Spirit Airlines Seat Assignment: How to Choose Seat on Spirit

Ever thought about flying with Spirit Airlines but worried about seat assignments? You’re not alone. Understanding how to choose a seat on Spirit can seem a bit confusing, but it’s actually quite simple.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of Spirit Airlines seat assignment. We’ll show you how to secure your preferred spot, whether you’re after extra legroom or a window view.

So, if you’re ready to take the hassle out of your next Spirit Airlines booking, keep reading. We’ve got the insider tips and tricks you need to make your next flight as comfortable as possible.

Why Choosing the Right Seat on Spirit Airlines Matters

Choosing the ideal seat on Spirit Airlines can make a significant difference to your in-flight comfort. Seat selection can influence your travel experience more than you might expect.

Firstly, consider the legroom. Spirit Airlines is a low-cost carrier and, like many of its ilk, its legroom might not be as spacious as some of the premium airlines. If you’re a tall traveler or value personal space, that extra room can be a key factor in your comfort. Spirit Airlines provides an option for “Big Front Seats” which gives you more legroom. So, it’s really worth considering your seating options before finalizing your booking.

Secondly, do you prefer a window view or an easy way out to the aisle? Each seat type has its own pros and cons. Window seats offer great views and a wall to lean against for a quick nap. On the other hand, aisle seats provide easy access for stretching your legs or making frequent trips to the bathroom without disturbing others.

You might be wondering about the middle seat. Often overlooked, the middle seat can offer its own advantages. For instance, if you’re travelling with two companions, a middle seat guarantees you’ll always be close to your party.

Flight duration is another point to ponder. On a short flight, you might not care as much about your seat location. But, for longer flights, carefully selecting your seat can considerably improve your flight experience.

Surprisingly, seat selection might even affect your health. This is especially true during flu season or amid a pandemic. Certain studies suggest window seats may limit exposure to potentially sick passengers, given they are less exposed to folks passing by.

Finally, the cost factor. Better seats often come with a cost on Spirit Airlines. So, evaluate whether the comfort provided by the preferred seat matches the price tag.

Remember, your seat is your home for the next few hours on the plane. Make sure to invest some time thoughtfully considering your options.

Understanding the Seat Selection Process on Spirit Airlines

Choosing a seat on Spirit Airlines isn’t totally unlike picking out a new car. You’ve got to think about comfort, cost, and safety. The process can seem a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry. You’re not alone, and this guide is here to help.

Spirit Airlines operates on a pay-for-what-you-use model. It means that besides the ticket, everything else comes with an extra charge. Yes, that’s right – including the seat selection. But by being an early bird, you can save some cash. Picking your preferred seat right after booking the flight often comes out cheaper than choosing it at the check-in counter.

Before selecting a seat, it’s necessary to understand the seating layout. The standard configuration for most Spirit Airlines planes is a 3-3 setup. This setup comprises three seats on each side of the central aisle. Unless you’re flying on an A320 with Mint configuration, you’ll mostly come across this layout.

Without a doubt, the priciest seats in the house are the Big Front Seats. Marked with bold colors on the seat map, these spacious seats forgo the traditional knee-crushing legroom found in standard economy seating. Hence, if comfort is your motivator and you’re willing to pay up, aim for these!

If your plans are price-sensitive and you’re after the most economical solution, aim for Spirit’s standard seats. Specifically, those in the back of the plane. It’s noteworthy that backseats aren’t always comfortable, but they’re definitely lighter on the wallet.

Been thinking about that cool, window view or are you more of an aisle person? Your considerations might extend to the window versus aisle seat debate.

If you’re frequenting the bathroom or want easier cabin movement, an aisle seat should be on your radar. But, if you prefer undisturbed journeys with spectacular views, window seats should be your go-to.

In the end, it’s all about your preferences and needs. Just remember that wise seat selection can greatly enhance your flying experience. It can even impact your health, particularly during flu season or a pandemic. Make the most of it – act according to your priorities and be ready to invest time in understanding the seat selection process on Spirit Airlines.

Tips for Securing Your Preferred Seat on Spirit Airlines

Securing your preferred seat on Spirit Airlines doesn’t have to be a challenging task. All it requires is some thorough planning, attentiveness to details, and understanding of the seat selection process. Here are some tips that can help you secure your desired spot on your Spirit Airlines flight.

Start by checking the seating layout of your specific flight in advance. Spirit Airlines operates a pay-for-what-you-use model. So, understanding the layout will help you know what you’re paying for. You’ll see the aircraft type, arrangement of seats, and availability on the Spirit Airlines Seat Map.

Second, make sure to book your seat as early as possible. Seats tend to fill up fast, and leaving it till the last minute could result in you not getting your preferred seat. On Spirit Airlines, seat selection prices aren’t fixed but rise with demand. Hence, early seat booking can save you some money.

Next, be clear about your seating preference. Do you prefer more legroom, or a window view is a must-have for you? Do you need aisle access regularly, or is the middle seat with no elbow fights more to your liking? Your personal preferences and needs significantly influence your seat choice. Make sure to consider these factors when booking your seat.

In case you prioritize comfort over cost, you could go for the Big Front Seats, which offer plenty of legroom and wider seats. But, these seats are pricey compared to standard economy ones.

