How to Buy a Plane Ticket for Someone Else on American Airlines

Ever thought about surprising someone with a plane ticket? Maybe you’re feeling generous, or perhaps it’s a business necessity. Either way, purchasing a ticket for someone else on American Airlines is a straightforward process, and we’re here to guide you through it.

American Airlines, one of the world’s largest airlines, offers a user-friendly platform that makes booking a breeze. But when it comes to buying a ticket for someone else, there are a few additional steps you need to know. Let’s immerse and unravel the process, so you can get that ticket booked in no time.

Step 1: Choose the Flight Details

Once you’ve successfully navigated to the American Airlines homepage, it’s time to get down to business. To purchase a ticket for someone else on this airline, the first and most crucial step is choosing the flight details.

First off, you’ll see a booking panel on the homepage. Here, you can select whether you want a ‘Round Trip’, a ‘One Way’ trip, or even a ‘Multi-City’ trip. Your choice here will depend on the travel needs of the person you’re buying the ticket for. Once you’ve done that, proceed by entering the departure and destination cities or airports.

Consider the individual’s travel dates and enter them in the ‘Departure Date’ and ‘Return Date’ fields. Remember, American Airlines allows you to buy a ticket for any date within 331 days of booking. So, if you plan ahead, you could essentially schedule someone’s travel for almost a year in advance.

When you’re entering these details, remember to take into account the traveler’s personal preferences. Does he or she prefer direct flights? Is there a preferred departure time or arrival time? These details matter and can make a difference in the comfort and satisfaction of the person’s journey.

Also, there’s the ‘Number of Passengers’ and ‘Class’ drop-down boxes. Here, fill in the number of tickets you wish to purchase for the individual, and select the class they’ll be traveling in. Do they fancy a bit more leg room, or are they content with the perks offered in Economy Class? This is where you indicate that.

It’s also worth noting that American Airlines offers AAdvantage, its frequent flyer program. If you’re buying a ticket for someone else, and they’re an AAdvantage member, don’t forget to enter their AAdvantage number to earn miles on their flight.

Keep these details at the ready as you continue to the next step – ‘Search for Flights.’ As part of this process, intricate details matter. So, note them down before commencing so you’ll have a seamless process navigating through this booking journey.

Step 2: Check the Fare Rules and Restrictions

Once you’ve chosen a flight, it’s critical to go through the fare rules and restrictions. Airlines enforce different rules for their various fare types, and American Airlines is no different. Some fares could place restrictions on flight changes, bags allowance, and cancellations, to name a few.

When selecting a fare, it’s essential to consider the flexibility you or the traveler may need. For flights originating from the US, American Airlines offers Basic Economy, Main Cabin, and Premium Economy fares among others.

  • Basic Economy fare is the most affordable but comes with the most restrictions. It doesn’t permit flight changes or cancellations, it charges for checked bags, and it doesn’t allow seat selection before check-in.
  • Main Cabin fares are more flexible, allowing flight changes for a fee and providing free carry-on and a personal item, plus a checked bag on Trans-Atlantic flights.
  • The Premium Economy fare offers more benefits like more legroom, in-flight amenities and allows two checked bags free of cost. Seats can also be selected at the time of booking.

Let’s put the details about these different fare types in a tabular format for better understanding:

Fare Types Flight Changes Checked Bags Seat Selection
Basic Economy No Charged At Check-in
Main Cabin Yes (For a Fee) Free on Trans-Atlantic Flights At Booking
Premium Economy Yes (For a Fee) Two Free At Booking

Ensure you choose a fare type based on the traveler’s requirements and not just pricing. Weigh all these factors before making a selection.

To summarize, understanding the restrictions and easing up on the traveler’s journey is crucial to the process of purchasing a plane ticket. It’s recommended to navigate the fare features of American Airlines thoroughly and not make a hurried decision. In our next series of steps, we’ll guide you through the process of entering passenger and payment details.

Step 3: Provide the Passenger Information

Once you’ve carefully reviewed the fare rules and selected a suitable fare type for your sponsored passenger, it’s time to enter the passenger information. This critical step ensures the ticket is issued under the correct name and that all the travel details are accurate.

As the party booking the ticket on behalf of the passenger, you’re required to have specific details on hand. These include full legal names, date of birth, gender, and contact information. Without this information, you cannot proceed to the next step, so make sure to gather the data ahead of time.

When entering the passenger’s name, make sure it precisely matches the identification document they will use at the airport. Any discrepancies can lead to complications at check-in or security.

While providing contact information, consider using the traveler’s contact details and not your own. In case of flight changes or updates, American Airlines will contact the details provided. This step ensures that the passenger is notified directly, reducing the chance of any mishaps or missed communications.

During filling the details, a seat selection option will present itself. Different fare types come with varying seat assignment rules. If the fare type you selected allows for advance seat selection, take a moment to choose the most comfortable seat according to the passenger’s preference.

| Information Needed | Purpose |
| Full legal name | Ticket issuance & identification at airport |
| Date of birth | Security & age verification |
| Gender | Security & identification |
| Contact information | Updates on flight changes or delays |

The provided information forms the base for the next step, which involves making the payment for the ticket. It’s at this stage that the process of buying an airline ticket for someone else starts becoming real. Be sure to cross-check every detail before going forward. Mistakes at this juncture can cost both time and money to correct later on. So, be wary and stay vigilant.

