Delta SkyMiles Partners: Discover Airlines That Honor Your Miles

Delta SkyMiles Partners Overview

Understanding the partnership network of Delta is essential to maximize your SkyMiles. You’ll find that Delta’s network extends far beyond the US and Canada thanks to these partnerships. We use the term ‘SkyTeam Alliance’, a vital part of Delta’s partnership network. The SkyTeam Alliance is a group of 19 airlines around the world that together, promise a seamless travel experience no matter where you’re headed.

Delta is partnered with many major airlines, which are divided into two primary categories:

  • SkyTeam Alliance Members
  • Non-Alliance Partners

As a SkyMiles member, you can use your rewards on any of these airlines.

SkyTeam Alliance Members

Just imagine. Flying anywhere you want. Asia, Europe, Africa – SkyMiles got you covered. All thanks to 19 partners under the SkyTeam Alliance. A few prominent ones include:

  • Air France
  • KLM
  • Korean Air

While it’s tempting to start dreaming about your next trip, there’s more. Delta is not just limited to the SkyTeam Alliance. It has developed relationships outside the alliance as well!

Non-Alliance Partners

For those offbeat destinations and unique airline experiences, you can count on Delta’s Non-Alliance partners. They can get you to places where Delta or its SkyTeam partners do not fly. These partners include:

  • Virgin Australia
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • WestJet

In the next section, we’ll investigate into specifics of how to use your SkyMiles with various partners. So, keep reading.

North American Delta SkyMiles Partners

Let’s jump into the North American milieu of Delta’s partners. Unsurprisingly, you’ll find a handful of airlines where your Delta SkyMiles can go the distance.

One of the major airlines in this region where you can use your SkyMiles is Aeromexico. As a SkyTeam alliance partner, Aeromexico shares an array of benefits with Delta, such as accumulating miles on either airline’s flights or redeeming your SkyMiles for flight awards on Aeromexico.

Earn and burn those SkyMiles with Air Canada, an airline that maintains a comprehensive loyalty partnership even as a non-SkyTeam member. This partnership means you can earn SkyMiles on Air Canada flights, or you can just as readily use your points to catch a ride on one of their flights.

Alaska Airlines is another partner to keep on your radar. Delta’s tie-up with Alaska allows you to collect SkyMiles on most Alaska Airlines routes, and these miles can add up pretty quickly if you frequently travel along the West Coast.

SkyMiles help your travels soar with WestJet as well. The Atlanta-based Delta and Canada’s WestJet struck a comprehensive partnership deal that comes with perks and miles earning capabilities. So your next trip to Canada could involve fewer out-of-pocket expenses thanks to these accumulated points.

Remember, this is a snapshot of Delta’s North American partners. If you want to see how far-reaching this loyalty network reaches beyond North America, be sure to check Delta’s official partner page for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

By keeping abreast of these airline partners, you’re one step closer to getting the most out of your Delta SkyMiles. And who doesn’t love a good deal when it’s up in the air? That’s what makes the difference between an ordinary trip and an extraordinary experience. The world is literally at your fingertips with SkyMiles.

European Delta SkyMiles Partners

As you journey across the globe, it’s essential to know that your Delta SkyMiles rewards don’t stop when you reach Europe. In fact, you can still use your SkyMiles along with several European airlines. This is a major money-saving secret that not everyone is aware of, and fully understanding it can truly maximize your rewards.

Air France, Virgin Atlantic, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Alitalia are some of the key partners based in Europe. Collaborating with these airlines is an impressive way the Delta SkyMiles program extends its impact, allowing you to enjoy smoother, economical travels across the Atlantic.

These European partners allow you to earn and redeem your SkyMiles the same as if you were flying with Delta itself. Transferable mile programs offer that extra edge for frequent flyers, and being familiar with them, gives you a leg up in maximizing your earning potentials.

For more specific information about how each partnership works and each airline’s unique benefits, make sure to visit the official Delta partner page. Details like mileage earning percentages and available perks significantly vary from partner to partner. So get the most out of your miles by staying in the know.

SkyTeam Alliance often offers exciting deals with Delta’s European partners. Participating in these partnerships can have value beyond just flying. From priority check-in and boarding to access to exclusive lounge facilities, these airlines provide SkyMiles members with ample flying conveniences.

Delta is always expanding and improving its alliances. So, by regularly keeping an eye on updates, you’ll be among the first to enjoy any new offers or partners available. Don’t underestimate the power of this knowledge, because the more you know, the bigger your savings could be.

