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When you’re planning a trip, managing your booking can feel like a juggling act. But with United Airlines, it’s as easy as pie. Whether you need to change your flight, select your seat, or add extras, United Airlines’ manage booking feature has got you covered.

United Airlines makes it simple for you to manage your booking from the comfort of your home. You just need your booking reference and last name to get started. With a few clicks, you can make changes to your itinerary, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

So, let’s jump into how you can effortlessly manage your booking with United Airlines. With this guide, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Why Manage Your Booking with United Airlines?

You’d ask, why should you take advantage of the United Airlines manage booking feature? You’ve booked your flight, selected your preferred seat and ticked all the necessary boxes. Isn’t that enough? But, here’s the thing: managing your booking with United Airlines offers much more convenience and flexibility than you might think.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips
The primary advantage lies in the unparalleled flexibility it provides. You can make adjustments to your booking at any time, whether it’s the day you book or minutes before boarding. It’s as if you’re controlling the airline’s steering wheel! This feature allows you to respond quickly to last-minute changes and ensures you always have the best flight experience.

Extra Services
Imagine getting exclusive services just with a few clicks. That’s another benefit you get when you manage your booking with United Airlines. These extras range from adding special meals to applying for additional baggage allowance. It’s almost like a personal concierge service, but at no extra cost!

Personalized Experience
Above all, managing your booking is not just about changing flights or adding extras. It’s about personalising your entire travel experience to suit your needs. You get the chance to choose your preferred seat location, whether it’s by the window to enjoy the view, or at the front of the cabin to disembark first.

How to Access the Manage Booking Feature

In the realm of online booking, getting started with the United Airlines manage booking feature is a breeze. Here is the lowdown on its use.

Begin by opening United Airlines’ official website in your preferred browser. At the top of the page, you’ll find a section named ‘My Trips’. Here’s where the magic happens. Click on it, and you’ll see an option ‘Manage Reservations’. Select it and you’re ready to explore!

The system will now ask for your last name and confirmation number. If you’re unsure, check your e-ticket or your booking confirmation email. These details are more than just unique identifiers; they’re your tickets to a tailored travel experience.

Upon successful login, you’ll be redirected to a new page which welcomes you with an array of customizable options. You can adjust your bookings, add extra services like special meals or baggage, and choose your preferred seat location. Be sure to put in your preferences for the best possible experience.

In case you’re on the go, fret not. The United Airlines mobile app has you covered. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, it offers a seamless user experience in managing your bookings on the go. It mirrors all the functionality of the website, ensuring your travel plans are never more than a few swipes away. Download it from AppStore or Google Play Store to start.

Note: Remember to keep your travel documents updated. United Airlines abides by a strict privacy policy to ensure all your details are safe and secure.

With these steps in mind, accessing the Manage Booking feature would no longer feel like a challenging job. So go ahead, take the reins of your travel plans and steer them to your preference.

Making Changes to Your Itinerary

Managing your booking with United Airlines doesn’t just mean keeping an eye on your flight status. It’s about having the flexibility to make changes to your itinerary whenever necessary. Now, this might sound like it’s full of hassles, but that’s just not the case.

Perhaps you’ve had an unexpected change in your schedule or just decided to extend your fun-filled vacation. No worries. With United Airlines, adjustments to your plans are just a few clicks away. Here’s how you can redefine your travel plans at the drop of a hat, without any headaches.

Navigate to the ‘Manage Booking’ section on the United Airlines website. Alternatively, use the United Airlines mobile app if you prefer handling affairs on your phone. Enter your booking details, like your ticket number or the last name on your reservation. Once you’re in, you’ll see your itinerary.

Got some changes in mind? You’ll find an option to ‘Change Flight’ or ‘Cancel Flight’ depending on what you need. If you choose to change your flight, you’ll be directed to a screen where you can modify your dates, destinations, or even the class of your ticket.

Do note that for certain ticket types, a change fee may apply. United Airlines’ policy on this is clear, and you might want to check it out to know exactly what you’re stepping into.

In case you’re pondering to purchase extra services, be it additional baggage, priority boarding, or extra legroom, it can be easily done while managing your booking. Just look for the ‘Add Services’ option.

Consistently updating your travel documents is also key. Your passport and visa details need to be accurate and up-to-date, and the ‘Manage Booking’ feature allows you to do this seamlessly.

Through each step of the way, you’re maintaining control over your travel plans. So, the next time your plans take a spin, remember that with United Airlines, you’re always game for changes. A world of convenience, flexibility, and control waits at your fingertips with United Airlines’ Manage Booking.

