $1 spent using Free Spirit Credit Card 8 points

Remember, while points can be redeemed for flights and purchases, they also help you move up the loyalty tiers. Higher tiers come with even more benefits.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Reservation with Spirit Airlines

When you’re ready to tap into the competitive fares offered by Spirit Airlines, start with a plan. Understanding the reservation process can help you snag the best deals and ensure you’re ready for your adventure. So let’s get your journey underway and guide you through the process.

First off, visit the Spirit Airlines Official Website. It’s your one-stop destination where you can check flight schedules, availability, and let’s not forget, those unbeatable fares. Once you’re on their homepage, locate the booking area. It’s generally at the center of the page, where you’ll find options to book for ‘Round Trip,’ ‘One-Way,’ or ‘Multi-City’ journeys.

You’ll need to fill in the fields with your departure and arrival destinations, and the dates you’re looking to travel. The system will also ask how many people are flying – don’t forget to include all travelers for accurate pricing. Once you’ve done this, hit the ‘Search Flights’ button.

Once you’ve made your flight selection, Spirit’s reservation system will provide you with a list of options. It’s important to review all flight details thoroughly before proceeding to the next step: seat selection. Here, you have the chance to opt for Spirit’s Big Front Seat premium seating if you want a little extra comfort during your flight.

Your next step? Baggage. Keep in mind, Spirit Airlines stands strong by its Bare Fare policy, this means you pay only for the options you select, including bags. You’ll need to declare any check-in and carry-on baggage.

Before your transaction is finalized, you’ll be prompted to enter your Free Spirit loyalty program details, if a member. Remember, the more you fly, the more you’ll earn, so don’t forget to put those digits in and rack up those points!

If online booking isn’t your cup of tea or you seek further assistance, be sure to call Spirit Airlines directly at their reservation number. Their customer service team is always ready to help make your booking and travel experience as smooth as possible. In the competitive world of air travel, Spirit is there to guide you every step of the way.

How to Call Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number

Should the need arise to call Spirit Airlines directly, you may be wondering how to reach out. Knowing how to communicate with your airline efficiently can save you valuable time. The process to call Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number is straightforward.

To begin with, all you need is your booking reference number and/or your Free Spirit membership details – in case you’re a member – during the call. Armed with these details, you’re set to dial the Spirit Airlines reservation phone number.

Proceed by making the call to Spirit Airlines on their customer service hotline. The number is easy to find; it’s right on the airlines’ official website. Do note that customer service hours vary, but you can find this information as well on their site.

Upon making the call, you’ll be greeted by an automated voice system. Listen carefully to the prompts that will guide you through different options. Choose the option that corresponds with flight reservations.

Once you’ve selected the flight reservation option, input the necessary details when prompted. If you’re looking to make a new reservation, have your ideal flight details ready. In case you are wishing to modify an existing reservation, have the details of the current booking at your fingertips.

You’ll likely be on hold for a short time while the representative processes your request. You may even want to take this time to decide if you’d like to opt for add-ons like in-flight meals or extra legroom.

Calling Spirit Airlines for a reservation is a simple, hassle-free process. And remember, whether you’re making a new reservation or modifying an existing one, having your details handy always makes the process smoother. Efficiencies in these processes can give you more time to plan and enjoy your travel. After all, every minute in your journey counts.

Speaking with a Representative: What to Expect

When you call Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number, you’ll encounter an automated voice system initially. It is designed to guide you efficiently through the process. You’ll hear a select series of options related to reservations, flight status, and other inquiries. Stay on the line and listen carefully. You’ll choose an option that suits your needs best. This might be making a new reservation, modifying an existing one, or seeking answers to specific questions.

Remember to stay patient and calmly navigate through these options. The automated system is there to help. Understandably, you may prefer human interaction over automated systems when dealing with your travel arrangements. Fortunately, you have an option to be transferred to a live representative.

Real people await at the end of the line. The representatives at Spirit Airlines are trained professionals who are well-equipped and eager to solve your queries. You can discuss modifications in your reservations, ask about flight availability, and even seek advice on travel plans.

Review your plan gently with them, explaining specifically what you need. Help them help you. It’s crucial because the representative can only provide solutions based on the information you give them.

Recognize that these representatives are there to offer support. With a booking reference number or your Free Spirit membership details handy, they’re often able to pull up your information quickly. Providing them with accurate details can streamline the conversation and make the process much easier.

Make note, waiting times can sometimes be a part of this process. It all depends on the call volume that the Spirit Airlines team is handling at that time. Always keep that in mind and be patient. After all, they aim to provide you with the best service possible.

Tips for a Smooth Booking Process

Following a few simple guidelines can make your Spirit Airlines booking process smoother and more seamless. These tips also enhance your check-in experience, eventually making your trip as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Make sure to review and confirm every detail of your reservation before finalizing the booking.

  • Be it the spelling of your name,
  • Your date of birth,
  • Your contact details or
  • Your travel itinerary

Cross-checking these elements early- on will save you time later and help avoid any potential mishaps.

Know when to book your flight for the best deals and options. For instance, midweek flights often offer better rates than weekend ones. Early morning or late-night flights might also provide you with more competitive prices. Exercise flexibility with your schedules as it can lead to significant savings.

Ensure to log in to your Free Spirit account during the booking process. This allows you to earn points from your reservations. It’s worth noting that members of the airline’s loyalty program often receive priority seating and other exclusive benefits.

If you have questions or issues concerning your reservation, don’t hesitate to contact Spirit Airlines. The customer service representatives are more than happy to assist you through the Reservations Phone Number.

Consider downloading the Spirit Airlines app for easy access to your flight details, seat assignments, and boarding passes. You’ll also receive notifications for any changes in your flights.

While these tips may sound basic, they’re vital in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free booking process with Spirit Airlines.

In our next section, we’ll dive further into the benefits of the Free Spirit Loyalty program. Unleash the potential of maximizing benefits by strategically using your membership. It’s about more than just points – it’s about turning each flight into an even more rewarding experience.


Booking your flight with Spirit Airlines is now a breeze. You’ve learned how to navigate their official website, select your seat, declare your baggage and even how to earn points with the Free Spirit loyalty program. You’re also equipped with the knowledge of when to book for the best deals and how to use the Spirit Airlines app for easy access to your flight details. If you need assistance, you now know how to call the Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number. Remember, preparation is key, so keep your booking reference or Free Spirit membership details handy. With these tips, you’re all set for a smooth and hassle-free booking experience. So go ahead, plan your trip and fly with Spirit Airlines.

1. How to begin the reservation process with Spirit Airlines?

You can start by planning your trip and visiting the Spirit Airlines Official Website. Here, you can check flight schedules and availability.

2. What is important to do before selecting a seat and declaring baggage?

It’s advised to thoroughly review your flight details to ensure accuracy before proceeding to seat selection and declaring luggage.

3. How can I earn points with Spirit Airlines?

You have the option to enter your Free Spirit loyalty program details while making a reservation. This allows you to accrue points towards future flights.

4. How do I call Spirit Airlines for assistance?

For any assistance, call the Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number. You’ll navigate an automated voice system until you reach the flight reservation option.

5. What should I prepare before calling Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number?

Have your booking reference number or Free Spirit membership details ready. This is important for making a new reservation or modifying an existing one.

6. What are some tips for a smooth reservation process?

For a hassle-free booking, review and confirm your reservation details, know the best booking deals times, log into the Free Spirit account for gaining points and priority seating, and download the Spirit Airlines app for easy access to flight details.

7. How can I access my flight details easily?

Consider downloading the Spirit Airlines app. This offers easy access to your flight details at your fingertips.

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