Spirit Airlines Vs Frontier Airlines- Which One Is the Best?

When it comes to affordable flying, you’ve probably considered both Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines. These two giants in the budget airline industry are known for their low fares, but which one really gives you the best bang for your buck?

You might be wondering about the differences in services, comfort, reliability, and overall travel experience. In this comparison, we’ll dive deep into the nitty-gritty of both airlines, from baggage fees to seat comfort. So, buckle up and get ready to find out which airline takes the crown in the budget travel arena.

Baggage Fees

When deciding between Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines, it’s essential to factor in the baggage fees. While both airlines attract customers with their low base fares, the costs can quickly add up once you start adding luggage.

Spirit Airlines implements a dynamic pricing strategy for their baggage fees. The cost of your luggage depends on the time of purchase, with fees increasing the closer you get to departure. You’ll find the cheapest rates if you purchase your allowance during booking, with rates starting from $26 for the first checked bag. Carry-on bags can sometimes cost more, with prices starting at $35.

Here’s a brief summary of Spirit Airlines’ baggage fees depending on the purchase time:

Purchase Time First Checked Bag Carry-On Bag
During Booking From $26 From $35
After Booking From $41 From $45
At the Airport Gate From $65 From $65

Frontier Airlines also uses a dynamic pricing model, but their pricing tiers are different. The fares for checked bags range from $30 during reservation up to $60 at the airport. For carry-on bags, the charges start from $35 when you book your flight and can go up to $60 if you pay at the gate.

Frontier Airlines’ baggage fees are outlined below:

Purchase Time First Checked Bag Carry-On Bag
During Booking From $30 From $35
After Booking From $45 From $55
At the Airport Gate From $60 From $60

These baggage fees can significantly impact the total cost of your travel, making one airline potentially more affordable than the other depending on your luggage needs. Keep these in mind as you continue to compare these two budget airlines.

Seat Comfort

Switching gears, let’s investigate into another critical aspect of your flight experience: seat comfort. After all, you’ll be spending hours sitting in these airline seats, so it’s a crucial consideration for any discerning traveler.

When you compare Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines side by side, you’ll find that it’s a close contest. Both airlines operate narrow-body aircraft with limited seat pitch. Yet, by diving in deeper, some differences do begin to come to light.

In Spirit Airlines, you’ll find pre-reclined seats that reach up to 28 inches of pitch. But, these seats are installed in a layout that maximizes the available space, thereby fitting more seats into the aircraft. You might find this dense configuration a bit less comfortable, particularly on longer flights. For a bit of added comfort, you can opt for the Big Front Seat offering, which provides wider and more spacious seating – at an extra cost.

Frontier Airlines, on the other hand, offers 28-31 inches of seat pitch depending on your selected seat. Here’s what’s really interesting; their seats include additional features like thicker padding and an adjustable headrest, which are lacking in Spirit’s default configuration. The downfall? Much like Spirit, these perks come at an added cost.

Let’s take a look at the seat pitch measurements in a more visual way:

Airline Standard Seat Pitch Extra Cost Seat Pitch
Spirit 28 inches 32 inches (Big Front Seat)
Frontier 28-31 inches 38 inches (Stretch Seats)

The fight in the comfort arena between Spirit and Frontier continues to heat up. The choice between the two boils down to your personal preference and what you’re willing to shell out for that bit of extra comfort. It’s clear that both airlines have their pros and cons in this department. Keep these points in mind when assessing which airline aligns best with your comfort requirements for your next trip(s).

Onboard Services

Let’s get you on a plane and talk about the onboard services. This facet counts big time when choosing between Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines. After all, nobody wants a lackluster experience 30,000 feet in the sky.

Start off with Spirit. The Bare Fare makes you pay for any extra baggage as there’s no such thing as a free ride with Spirit, not even for your carry on. The cheapest way to travel with Spirit is to travel light, you’ll thank yourself later. Feeling peckish inflight? You’re gonna have to shell out for meals and drinks as well. Their roster of snacks and drinks for purchase is quite varied though.

Let’s waltz over to Frontier. You’ll find that it follows a similar model, charging extra for checked baggage and carry-on bags. But their onboard menu brings relaxation to firm ground. The offerings include a delicious array of made-to-order snacks and beverages. Most importantly, The Works, Frontier’s all-inclusive package offers greater baggage allowance, seat selection, refunds, and ticket flexibility. It’s a godsend for those who prefer convenience over cost.

As for the entertainment options, well, prepare for a digital detox. Both airlines have chosen to forgo the traditional inflight entertainment systems in favor of overhead compartments for extra luggage space. So, be sure to load up your devices with enough movies, games, and books to keep you entertained during the flight. Spirit Airlines offers high-speed Wi-Fi- ‘Spirit Wi-Fi’, available for a small fee. Frontier, on the other hand, doesn’t provide any onboard Wi-Fi.

