American Airlines Infant Policy and Booking Requirements

Age Restrictions for Infants

Understanding American Airlines’ policy on infant travel begins with the very basics – age restrictions. For starters, the team at American Airlines categorizes infants as youngsters below the age of 2. This means that if your little one hasn’t had their second birthday yet, they’re considered an infant.

But, there’s an interesting caveat. American Airlines divides this infant category further based on age. Those uber-cute newborns up to 7 days old require approval from their Special Assistance team before boarding the plane. This is done to ensure the baby’s safety during the flight as flying at such a young age can pose potential health risks.

For infants aged more than 7 days but less than 2 years, there’s flexible seating options. They can either sit in your lap or you’re allowed to book a separate seat for them. If you opt to keep the infant on your lap, remember, there’s a one infant per adult rule. If you’ve got twins or triplets, you’re going to need another adult!

For the comfort and safety of your child, if you’re on a transpacific flight or any flight more than 12 hours, American Airlines highly recommends you book a seat rather than keep the child on your lap. A Child Restraint System (CRS) that’s tag indicates it’s approved for motor vehicle use is recommended by the FAA for utmost safety.

Age Seating Requirement
0-7 days Adult’s lap Special Approval
7 days – 2 years Adult’s lap or separate seat If lap, one infant per adult

Seating Arrangements and Accommodations

When flying with infants, comfort, and safety take priority. American Airlines understands parents’ concerns and has a well-constructed policy to cater to the intricacies of infant travel. Let’s investigate into the details.

Reserving a Seat for Your Infant

While infants aged less than 2 years have the option to sit on an adult’s lap, booking a separate seat is a safer and more comfortable choice especially for longer flights. An extra seat ensures that your child has their own space and increases overall flight comfort. Remember that for flights that are 12 hours or longer, American Airlines strongly recommends having a separate seat for your child.

Using a Child Restraint System (CRS)

If you decide to go for a separate seat, you’d want to invest in a Child Restraint System (CRS). A CRS is essentially a child safety seat approved for use in motor vehicles. The CRS must be appropriately labeled and should bear “this restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft”, in red lettering. A CRS not only provides a greater level of safety for your child, but also makes the journey more comfortable for both of you.

Here’s a table for you to quickly refer to the details:

Up to 2 yrs Adult’s lap or separate seat CRS in a separate seat
2 yrs & up Separate seat is mandatory CRS in a separate seat

Baggage Allowance for Infants

When you’re jetting off with your little one, knowing the specifics of the baggage policy can really make the difference in your journey. At American Airlines, they understand that travelling with an infant needs extra care. Hence, they have designed their baggage allowance for infants thoughtfully.

If you’re flying domestically within the United States, your lap infant won’t have a baggage allowance. But, if they’ve a separate booked seat or you’re on an international flight, the infant gets the same baggage allowance as an adult. This is quite generous, especially for those long-haul trips.

Interestingly, American Airlines also allows you to check one stroller and one car seat per child for free. This can truly be a lifesaver on travel days! To make it even more convenient, you can check these items at the ticket counter or right at the gate.

When it comes to carrying on baby items, the rules are the same for all passengers, regardless of age. American Airlines’ carry-on policy lets you take one bag and one personal item onboard, without any specific allowances for baby items.

The following table superficially summarizes the baggage allowances for infants on American Airlines:

Travel Type Baggage Allowance
Domestic (lap infant) No allowance
Domestic (individual seat) or International Same as adult
Strollers and Car Seats One of each, checked for free

This information can be incredibly helpful as you plan your journey with your infant. Knowing what to pack, where to pack it, and what the allowances are will all contribute to smoother sailing, or rather, flying. By familiarizing yourself with American Airlines’ baggage policy for infants, you’re setting yourself up for a carefree, well-prepared adventure.

Booking Requirements for Infants

Planning a trip with an infant requires extra care and attention to detail. When it comes to flying with American Airlines, there are some important booking requirements to keep in mind for an easy and stress-free travel experience.

One key point worth noting at the outset is the age limit for lap infants. American Airlines only permits children under 2 years old to travel as lap infants. In other words, if the child is 2 years or older, they must have their own seats. While the policy permits infants under 2 years old to sit on an adult’s lap, it recommends considering a separate seat for the child on longer flights. The safety and comfort of your little one are our top priorities.

