American Airlines vs. Air Canada- Which one is best?

Deciding between American Airlines and Air Canada for your next trip? It’s not an easy choice, considering both airlines have their strengths.

American Airlines, one of the world’s largest airlines, promises an extensive network and top-tier service. On the other hand, Air Canada, Canada’s largest airline, is known for its high standards of comfort and customer satisfaction.

American Airlines Network and Service

When considering your next flight, American Airlines consistently stands out due to its impressively wide network and superior service. It’s not simply one of the largest airlines globally, it’s a champion in establishing connections. Flying to over 350 destinations in more than 50 countries, American Airlines boasts a network that’s hard to compete with.

Reaching your desired destination is easier with American Airlines. For instance, it’s a member of the OneWorld Alliance, connecting with multinational airline networks to expand its reach. This means if your destination isn’t directly serviced by American Airlines, their broad matrix of partner airlines can help you get there smoothly.

Your journey experience with American Airlines is also shaped by its top-tier service. The airline doesn’t just aim to transport you from point A to point B. They strive for a comfortable and enjoyable journey. You see this devotion in their Admirals Club, an exclusive benefit of frequent travellers that offers luxurious waiting areas and personalized service.

In-flight, long-haul flights feature amenity kits packed with essential items such as earplugs, eye masks, and quality skincare products, making your journey comfortable. Plus, Wi-Fi is standard across the majority of flights. So, whether you need to complete work tasks or stream your favorite TV series, staying connected won’t be an issue.

Your dining experience inflight won’t be overlooked. Long-distance travelers are offered complimentary meals, with a variety of menus inspired by some of the cities American Airlines flies to. Customers have the liberty to choose from a variety of options, ensuring the in-flight dining experience is pleasing.

It’s important to also take note of American Airlines’ award-winning customer service. The airline’s customer interaction model focuses largely on personal engagement. This means skilfully trained staff members are ready to assist in airports and throughout your flight, ensuring any inconvenience is swiftly and professionally addressed.

Air Canada Comfort and Customer Satisfaction

Shifting focus to Air Canada, let’s investigate into two main factors that contribute to a pleasant flying experience: comfort and customer satisfaction. These aspects, contrary to popular belief, often determine whether you would choose to fly with an airline again.

Comfort is an integral part of long flights. Air Canada offers extensive conveniences for its Economy, Premium Economy, and Business class. You have the option of spacious seats with ample legroom, fully flat beds in Executive pods on select flights, and adjustable headrests. Every passenger, regardless of the traveling class, can access a variety of in-flight entertainment options from an individual touch-screen TV. Meals on-board are curated by award-winning Canadian chef David Hawksworth, and they’re a delightful surprise for food lovers. Air Canada’s amenities aim to keep you relaxed during your entire flight.

Delving into customer satisfaction, it’s evident that Air Canada ranks high. Known for its Canadian hospitality, the airline Received an impressive score of 60% in the latest Airline Ratings AirHelp Score [], and this emphasizes its dedication to serving passengers needs efficiently. Air Canada ensures that its passengers feel valued, starting from the time they check-in, through security, and until they retrieve their baggage at their final destination. Its staff are well-trained, friendly, and take time to engage with passengers on a personal level.

Here’s how the rating compares with American Airlines:

Airline AirHelp Score
American 57%
Air Canada 60%

As an added benefit, Air Canada offers frequent flier, or Altitude, members access to over 1,200 airport lounges worldwide through their partnership with Star Alliance. So, you have a calm place to relax or work before or after your flights.

You’ll appreciate this: unlike most airlines, Air Canada has a policy of matching or bettering the price if you find the exact same flight cheaper within 24 hours of your booking. So, your wallet will thank you for choosing Air Canada.

It’s worth noting that Air Canada’s performance continuously improves with the years. It scored the coveted “2019 Best Airline in North America” title from Skytrax and “2020/2021 Airline of the Year” title from Global Traveler, proving its commitment to top-tier services.

Pricing and Fees Comparison

When selecting an airline, it’s also crucial to compare prices and associated fees. Both American Airlines and Air Canada offer competitive rates, but there are some noteworthy differences.