Step 4: Enter Payment Details

After cross-checking all the passenger details, we’ve reached an essential stage of purchasing a plane ticket for someone else on American Airlines—entering payment details. Like any online transaction, security is vital here. Ensuring your transaction is safe and secure is as important as finding the right flight or seat for your sponsored passenger.

Before feeding in your card details, look for the lock icon or the words “Secure” in your browser’s address bar. This indicator proves that the site is safe for online transactions. You wouldn’t want to risk your financial information, would you?

Choose a Suitable Payment Method

American Airlines provides a variety of payment options. Make a choice that’s most convenient for you. You can pay by:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • AAdvantage Miles

Remember, the card you use needs to be in your name, as you’re the one making payment. Using a third-party card might lead to complications you’d rather avoid.

Input Card Details

It’s time to enter the card details. You’ll need to fill in:

  • Card number
  • Card expiry date
  • Security code (CVV)
  • Billing address

For PayPal users, you’ll be redirected to PayPal’s site to complete the transaction. AAdvantage Miles users need to input their member ID and password.

Review and Submit

Once you’ve entered these details, it’s time to review. Make sure all the information is accurate to avoid any hiccups. After ensuring everything looks perfect, click on “Submit” or “Complete my Purchase“. This step finalizes the transaction and secures that seat for your sponsored passenger.

Stay tuned to learn more about what comes after payment, including receiving your e-ticket and eventually sending off your sponsored passenger on their journey.

Step 5: Review and Confirm the Booking

So, you’ve entered and submitted all the necessary information. The only thing left is one crucial phase that we can’t afford to overlook: the review and confirmation of the booking. Razor sharp attention to detail is needed here. Any errors must be spotted, as even the smallest mistake could potentially disrupt your paid passenger’s flight.

First, take your time to go over your selected flights. Make sure that dates, departure times, and arrival times match your desired itinerary. Many people have had their plans thrown into disarray because they’ve booked a PM flight instead of an AM flight! Don’t be part of that statistic.

Next, ensure the passenger’s credentials are error-free. Confirm that the full legal name matches the ID document. Check their date of birth, gender and every single bit of contact information entered.

Equally important, validate your selected seats and fare type. Remember, some fare types offer certain benefits like free checked bag or priority boarding. Make sure that you’ve selected the right fare type that aligns with your passenger’s needs.

Finally, double-check your payment details. This includes making certain that the cardholder’s name was accurately entered and the card number, expiration date, and security code are correct.

Once you’ve checked everything and you’re confident everything is correct, you can proceed to confirm. This is the moment when your card will be charged. So make sure you’ve got ample funds or credit on the card you’re using.

Once the transaction has been accepted, you’ll receive a confirmation email. It will include the itinerary and e-ticket for the flight. Ensure the email arrives in your inbox, not in the spam folder. If you don’t receive it, contact American Airlines customer service right away. Making sure you’re on top of things guarantees a smooth flight for your sponsored traveller.

Purchasing a plane ticket for someone else may seem overwhelming, but with these steps in mind, you’re well on your way to a successful booking. The job isn’t finished until your passenger is, quite literally, ‘on board’.

And that, folks, is how you ensure success for the sponsored flight from your end. Now your plane ticket purchaser role is almost done. But there’s more to it. We’ll be diving into yet another topic in this series of instructions. Stay tuned.


So, you’ve navigated the process of buying a plane ticket for someone else on American Airlines. You’ve learned to meticulously review fare rules, select the right fare type, and accurately input the passenger’s details. You’ve even mastered the art of seat selection to ensure a comfortable journey for your sponsored passenger. Remember, the key lies in double-checking everything, from flight selection to payment details, before hitting that ‘confirm booking’ button. Once done, keep an eye out for that confirmation email. It’s your proof of purchase and contains all the essential details for the flight. If it doesn’t land in your inbox, don’t hesitate to reach out to American Airlines customer service. They’re there to help. Now, you’re all set to book that ticket and make someone’s travel dreams come true. Safe travels!

How do I purchase a plane ticket for someone else on American Airlines?

You can purchase a plane ticket for another person by selecting a suitable fare, entering their accurate details, finalizing the seat selection, reviewing the booking, and confirming the payment.

What information do I need to book a flight for someone else?

You would need the passenger’s full legal name, date of birth, gender, and contact details. Make sure the name matches their identification document.

Can I choose a seat for the person I’m booking the flight for?

Yes, you can select a seat according to the passenger’s preference during the booking process.

How can I ensure the accuracy of the booking?

By carefully reviewing the selected flights, the passenger’s credentials, the chosen seats, and the fare type before confirming the booking.

What happens after I confirm the booking?

After confirmation, you should receive an email with the itinerary and e-ticket. If not received, you are advised to contact American Airlines customer service.

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