When you decide to book a separate seat for your child, make sure that you use a Child Restraint System (CRS). A CRS is a hard-backed child safety seat that’s approved for use in motor vehicles and aircraft. For the smoothest possible journey, pre-plan your seating arrangements and prepare to install the CRS properly on your flight.

What about the ticketing process? As a rule, if your baby will be traveling on your lap, they do not need a ticket. But, if you choose to purchase a seat for your infant, you will purchase a child ticket.

American Airlines not only caters to the comfort of your infant but also takes care of their baggage needs. Infants with their own booked seat or on international flights receive the same baggage allowance as an adult. Besides, American Airlines allows one stroller and one car seat per child to be checked for free. So, whether it’s diapers, blankets, or the favorite teddy bear, there’s ample room to pack all the essentials for your baby.

In the end, remember that a well-informed traveler is a relaxed traveler. So familiarize yourself with the infant policy of American Airlines to have a fantastic and care-free journey with your little one. Optimal knowledge and preparation go a long way in ensuring that your air travel is as seamless as possible.

Being aware of these booking requirements can largely help reduce the usual stress associated with traveling with infants.

Tips and Guidelines for Traveling with Infants

After getting familiar with American Airlines’ Infant Policy, it’s crucial to keep a bunch of practical tips and guidelines in mind when you’re planning to travel with your little ones. These tips will make your journey smoother and more comfortable.

Remember, booking a separate seat for your infant is always recommended for flights that are more than 12 hours long. Not only will this provide more room for you and your child, but it also ensures greater safety as you’ll be able to use an approved CRS (Child Restraint System). This is important on long-haul flights where turbulence can occur unpredictably.

If you decide to hold your baby for the duration of the flight, remember a lap-held infant’s safety belt is a must. Also, note that only one lap-held child is allowed per adult.

Another useful tip when flying with infants is advance seat selection. If you book your flight early, you have the opportunity to select your preferred seat. One of the best seating options for those traveling with infants is bulkhead seats. These provide more legroom and are usually closer to restrooms, which can be extremely handy during long flights.

Packing light and only the essentials is another key guideline. Remember, you are entitled to one personal item and a carry-on item. But, American Airlines allows essentials for your infant such as diapers, a collapsible stroller, and a car seat without counting them as your personal or cabin baggage. Make sure you check the American Airlines’ policy to know exactly what you’re allowed to bring.

To keep your baby quiet during the flight, pack enough toys, food, and baby care items. Air travel can be tough on little ones, but consistent feeding and routine care can help mitigate this.

These tips should go a long way in ensuring a well-prepared and carefree journey with your infant. Familiarization with the policy and diligent planning is the key to a comfortable flight experience with American Airlines.


Navigating the skies with your little one can be a breeze with American Airlines’ accommodating infant policy. Remember, while your baby under 2 can sit on your lap, a separate seat is recommended for those longer flights. Don’t forget to consider the Child Restraint System for flights exceeding 12 hours. Booking and baggage are also simplified with their infant-friendly provisions. As you plan your trip, make sure to pack all the essentials to keep your baby comfortable. By understanding and utilizing these policies, you’re setting the stage for a seamless, stress-free travel experience with American Airlines. Safe travels!

1. What are American Airlines’ infant travel policies?

American Airlines permits infants under 2 years old to sit on an adult’s lap, yet for flights longer than 12 hours, it is recommended to book a separate seat for the child. Furthermore, the use of an approved Child Restraint System (CRS) is strongly advised.

2. What is the ticketing process for infants traveling on American Airlines?

The ticketing process for infants varies based on whether the infant will be sitting on an adult’s lap or will have a separate seat. Regardless, infants are always included in the ticket booking process.

3. What is the baggage allowance for infants traveling with American Airlines?

American Airlines allows essential items for infants without counting them as personal or cabin baggage. This makes traveling with infants more convenient and less stressful.

4. Are there any recommendations for traveling with infants on American Airlines?

Yes, the primary recommendation is to book a separate seat for flights longer than 12 hours. Also, ensure you select preferred seats in advance and pack enough toys, food, and baby care items to keep the baby occupied during the flight.

5. What is a Child Restraint System (CRS)?

A CRS is a seat that is specifically designed to protect young children from injury or death during vehicle collisions. American Airlines recommends the use of an approved CRS for flights longer than 12 hours.

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