Whichever carrier you choose, just be sure to read the fine print and know what you’re getting into. The fare category, the time of booking and the number of bags you bring can drastically affect your total fare.

Flight Routes and Destinations

When evaluating Spirit Airlines Vs. Frontier Airlines, you can’t overlook the routes and destinations each airline services.

Spirit Airlines, popularly known for its ultra-low-cost fares, serves over 60 destinations within the United States, Caribbean, and Latin America, including hotspots like Orlando, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, and New York. International travel tends to focus on vacation destinations, providing you affordable access to places like Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, and Montego Bay.

On the other hand, Frontier Airlines flies to over 100 destinations in the US, Canada, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Mexico amongst others. Known for their tagline “Low Fares Done Right”, they’re committed to delivering economical travel from coast to coast, including sought-after destinations like Denver, Atlanta and Miami.

Let’s breakdown the data for easy comparison:

  Spirit Airlines Frontier Airlines
Destinations Served Over 60 Over 100
Coverage USA, Caribbean, Latin America USA, Canada, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico
Noteworthy Destinations Orlando, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, New York Denver, Atlanta, Miami

Bear in mind that the sheer number of destinations doesn’t necessarily make one airline better than the other. Factors such as the specific route you’re planning, frequency of flights, and your own travel preferences also matter. Always check the specific routes offered by each airline before buying tickets, since ongoing changes in flight schedules and routes can impact your travel plans.

Next, let’s move on to evaluate customer service, a critical element that defines a passenger’s experience during a flight. Reliability, punctuality, and helpfulness of the flight and ground staff are vital to consider when choosing an airline. We’ll dissect these factors in the upcoming section, “Customer Service and Satisfaction”. Remember, your ultimate choice should suit your specific travel needs and expectations.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

When you’re choosing an airline, listening to what other passengers have to say plays a significant role. Going through customer reviews and satisfaction rates gives you an idea of what you can expect.

Not all reviews are created equal, so consider the overall sentiment instead of focusing on a single positive or negative review. With that in mind, let’s jump into the details.

Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines essentially provide a similar level of service but in the eyes of the customers, they can be two different worlds.

Spirit Airlines Feedback

Clients of Spirit Airlines praise the affordability and transparency of the company’s ‘Bare Fare’ – a price model that only includes the cost of the seat and one personal item. The extra charges for other services are quite clear from the beginning, making it a favorite for budget travelers.

On the downside, this airline gets a fair share of negative feedback. Patrons mention unexpected delays, and some have spoken of underwhelming onboard amenities. These seem to be common pain points for most Spirit passengers.

Frontier Airlines Reviews

Frontier Airlines, similar to Spirit, offers a no-frills, budget service. But, their feedback tells a bit of a different story. Customers appreciate the friendly staff, and frequently comment on their impressive punctuality.

Be aware though, the airline also experiences complaints about comfort levels, and lack of consistency with their service.

Don’t let the respective drawbacks deter you. Both airlines have proven to offer reasonable service at a fraction of the price. Weigh these reviews against your needs, and see what measure of compromise you’re willing to make. You might find one of these carriers is the ideal choice for your budget-focused travel.


So, you’ve got the scoop on Spirit and Frontier Airlines. It’s clear both airlines have their pros and cons. Spirit may be your go-to for affordability and transparency, but be prepared for potential delays and a less-than-luxurious onboard experience. Frontier, with its friendly staff and punctuality, could be your choice if you’re willing to compromise on comfort and service consistency. Eventually, the choice between Spirit and Frontier depends on your personal needs and travel preferences. Remember, both airlines offer a reasonable service at a budget-friendly price. So, weigh your options, consider your priorities, and you’ll find the best fit for your travel needs. Happy flying!

Q1: How do Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines compare in terms of services and comfort?

Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines have comparable services and similar standards of comfort. However, passengers have complained about Frontier’s comfort levels and Spirit’s surprise delays and lacking onboard amenities.

Q2: What factors should I consider when choosing between Spirit and Frontier?

Consider factors such as specific routes, frequency of flights, and personal preferences. Check for punctuality, staff appreciation, and transparency in pricing.

Q3: Is Spirit Airlines considered affordable?

Yes, Spirit Airlines is praised for its affordability and transparent pricing.

Q4: What factors are criticized in Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines gets complaints about comfort levels and inconsistent service.

Q5: What conclusion does the article draw about Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines?

The article concludes that both airlines offer reasonable service for the price. It encourages readers to weigh these reviews against their own needs for budget-focused travel.

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