Etihad Airways check-in – All Terms and Conditions

Ever wondered about the nitty-gritty of Etihad Airways’ check-in process? I’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll delve into all the terms and conditions you need to know. From online check-in deadlines to baggage policies, we’ll make sure you’re fully prepared for your next flight with Etihad.

Etihad Airways is renowned for its top-notch services and smooth check-in procedures. But it’s always wise to stay informed about the rules and regulations. That’s why I’m here to guide you through the ins and outs of their check-in policy.

Online Check-In Deadline

Ease and speed are what characterize Etihad Airways’ online check-in. It’s a breeze to complete so you’ll have one less thing to stress about when you’re gearing up for a flight.

For the smoothest experience, it’s crucial to understand the deadlines for online check-in with Etihad Airways. One must clear these deadlines to secure your travel agenda and avoid last-minute rushes.

When to Start

Firstly, you can avail yourself of the online check-in service from 48 hours before the departure of your flight. This generous window offers you ample time to ensure you’ve covered all bases for your trip.

What’s more, it takes away the worry of being left out due to late reporting at the airport. You can focus on your luggage, your travel itinerary, and all other aspects of your journey.

When it Closes

Keep in mind though, this window isn’t always open. The cut-off time for online check-in is 1 hour prior to the departure time. If you miss this, you’ll unfortunately need to proceed with the traditional check-in process at the airport. This can make your travel experience less convenient and consume precious time.

Start Time End Time
48 hours prior 1 hour prior

The key takeaway here for enjoying a smooth and worry-free check-in process is sticking within these timelines. Ensure you don’t save it for the last minute and risk throwing a wrench into your travel plans. Remember, interpretation of these terms is reliant on the departure country’s standard time and not necessarily your own time zone.

However, the beauty with travelling in this digital age and particularly with a responsive airline like Etihad Airways, is that you get timely notifications. You’ll receive reminders about your flight details including when it’s time to check-in. By following these reminders, you won’t miss the online check-in deadlines and enjoy a seamless travel experience.

In-person Check-In

Although Etihad Airways’ online check-in system simplifies the process, I understand that many passengers still prefer the traditional way of checking in at the airport. The in-person check-in enables you to have a direct face-to-face interaction with the airline staff.

Etihad Airways opens its check-in counters three hours before the departure of international flights and two hours before the departure of domestic flights. It’s vital to keep track of these deadlines to avoid last-minute rush and possible flight delays.

At the airport, you’ll find check-in counters that are easily identifiable. Etihad Airways offers separate counters for different service categories. They sort the counters by:

  • Economy class
  • Business class
  • First class

The classification helps to streamline the process and enhances efficiency. Each category has stipulated baggage allowances depending on the ticket terms and conditions, which are verified during this process.

Class Baggage Limit
Economy Class 23 Kg
Business Class 32 Kg
First Class 32 Kg

Remember, you’ll have to show a valid id proof along with your ticket at the check-in counters. Non-compliance with these guidelines leads to disappointment as the airline staff will deny you permission to board the flight. So, it’s always best to come prepared.

The in-person check-in deadline is usually 60 minutes prior to the departure time for international flights and 45 minutes before for domestic flights. After the deadline, the check-in counters close, and passengers who miss the deadline must make alternative arrangements.

While the experience of in-person check-ins can indeed be more personal, remember that it’s equally important to stay aware of the rules and guidelines in place by Etihad Airways. Following them can help assure a smooth start to your journey.

Baggage Allowance

Let’s talk about the baggage allowance at Etihad Airways which is an essential part of the check-in process. Baggage allowance simply refers to the amount and size of luggage that you can take with you on your flight.

Etihad Airways sets their baggage allowance based on a combination of factors such as your destination, the class of travel, and if you’re a member of the Etihad Guest program. I’ll break it down so you can find the relevant information without a hitch.

For Economy class travelers, the baggage allowance is up to 23 kg on most routes. But it’s imperative that no single piece of baggage exceeds 32 kg or the total dimensions of 158 cm (length + width + height).

Business and First-class passengers enjoy a more generous allowance of up to 32 kg. They also don’t have to worry about the total dimensions rule as the baggage rules are a bit more lenient in these classes.

As an Etihad Guest Silver, Gold, or Platinum member, you get the added advantage of extra baggage allowances. This can come in handy, especially when you’re planning a long trip or moving abroad.

