Aeromexico Flight Change Policy & Fee

Are you planning a trip with Aeromexico and wondering about their flight change policy? You’re in the right place. We’re going to break down everything you need to know about Aeromexico’s flight change policy and fees.

Maybe you’ve had a change in plans, or perhaps you’re just exploring your options. Either way, understanding the ins and outs of a flight change policy can save you time, stress, and potentially, a lot of money.

With Aeromexico, there are specific rules and fees associated with changing your flight. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Stay tuned as we investigate into the specifics of Aeromexico’s flight change policy and fee structure.

What is Aeromexico’s flight change policy?

When your travel plans change, Aeromexico’s flight change policy provides a certain level of flexibility. It’s crucial to know about this policy, as it not only saves you stress but can also help you avoid unnecessary fees.

Aeromexico allows flight changes for tickets purchased through their website, call center, or ticket offices. They even provide a unique feature, the flexibility to alter your flight date, destination, or time up to 24 hours before your scheduled flight. But, the one caveat to this is that you cannot make any changes within three hours of your flight departure.

Aeromexico also offers same-day flight changes. If you’re looking to change to an earlier or later flight on the same day of your initial flight, Aeromexico permits this, provided there’s availability. Remember – this option is only accessible up to 24 hours before your original flight.

Details of Aeromexico’s flight change policy are worthy of notice:

  • The flight change policy is applicable to both domestic and international flights.
  • Changes are subject to availability and certain restrictions may apply.
  • Complimentary changes are permissible only for certain fare categories.
  • Extra fees may apply for a change or cancellation, depending on the fare rules of your ticket.

Change fees can vary depending on several factors, such as when you made the change, and the type of ticket you have. To help break this down, here’s a table:

Change Request Time Basic Fare Classic Fare Flexible Fare Premier Fare
More than 24 hours before flight Fee Applies No Fee No Fee No Fee
Less than 24 hours before flight Not Allowed Fee Applies No Fee No Fee

Understanding these details will certainly empower your travel planning. Aeromexico’s flight change policy is developed with the passenger’s convenience in mind, aiming to take the stress out of changing plans. Make sure to review the current fare rules of your ticket before your flight!

Eventually, no matter the policy, early action helps. It’s best to make changes as soon as your plans shift, giving you more options at potentially lower prices. If you foresee a change in your travel schedule, your best course of action is to get in touch with Aeromexico directly.

Understanding the fees for changing your Aeromexico flight

It’s crucial to dismantle the mystery around Aeromexico’s flight change fees. What you should know is that the fees are highly contingent on several factors. These can range from your fare type, your destination (whether it’s domestic or international), the time of flight change, and even sometimes, the season in which you’re traveling.

Let’s broach the subject of fare type first. There are essentially four fare brackets – Basic, Classic, Flexible, and Premier.

  • Basic fare, being the most economical, comes with strict restrictions. As such, flight changes are not permitted.
  • Classic fare allows for flight changes, but you’ll need to cover certain costs. A change fee, along with any difference in ticket rate, will be your responsibility.
  • Flexible fare comes with more leniency. You’re allowed to change your flight with a smaller change fee, again provided that you bear any fare difference.
  • Premier fare represents the top tier. With this fare, changes are permitted, and there’s no change fee. But, any fare difference remains your liability.

The destination also plays a determining role. For instance, changes on domestic flights usually incur lesser fees compared to their international counterparts. Also, be informed that not all international destinations have uniform fees.

When it comes to the timing, the closer you’re to your departure, the higher the change fee is likely to be. The safest bet is to make changes more than 24 hours before your scheduled departure time.

Last but not least, some periods draw higher fees due to higher demand. These include holidays, summer months, or other peak travel times.

In short, Aeromexico’s flight change policy is layered and the fees associated are subject to variation. As you navigate your way through these layers, remember the cardinal rule – early action and direct communication with Aeromexico are always beneficial. Continue reading the subsequent sections for a more detailed breakdown of these factors and their effects on the flight change fees.

How to change your Aeromexico flight

So, you’ve reviewed Aeromexico’s flight change policy. You’ve taken into account fare types, destination, timing and seasonal variations in fees. Whether you’re changing domestic flights or those international journeys costs mainly lower: you’re ready to make a move. Now comes the part where you actually put your plan into action.