Asian Delta SkyMiles Partners

Delta’s reach extends across the globe and their partnerships in Asia are quite impressive. Leveraging these affiliations you can earn miles, use them or even get extra perks depending on the program conditions.

Delta’s partnership with Korean Air, the largest airline and flag carrier of South Korea, is one worth noting. Known for their excellent customer service and generous baggage allowance, Korean Air is an attractive option, especially on inter-Asian routes. What’s more, SkyMiles can be earned and redeemed on all Korean Air flights.

Besides, Delta is partnered with Japanese airlines, Japan Airlines, and All Nippon Airways (ANA). Japan Airlines provides seamless connections to Japanese domestic destinations, while ANA offers you a premium travel experience focused on comfort and convenience. Your SkyMiles are not left unused with these airlines.

Delta’s collaboration extends to China with China Eastern and China Airlines, facilitating travel to and within the vast regions of Greater China. As an added bonus, SkyMiles members can accrue miles on virtually all flights operated by these airlines.

Remember to check out Delta’s official partner page as partners may vary per region and benefits can change. It’s important to note that certain restrictions, exclusions or specific conditions may apply.

Here’s a quick glance at these Asian partners for easy reference:

Delta SkyMiles Partner Country Base SkyMiles Eligibility
Korean Air South Korea Yes
Japan Airlines Japan Yes
All Nippon Airways (ANA) Japan Yes
China Eastern China Yes
China Airlines Taiwan Yes

Other International Delta SkyMiles Partners

Let’s carry on with our journey around the globe and take a look at other international partnerships where you can use your SkyMiles. Delta’s list of partners extends beyond Asia, providing you with a wide range of options for earning and burning miles on multiple airlines worldwide.

In Europe, you will find partners such as Air France, KLM, and Virgin Atlantic. Each of these airlines offers you the opportunity to earn or redeem your SkyMiles while enjoying a unique flying experience. Fancy some British charm while flying over the Atlantic? Virgin Atlantic’s got you covered. Or perhaps you’d like to soak up some Dutch hospitality with KLM or French savoir-faire with Air France? With Delta SkyMiles, the choice is all yours.

Over in the Americas, there’s Aeromexico and WestJet waiting for your SkyMiles. Whether you’re heading to the bountiful beaches of Mexico or exploring the Canadian wilderness, Delta makes sure your miles fly with you. Now, isn’t that an advantage worth singing about?

Down under, you can trust the Australian carrier Virgin Australia with your valuable SkyMiles. If Australia or New Zealand is on your travel wish list, don’t let those miles gather dust – put them to work!

It’s important to note that while Delta’s partnerships make the globe seem smaller, each partnership has its own distinct rules and perks. Some airlines may allow you to earn miles but not redeem them, or vice versa. So do your assignments: visit Delta’s official partner page, check what each partnership offers, and strategize accordingly.

Take note: this isn’t an exhaustive list of Delta’s partners. New partnerships might be formed, and existing ones may change or dissolve. Hence, make it a practice to periodically check Delta’s official partner page. That way, you’re always armed with the most up-to-date information.

So there you have it. Fly with Delta, and your SkyMiles become a ticket to explore the world.


So there you have it. Your Delta SkyMiles aren’t just for Delta flights. They can take you far and wide with Delta’s partners across the globe. From Asia’s Korean Air, Japan Airlines, ANA, China Eastern, and China Airlines to various airlines in Europe, the Americas, and even Australia. These partnerships bring more than just mileage redemption. They offer added perks that enhance your travel experience. But remember, the specifics of each partnership can change. So it’s always a smart move to check Delta’s official partner page for the latest on rules and benefits. With SkyMiles and Delta’s partners, the world really is at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can Delta SkyMiles be used with Delta’s airline partners in Asia?

Yes, Delta SkyMiles can be used with multiple Asian airline partners such as Korean Air, Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways (ANA), China Eastern, and China Airlines.

Q2: What benefits come from using SkyMiles with Delta’s Asian partners?

The key benefit is the ability to earn and redeem miles. Adittional perks may be available based on the specific program conditions of each airline.

Q3: Are SkyMiles only useful with Asian airlines?

No, SkyMiles can also be used with Delta’s international partners, including airlines based in Europe, the Americas, and Australia.

Q4: Where can I find the most updated information about using SkyMiles with partner airlines?

The most recent information on using SkyMiles with partner airlines can be found on Delta’s official partner page.

Q5: What should I do to make the most of my SkyMiles?

To maximize your SkyMiles, ensure to always check Delta’s official partner page for the latest rules, regulations, and perks for each partnership.

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