Air Canada Price Drop Guarantee- Lowest Fare Protection

What is Air Canada’s Price Drop Guarantee?

You might find yourself wondering, what’s this about Air Canada’s Price Drop Guarantee? It’s a unique initiative Air Canada has in place. It came to fruition in response to the variations often seen in airfare prices. The aim? To give you unparalleled peace of mind while securing your travel plans.

Through the Price Drop Guarantee, you’re able to book flights early, confident that you’ve got the best deal. How does it work? Simple. If the fare for the same flight drops after you’ve booked, you’re shielded from the loss. Air Canada undertakes to award you a credit for the difference. The credit’s up to $100 and can be used for future travels with Air Canada.

So, you can plan your travels with ease and assurance, at the most competitive price possible. It’s a thoughtful gesture from Air Canada, aimed at keeping you satisfied, and your wallets full.

Let’s investigate deeper and look at how this Price Drop Guarantee truly benefits you:

To start with, you’ll no longer be holding back from your early bookings. No more anxieties about getting the most cost-effective fare. And when the prices fall, instead of disappointment, you’re assured of being reimbursed. No need to wait for last-minute bookings; secure your seat as soon as your travel plans are fixed.

Also, your anxieties about unexpected price hikes are put to rest. The Price Drop Guarantee discourages the frantic rush for last-minute bookings, which may lead to you paying more. By ensuring security, it nudges towards advanced preparation. You can make your flights bookings comfortably ahead of time, knowing that if fares go down, your pocket isn’t bearing the brunt.

Air Canada’s Price Drop Guarantee is shaped by an understanding of customer needs and aspirations. It’s about applying a core principle of their service – building customer-oriented solutions. Solutions that match up to your expectations, and more importantly, your budget.

With this guarantee, Air Canada looks into the future, signaling a shift towards an era where air travel is affordable and accessible to all. Financial strains and restraints are eased. Lesser fears, more flights – that’s the vision.

This is a clear demonstration of Air Canada’s commitment to delivering value to their customers. A pledge to ensure your flight experience is as economical and as seamless as possible.

How does the Price Drop Guarantee work?

For starters, this unique system is all focused on you, the customer. Air Canada’s Price Drop Guarantee is a feature that backs up your regular flight purchase. No additional work is required on your end—just sit back, relax, and let Air Canada take care of the savings for you.

To be eligible for this guarantee, your booking must meet certain criteria:

  • You should have made your booking through Air Canada, either directly or via their official channels.
  • Your flight should be a fully paid Air Canada operated service with a ticket issued in your name.

If your booking complies with these conditions, you’re automatically enrolled in Air Canada’s Price Drop Guarantee. Now, if the price of the same itinerary drops any time before your departure, something fantastic happens. Instead of feeling a pang of regret, Air Canada offers you a travel credit worth up to $100 for your future journey. That’s more travel opportunities at less cost, a win-win scenario indeed.

Keep in mind that the credit you receive is transferable, meaning you can share this with your loved ones should you choose. This feature is not just about saving money, but also about providing flexibility and fostering a sense of sharing.

To determine if the fare has dropped:

  • Check on Air Canada’s official website.
  • If you see the fare has decreased, call Air Canada’s Customer Service Center.
    There, they’ll confirm the price drop and process the credit for you.

Sure, there might be times when you don’t notice a price drop – but don’t worry about it too much. This guarantee isn’t about having you scour the website daily. It’s about providing a safety net for those who want to secure their travel plans early and enjoy peace of mind.

With the Price Drop Guarantee, Air Canada continues its commitment to put customers first, ensuring your flight experience isn’t just economical, but also seamless and stress-free.

Benefits of the Price Drop Guarantee

Among the myriad travel plans available, Air Canada’s Price Drop Guarantee stands as a beacon of value and convenience. By choosing this innovative option, you secure a promising win-win situation to complement your travel experience.

The Price Drop Guarantee has a handful of noteworthy benefits that accentuate its attractiveness. Undeniably, the star benefit is the allowance it provides for early bookings. Early booking normally comes with the risk of cheaper fare pop-ups, but the Price Drop Guarantee poses an effective antidote to such worries.

You’re not only granted the opportunity to book as early as you want, but you’re also assured protection from fare drops. In essence, the Guarantee cushions you from the regret that often accompanies early flight bookings. In the event that your booked fare drops, the company provides reimbursement, encouraging marking calendars without fear of losing in the deal.

This reimbursement comes in form of future travel credits, which can be up to $100. So, it’s an offer that keeps on giving! Here’s how:

Monetary Reimbursement Benefit
Up to $100 Encourages risk-free early bookings

Although the Guarantee speaks volumes about Air Canada’s commitment to customer satisfaction, it’s more than just a marketing tool. It’s a testament to the airline’s dedication to providing you with value and a seamless travel experience.

Another compelling advantage is the transferability of the credit received. Say, for some reason, you won’t be able to use your credit for future travel. The option to transfer benefits to a loved one surely comes in handy. The credit isn’t tied down to you, it can be transferred to anyone of your choice.