Selecting Your Seat

You’ve probably spent some time thinking about where you’d like to sit when you fly. With United Airlines’ Manage Booking feature, that power is at your fingertips. You get to decide whether you want to glide through the atmosphere tucked in a window seat, or prefer the freedom of an aisle seat. You can even choose the peace of extra legroom in an exit row.

After logging into your account on United Airlines’ website or mobile app, navigating to the manage booking feature is a breeze. Find your upcoming flight, select the “Seat Selection” option, and voilà – a layout of the plane’s cabin. Seat available for selection will be highlighted, allowing you to choose your preferred spot on that long-haul flight to Tokyo or quick jaunt to Chicago.

If you’re wondering about the additional charges for choosing your seat, well, that depends on your ticket type. A detailed breakdown of the seating, fare types, and associated costs can be located in the “Fare Information” section. Making sure that you’re aware of any pecuniary implications before selecting your seat is crucial, so don’t skip this step!

For those of you who have enrolled in United’s MileagePlus program, you might enjoy some juicy benefits here. Depending on your status in the program, you could access preferential seating areas, or even score a free upgrade to Economy Plus or First Class!

Oh, and don’t fret if all the cool seats are taken. Seats may open up as flight day nears due to other passengers changing their travel plans. So don’t forget to check back occasionally – you might just grab a window seat with a sweeping view of the wing.

What about families or those traveling in a group, you ask? Well, United understands the importance of keeping your travel party together. While the airline does its best to seat families together, it’s not always guaranteed. In this case, it’s recommended to select your seats early on to increase the chances of sitting together.

Remember, with United Airlines, managing your booking and selecting your seat is easy, convenient, and puts the power of choice directly in your hands.

Adding Extras to Your Booking

Following the selection of your ideal seats, you can also add extras to your booking for a more enjoyable flying experience. The Manage Booking feature of United Airlines is a one-stop platform not only for modifying your itinerary but also for availing additional services.

Extras available include: extra legroom seats, priority boarding, additional checked baggage, and in-flight meals. All these services are designed to enhance your comfort and convenience during your flight. Each of these extras comes with its specific cost, addable directly to your booking via the Manage Booking module.

To add extra services, you need to navigate back to the Manage Booking page. From there, look for your current booking and select the Add Extras option. You’ll be directed to a new page presenting all available extras. Choose your preferred service and proceed to checkout.

Availing extra services is entirely at your discretion and dependent on your travel needs. For example, if you’re on a long-haul flight, you might want to opt for extra legroom seats or an upgraded meal plan. On the other hand, if you’re flying off for a lengthy vacation or a relocation, additional checked baggage could be essential.

Remember, as a member of the MileagePlus program, you stand a chance to get some of these services at discounted prices or even for free. Depending on your tier and points accumulated, enjoy benefits like extra legroom, priority boarding among others. Just ensure to always update your MileagePlus details on the Manage Booking page.

Considering the benefits of these extras, it’s clear why they have become popular among frequent flyers. Kudos goes to United Airlines for integrating all these services into one user-friendly platform – the Manage Booking feature.


United Airlines’ Manage Booking is your one-stop-shop for all travel needs. It’s not just about adjusting your travel dates or destinations; it’s your ticket to a seamless journey. From selecting your ideal seat to adding extra services, everything is at your fingertips. Remember, keeping your travel documents updated is key. And if you’re a MileagePlus member, you’re in for some sweet deals. So next time you’re flying with United, make the most of this feature. It’s your passport to convenience, flexibility, and a travel experience tailored to your needs. United Airlines has truly raised the bar by bringing all these services onto one user-friendly platform. Happy travels!

How can you manage your booking with United Airlines?

Managing your booking with United Airlines can be done easily through the website or mobile app. Passengers can modify their itinerary, including dates, destinations, and ticket class, and add extra services.

How do I modify my itinerary on United Airlines?

Modifications to your itinerary such as changing dates, destinations, or ticket class can be done through the ‘Manage Booking’ feature on the United Airlines website or mobile app.

Can I choose my seat with United Airlines while managing my booking?

Yes, United Airlines provides the feature to select your preferred seat during the manage booking process both on their website and mobile app.

Are there additional charges for selecting the seat of your choice?

Yes, there might be supplemental charges for choosing a particular seat. However, if you are a MileagePlus program member, you may enjoy additional benefits such as discounts or even free services.

How can I add extras to my booking on United Airlines?

You can add extras like extra legroom seats, priority boarding, additional checked baggage, and in-flight meals through the ‘Manage Booking’ page on the United Airlines website or mobile app. Special benefits are offered to MileagePlus program members.

Is the manage booking platform of United Airlines user-friendly?

Yes, the article praises United Airlines for integrating all services into one user-friendly platform, making it efficient and convenience for passengers to manage their bookings.

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