American Airlines tends to lean towards a traditional structure with fee-based amenities. If you’re flying economy, you can expect to pay for checked bags ($30 for the first bag and $40 for the second bag). Seat selection also costs extra, ranging from $4 to $139. On long-haul flights, blankets and pillows are available for purchase too.

Here’s a brief look at American Airlines’ fee-based amenities:

Fee-based Amenities Fees
First Checked Bag $30
Second Checked Bag $40
Seat Selection $4 to $139

On the other hand, Air Canada incorporates a more inclusive pricing structure. It provides free first checked bag on international flights, which normally costs around $30 on American Airlines and other US carriers. Also, Air Canada includes complimentary meals and beverages in all classes, even economy. Seat selection in standard fares starts at a reasonable $10, making it an affordable luxury for many flyers.

Here is a look at Air Canada’s pricing:

Inclusive Amenities Fees
First Checked Bag (International Flights) Free
Meals and Beverages Free
Seat Selection From $10

When comparing prices and fees, consider your personal needs and flying habits. If you’re looking for more inclusive fare or typically travel internationally, Air Canada may be a better fit for you. Yet, if you value flexibility and prefer to customize your flight, American Airlines’ traditional structure may be more appealing. Remember the price of your ticket isn’t always the final cost, so it’s key to factor in additional fees and charges.

Flight Route Options

In comparing American Airlines and Air Canada, you need to consider not just the pricing and fees, but also the range of flight routes offered. Your choice between the two airlines could very well hinge on where you’re planning to fly.

Coming to American Airlines, they have a broad flight network that spans North America and extends globally. As a member of the Oneworld alliance, its flight routes encompass over 1,000 destinations across more than 150 countries. The significant hubs of this airline are situated around the US, such as Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and New York. So, if you need to catch a flight to or within the US, American Airlines could be a handy choice due to its vast network and flexible route options.

In contrast, Air Canada, a member of the Star Alliance, serves over 200 airports on six continents. The significant advantage of choosing Air Canada lies in their robust network connecting Canada and major international destinations. For instance, if you’re traveling from Canada to Asia, Europe, or South America, you could enjoy direct routes that are not commonly offered by other airlines, including American Airlines.

A quick comparison shows:

  American Airlines Air Canada
Number of Destinations Over 1000 Over 200
Major Hubs Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, New York Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver
Alliance Oneworld Star Alliance

Remember, while both airlines offer an extensive range of flight routes, the best choice for you really depends on your preferred destination, choice of hubs, and travel flexibility. Start by identifying your needs, then look at the route maps provided by both airlines.

In the following sections, we’ll dive deeper into the in-flight services, frequent flyer programs, and customer satisfaction ratings of both airlines to help you make an well-informed choice. So stick around.


So there you have it. When deciding between American Airlines and Air Canada, it’s not just about who flies where. It’s also about the quality of service, the benefits of their frequent flyer programs, and how well they satisfy their customers. Both airlines have their strengths and it really comes down to your personal preferences. If you value a wide range of global routes and significant hub cities, American Airlines may be your best bet. But if you’re looking for strong connections between Canada and international destinations, Air Canada might be the one for you. Eventually, your choice should align with your travel needs and expectations. Happy flying!

Q1: Which airline has a broader flight network?

American Airlines has a larger flight network that spans across North America and globally, with critical hubs like Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York.

Q2: How many airports does Air Canada serve?

Air Canada serves over 200 airports on six continents, meaning it has a diverse range of routes for you to choose from.

Q3: What should I consider when choosing between American Airlines and Air Canada?

Consider your preferred destination, the convenience of the airlines’ hub cities, and your need for travel flexibility. Service quality, frequent flyer programs, and customer ratings should also be kept in mind.

Q4: Which airline provides more international connections?

With a strong network connecting Canada to major international destinations, Air Canada offers a wide range of international connections.

Q5: What does the article cover next?

The next sections of the article will discuss in-flight services, frequent flyer programs, and customer satisfaction ratings for American Airlines and Air Canada.

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