All in all, the Price Drop Guarantee is a noteworthy initiative from Air Canada aimed at enhancing your journey. From giving you peace of mind with your early bookings to providing bonus credits for future travels, the Price Drop Guarantee assures a hassle-free, value-laden travel experience.

Remember, the Guarantee is automatic for eligible bookings made through Air Canada. So take a peek into the Air Canada website, take advantage of the Price Drop Guarantee and ensure you have your tickets, stress-free.

How to qualify for the Price Drop Guarantee

Air Canada’s Price Drop Guarantee aims to provide you with peace of mind when booking your flights. Carefully note that to qualify for this generous offer, there are specific requirements you need to meet.

First and foremost, you must book your flight directly with Air Canada. This assurance does not apply if your reservation was made through a third-party booking site or travel agency. Air Canada needs to have full control of the booking to offer you this exclusive benefit, making this a crucial eligibility criterion.

Next, keep in mind that the Price Drop Guarantee applies to Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada Express flights only. This coverage does not include partner airlines or code-share flights. So, ensure to check the operator of your flight when you’re booking.

Finally, the guarantee is applicable only for certain types of fare. Your booking should be either a ‘Flex’, ‘Comfort’, ‘Latitude’, or ‘Premium Economy (lowest)’ fare. Regrettably, the ‘Basic’ fare category does not come under this assurance.

Upon fulfilling these criteria, make your booking with confidence. Now, if you do notice a price drop for the same trip after your booking, simply submit a claim with Air Canada.

Ensure you claim before your outbound trip. This ensures that you’re able to avail up to a maximum of $100 in Future Travel Credit per passenger. Once your claim is submitted and validated, you’ll receive this credit for future use.

Remember, this Guarantee is an indication of Air Canada’s commitment to their customers, providing exceptional service and seamless experiences. By understanding these crucial qualifying factors, you’re now well-equipped to take full advantage of the Air Canada Price Drop Guarantee.

Tips for using the Price Drop Guarantee effectively

Taking advantage of Air Canada’s Price Drop Guarantee involves more than just booking a flight and waiting for prices to drop. To maximize your potential savings, you need to understand the mechanics of the program. Here are a few strategic tips that can ensure your success.

Stay Informed about Airfares
Knowledge is power. Making a habit of monitoring Air Canada’s fares even after you’ve booked can give you the upper hand. It’s essential to keep an eye on the same flight’s fare to catch any price dips that occur.

Understand Which Fares Qualify
Not all fare types qualify for the Price Drop Guarantee. So, familiarize yourself with the eligible fare types. In general, Tango, Flex, Comfort, Latitude, Premium Economy – Lowest and Premium Economy – flexible fares on Air Canada operated flights are eligible. Knowing which fares qualify can help you plan your travel appropriately and take advantage of the program.

Flexible Travel Plans
Be open to changing your travel plans. Having some flexibility can open up opportunities for lower fares. For instance, you may find lower prices on different dates or times for the same route. So, be ready to adapt if you spot a great deal!

Claim Process
You should get comfortable with Air Canada’s claim process. It’s crucial to submit your claim within 96 hours of your initial booking and before your flight’s departure.

Air Canada’s Price Drop Guarantee aims to help you secure the lowest possible fare. Employ these tips and you’ll maneuver the program like an expert. With careful strategy and a keen eye on airfares, you could reap significant savings on your aeroplane travel.


So, you’ve got the scoop on Air Canada’s Price Drop Guarantee. It’s all about staying on top of airfares, knowing the ins and outs of what fares qualify, keeping your travel plans flexible, and mastering the claim process. With these strategies in your arsenal, you’re well-equipped to snag the lowest fare possible. Remember, it’s not just about getting from point A to point B, it’s about doing it in the most cost-effective way. Now, you’re ready to make the most of Air Canada’s lowest fare protection. Happy flying and saving!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Air Canada’s Price Drop Guarantee?

Air Canada’s Price Drop Guarantee is a system that refunds the difference if the price of your flight drops after booking. It helps passengers secure the best possible fare price for their flight.

What types of airfares qualify for the Price Drop Guarantee?

Only fares of flights booked directly through Air Canada qualify for the Price Drop Guarantee. Flights booked using Aeroplan points or third-party bookings are not eligible.

How can I stay informed about airfares to use the Price Drop Guarantee effectively?

Keeping an eye on Air Canada’s website for any change in flight prices can be helpful. Set up flight fare alerts on travel apps is another effective method to stay informed about airfares.

How flexible should my travel plans be to maximize savings with the Price Drop Guarantee?

Having flexible travel plans can significantly increase your savings. Flexibility on travel dates and times will allow you to take advantage of fare drops when they occur.

What is the claim process for the Price Drop Guarantee?

The claim process requires customers to submit a claim through Air Canada’s website if they notice a price drop. Make sure to provide all requested information to avoid any delay in processing your claim.

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