Finally, and most importantly, remember that choosing a seat is not just about comfort or cost. It could also impact your health, especially during the flu season or in a pandemic. Try choosing a window seat to minimize contact with others passing by, thereby reducing the chances of catching any infections.

Armed with these tips, you’re now in a great position to make a well-well-informed choice about your seat on Spirit Airlines.

Exploring Extra Legroom and Other Seat Options on Spirit Airlines

When booking your Spirit Airlines flight, you’ll notice additional seat options that may appeal your comfort needs more effectively. One of the popular ones is the Extra Legroom Seats. This seating category can be your preferred choice if you’re someone who values comfort, especially on long-distance flights.

The Extra Legroom Seats offer you more space to stretch out during your flight. You’re removing any potential cramping or discomfort that sometimes arises in standard seating spaces. For those of you on the taller side, or if you simply crave a bit more personal space, this could be an attractive option.

Spirit Airlines also offers Big Front Seats. This is a nod to first-class seating on other airlines, but at a much more affordable rate. With more overall space, soft and wide seats, your flight experience can become a lot more enjoyable. This option is worth considering if you’re all about luxury and legroom within a budget.

Seat Option Description
Extra Legroom Seats Spacious seats allowing passengers extra room to stretch
Big Front Seats A luxurious and comfortable seating experience at an affordable rate

Let’s not forget the standard seating option as well. While it might not offer the same level of comfort as the above-mentioned options, it’s still a viable choice for passengers looking for budget-friendly fares.

Considering the grade of your comfort and your budget for travel, Spirit Airlines provides you with multiple seat options. That way, you’re guaranteed to find something that fits you just right, ensuring your flight is as smooth as possible. The key here is to start early, review all your options and make an well-informed choice.

Window, Aisle, or Middle: Choosing the Best Seat on Spirit Airlines

So you’re ready to pick your seat on Spirit Airlines. The big question now is: Window, aisle, or middle? Let’s explore each of these options to help you make the best decision based on your needs and preferences.

Flying might be an exhilarating experience if you’re fascinated by soaring through the clouds with a bird’s-eye view. Hence, a window seat could be your prime choice. Besides providing magnificent views, it’ll also give you something solid to lean against for a nap. But bear in mind, there are some potential drawbacks. Access to restrooms or the airplane aisle will mean disturbing your seatmates.

But, if freedom of movement is on top of your list, the aisle seat is a strong contender. An aisle seat offers easy ingress and egress without bothering your neighbors, plus quick access to the lavatory — an advantage worthy of consideration, especially on long flights. But remember, you’ll often have to rise for your window or middle seat partners.

The middle seat might seem like a compromise: No view, no easy exits. Yet not all middle seats are created equal. For instance, if you’re lucky enough to land a middle spot in the Big Front Seats row, you’ll still enjoy plenty of space and comfort, making the flight much more tolerable.

When looking at your options on Spirit Airlines, think about the flight length, your comfort needs, and personal preferences. Don’t overlook factors like the time of departure and arrival. Night flights might call for a window seat for a peaceful sleep. Morning flights might be better with an aisle seat for easy bathroom access after your morning coffee.

After understanding these insights, you’re well on your way to making a sound decision about your seat selection. Just remember to choose what works best for you. Your flight is sure to be a more pleasant experience when you book the seat that best fits your unique in-flight needs. Overall, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing a seat on Spirit Airlines. It’s all about your individual preferences and needs.


So you’ve got the scoop on how to choose your seat on Spirit Airlines. Remember, it’s all about planning ahead and understanding your needs. Whether you’re after extra legroom, a window view, or easy aisle access, there’s a seat for you. Don’t forget to consider health factors too, especially in flu season or during a pandemic. The Big Front Seats and Extra Legroom Seats offer more comfort, but at a higher cost. Eventually, your choice should align with your comfort and budget. So start early, review all your options, and make an informed choice. With these tips, you’re set to secure your ideal seat on your next Spirit Airlines flight. Happy flying!

How can I secure my preferred seat on Spirit Airlines?

Plan well and understand the seat selection process of Spirit Airlines. It’s best to book your seat early to ensure availability and potentially save costs. Analyze the seating layout in advance and factor in your personal needs and preferences.

Is it worth to book the Big Front Seats on Spirit Airlines?

The Big Front Seats offer additional comfort but come at a higher cost. If comfort is more important than budget to you, it may be a good choice. Consider your personal travel needs and preferences before making a decision.

How can seat selection impact health?

Especially during flu season or a pandemic, seat selection can impact health. Choosing a window seat can help minimize contact with others and possibly reduce the risk of illness.

What are the other seat options on Spirit Airlines?

Apart from standard seats, Spirit Airlines also offers Extra Legroom Seats and Big Front Seats. These options offer increased comfort and space at an affordable rate.

What are the pros and cons of window, aisle, and middle seats?

Window seats offer great views but restrict movement. Aisle seats allow for easy movement but offer less privacy. Middle seats generally provide a balance between these two, but don’t have any major benefits.

What’s the final advice on seat selection on Spirit Airlines?

Start early, review all options, and make an informed choice based on comfort and your budget. Being proactive in seat selection can help ensure a more enjoyable flying experience.

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