Acting early and maintaining direct contact with Aeromexico for flight changes are key. Start by accessing the “Manage Your Trip” section on the Aeromexico website or app. This is where you’ll find details for your individual booking. Look out for the ‘Change Flight’ option. It’s usually marked clearly and easily accessible, but locations can vary depending on platform or updates.

Next, indicate your desired changes. That could mean switching to a different date, a different time on the same day, or even a new destination. Heads up: this is when fees may apply, in line with policy details we’ve previously covered. Be sure to review the new flight details carefully before confirming any changes. Choosing “Flexible Date” while booking also helps reduce fees further.

Finally, follow the prompts to complete the flight change. Payment for any associated fees can be done using your preferred method. The card used for the original booking of tickets is often the most straightforward choice.

Remember, Aeromexico’s customer service team is on hand to help make the process easier. Reach out if you’re uncertain or need additional support. Also, note that changing a Aeromexico’s flight can have ramifications on fares and seating arrangements. It’s always better to keep this in mind when initiating a fare change.

Important things to consider when changing your Aeromexico flight

When the unexpected happens, it’s essential to promptly help amendments to your travel arrangements. Changing your Aeromexico flight doesn’t need to be a source of stress. By understanding key factors, you can make the process simple and straightforward.

First, be aware that timescales will play a role in your flight change. If you act within 24 hours of booking, it’s likely you’ll be able to make alterations without incurring charges. But, changes made after this period may require you to pay a fee. The finer details lie within your specific ticket type’s conditions, so it’s advisable to read these terms thoroughly.

Next on your priority list should be considering the impact of changes to your itinerary. Swapping flights may result in different routes, possible layovers, and, of course, changes to arrival and departure times. These factors can dramatically impact your travel plans. Ensuring you’re okay with these changes before confirming your flight change is a wise move.

Consider also the possible variations in fare costs and seating arrangements. Changing a flight rarely results in an identical replacement. You may find that fees increase or decrease depending on the new flight’s timing, location, and availability. Make sure you’re prepared for these potential variations ahead of time, so they don’t shock you.

Payment methods deserve thought as well. Aeromexico advises using the same card used for the original booking where possible. This makes the transaction smoother and minimizes the risk of issues arising.

And, let’s not forget that Aeromexico’s customer service team can serve as your helpful ally during flight changes. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance or support. It can cut down on confusion and ensure a successful transition to your new travel plans.

As you’re adapting your Aeromexico flight, the knowledge you’ve gained here can considerably lighten your load. These insights can guide you, empower you, ensuring smooth and informed alterations to your plan.


So, you’ve got the scoop on Aeromexico’s flight change policy. Remember, timing is key. Act fast to avoid fees after that initial 24-hour window. Be prepared for changes in your itinerary, fare cost, and seating. It’s always best to use the same card for payment. And don’t hesitate to contact Aeromexico’s customer service for help. With this knowledge, you’re set to navigate the flight change process like a pro. Fly smart and enjoy your journey with Aeromexico.

1. What should I consider when changing an Aeromexico flight?

You need to consider factors such as the timescales for making changes, potential fees, impact on your itinerary, fare costs, and seating arrangements. Try to act promptly as fees may apply after 24 hours of your initial booking.

2. What happens if I don’t make changes within 24 hours of booking?

If you don’t make changes within 24 hours of booking, you might need to pay additional fees. The exact amount may vary depending on the fare rules attached to your ticket.

3. How can changing my Aeromexico flight affect my itinerary?

Changing your flight can potentially impact your itinerary. You might get different departure or arrival times, change of transit points, or a different route altogether.

4. How could my fare costs be affected when I change my Aeromexico flight?

When you change your flight, fare costs could either increase or decrease depending on the new flight’s fare. Differences in fare might lead to additional charges or refunds.

5. Should I use the same credit card for paying the change fee and/or fare difference?

Yes, it’s advised to use the same card for payment when paying the change fee or fare difference. This makes the transaction process smoother and more efficient.

6. Can Aeromexico’s customer service team assist me with the flight change process?

Absolutely. Aeromexico’s customer service team is available to assist passengers with the flight change process and to address any questions or concerns they might have.

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