This is how it looks in a markdown table format:

Passenger type Weight allowance Dimension Limit
Economy Class 23 kg 158 cm
Business Class 32 kg No limit
First Class 32 kg No limit
Etihad Guest Members 32 kg + extra based on program No limit

However, just knowing your allowances is not enough. It’s also important that you familiarize yourself with what you can or cannot bring in your baggage. Etihad Airways has some restrictions on things such as liquids, sharp objects, and electronics. These are put in place for safety reasons.

Remember, exceeding your baggage allowance could lead to additional charges at the airport. It’s always a good plan to check your luggage weight and size ahead of time. I suggest investing in a good quality luggage scale to avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport.

Cabin Baggage Restrictions

Handling cabin baggage with Etihad Airways demands a clear comprehension of their set regulations. It’s crucial to take into account both the size and weight constraints before packing. Failing to adhere may mean extra fees or, in some cases, your bag being moved to the cargo hold.

Etihad Airways is quite precise about the allowed cabin baggage based on ticket class. Here’s how it looks:

Ticket Class Allowed Cabin Baggage Weight Number of Pieces
Economy 7kg 1
Business/First 12kg 2

Remember, the dimensions for cabin baggage have to be 50 x 40 x 25 cm, including handles, pockets, and wheels. For Business and First classes, the total dimensions of both bags should adhere to the same limit.

Don’t forget about personal items. Along with your cabin luggage, you’re permitted a personal item. This could be a handbag, laptop bag, or briefcase. The maximum dimensions for a personal item is 40 x 30 x 15 cm.

Do you have a baby tagging along? Good news for parents – Etihad provides additional allowances for infants. You’re allowed a baby bag weighing up to 5kg. This is besides the permissible stroller, carrycot, or approved car seat.

Prohibited cabin items are another vital aspect to note. For security, safety, and comfort reasons, some items aren’t allowed aboard. Examples include:

  • Self-balancing boards
  • Sharp objects
  • Inflammable materials

Ensure you have an exhaustive look at the Etihad Airways list to evade instances of item confiscation.

For ease and to maximize your travel experience, knowing what’s expected of you goes a long way. So, be sure to familiarize yourself with the baggage rules set by Etihad Airways. In my experience, a well-planned trip is always a more enjoyable trip.

Special Assistance and Requests

Etihad Airways is renowned for its dedication to ensuring that all passengers, including those requiring special assistance, have a smooth and comfortable travel experience.

If you’re a passenger in need of assistance, you’ll appreciate Etihad’s commitment to cater to a diverse range of requirements. You can request special assistance right from the booking process. Alternatively, you can also modify your existing booking to include such requests.

Taking into consideration the needs of passengers with mobility issues, I find it’s impressive how the airline makes necessary provisions. There are onboard wheelchairs and aisle chair facilities to help passengers move around. It’s crucial, however, to inform the airline at least 48 hours before the flight about your specific needs.

Parents traveling with infants will be glad to know that Etihad provides baby bassinets on a request basis. To secure one, you need to contact the airline no later than 24 hours before departure.

Services for unaccompanied minors are also a highlight of Etihad Airways. For children aged 5 to 12 who are traveling alone, the airline offers the Unaccompanied Minor service. Note that this service is mandatory for this age group if they are not traveling with an adult.

Special meal requests are yet another hallmark service for those with dietary restrictions. Kosher meals, allergen-free meals, and meals based on religious preferences are offered, providing an inclusive travel experience.

My experience reveals that understanding what the airline offers and knowing how to access these services can make travel much more straightforward. Whether you’re a passenger with special needs or simply wish to experience Etihad’s exceptional services, remember that your requests must be made in advance as per specific timelines. Think of it as an essential part of your pre-flight check list!

Next, we’ll advance into the duty-free shopping amenities Etihad Airways provides. Stay tuned to discover how to make your travel experience even more enjoyable with a variety of retail therapy options.


So, we’ve delved deep into the check-in process at Etihad Airways, both online and in-person. We’ve explored the importance of deadlines and the benefits of each method. Remember the opening times for counters and the different ones for each service category.

Don’t forget about the baggage allowances for each class and the necessity of valid ID proof. It’s crucial to stick to these guidelines to ensure a hassle-free journey.

We’ve also looked into the specifics of cabin baggage restrictions, including weight, number of pieces, and dimensions. Keep in mind the additional allowances for infants and the items not allowed in the cabin.

Lastly, we touched on the special assistance provided by Etihad Airways. Make sure to request these services ahead of time.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, you’re all set for a smooth journey with Etihad Airways. Safe travels!

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