How to upgrade to Premier business class on Aeromexico Airlines

Looking to elevate your flying experience with Aeromexico Airlines? You’re in the right place. Upgrading to Premier business class can transform your journey into a luxurious adventure. And it’s easier than you might think.

Aeromexico’s Premier business class offers an array of benefits that are sure to make your flight more enjoyable. From priority check-in to extra legroom, the perks are endless. So, how exactly do you upgrade? Let’s immerse and explore the process together.

Remember, flying should be more than just getting from point A to point B. It’s about the journey as much as the destination. And with Aeromexico’s Premier business class, you’ll be traveling in style. Ready to take your flight experience to new heights? Let’s get started.

Benefits of Upgrading to Premier Business Class on Aeromexico Airlines

When you opt for the Premier Business Class on Aeromexico Airlines, you’re treating yourself to the luxury you deserve. The decision is more than just adding a dash of opulence to your travel. Striking advantages come along that ensure your journey becomes not just stress-free, but also highly productive and enjoyable.

New heights of comfort await you. With extra legroom and incredibly relaxed reclining seats, you’re in for a treat. The level of comfort is a huge leap compared to economy class. Extra space also means you have the room to work or unwind in peace, a perk that’s much appreciated by business travellers and vacationers alike.

Priority check-in is another exclusive perk that significantly enhances your travel experience. Skip the long queues at the airport, saving yourself precious time. This priority treatment extends even further, with entitlement to fast-track security screening and boarding.

One of the key benefits to note is the access to lounges. You can take advantage of this luxury at various airports worldwide whenever you fly with Aeromexico. These lounges offer a tranquil escape from the bustling airport environment. You can relax, enjoy premium cuisine, and even catch up on work inside this exclusive haven.

Aeromexico’s Premier Business Class also showers you with value-added services like priority baggage handling and additional baggage allowance. While others might be waiting at the carousel, your luggage will be among the first to arrive.

Also, the Premier Business Class membership brings you bonus points on the Aeromexico Club Premier loyalty program. The more you fly, the quicker you can rack up points to claim extraordinary rewards and future flight upgrades.

To sum up, upgrading to Aeromexico Airlines’ Premier Business Class does more than just elevate your flight experience. It equips you with numerous benefits that can make your journey as important and fulfilling as the destination, thereby embodying the true spirit of travel. Appreciate the elevated journey: try it out on your next Aeromexico flight.

Understanding the Upgrade Process

Believe us when we say that upgrading to Premier business class on Aeromexico Airlines isn’t rocket science. You are just a few steps away from simplicity, style, and sophistication. You can upgrade your seat while booking your flight or after purchasing the ticket, both online and offline.

In case you’re keen on upgrading while booking your flight, select the Premier class while checking for the availability of seats. If you’ve already bought your ticket and wish to upgrade, go to “Manage Your Trip” on the Aeromexico website. Log in using your credentials, click on your booking, and select the “Upgrade” option. An upgrade might incur extra costs depending on your original booking class and the seat availability.

If an online platform isn’t your cup of tea, you can always opt for an upgrade by calling Aeromexico’s customer service. They’re available round the clock and would be more than happy to assist you in enhancing your flying experience.

There is another way to enhance the flying experience without spending extra money from your pocket. If you’re a member of Aeromexico’s Club Premier, you could use your earned miles for upgrades. You’ve got the miles; why not put them to good use?

Also, it’s worth noting the availability of Premier class depends on the flight and the route. So, your request for an upgrade isn’t always guaranteed. But hey! No risk, no reward, right?

All in all, your journey to upgrade to a luxury experience isn’t filled with hurdles. It’s pretty straightforward and flexible. Whether you’re planning to work, rest, or simply enjoy the flight, Aeromexico Premier class is your perfect companion.

Eligibility Criteria for Upgrading

Let’s dive right in and discuss what determines your eligibility to upgrade to the Premier business class. Being aware of these factors will streamline the process and help avoid any potential disappointment.

Ticket Fare
Firstly, the type of ticket you’ve purchased with Aeromexico bears significance. Not all tickets qualify for an upgrade. You need to hold a full fare or flexible ticket. Discounted or promotional fares typically don’t make the cut for upgrades.

Club Premier Status
Next in line, your standing in the Aeromexico Club Premier loyalty program comes into play. Only members who have reached Elite status (Titanium, Platinum, or Gold) are eligible to request an upgrade using their earned miles. This, effectively, underscores the importance of building up loyalty points with the airline.

Availability of Premier Class Seats
Here’s the tricky part: your desired upgrade is entirely subject to the availability of business class seats on your chosen flight and route. Even if you meet all the criteria and are ready to upgrade, it’s a no-go if the Premier class is fully booked.

Timely Request
Finally, remember the onset in matching your scheduling. It’s critical to make your upgrade request at least 24 hours before your flight’s departure, and remember to keep a watching brief for a prompt reply from Aeromexico.

Let’s now unveil how you can practically apply for the upgraded class and confirm your Premier Business seat.

How to Request an Upgrade

Ready to fly in comfort and style? Here’s how you can request an upgrade to Premier business class on Aeromexico. It’s a simple process once you satisfy the eligibility requirements outlined above.

Start by logging into your Club Premier account on the Aeromexico website. You’ll find an option to upgrade your ticket under ‘Manage My Booking’ or ‘My Trips’, depending on the type of ticket you have. After selecting your flight, click on the ‘Request Upgrade’ button. Fill in the necessary details and then submit your request.

Remember, the request must be made at least 24 hours before the flight’s departure. Aeromexico grants upgrade requests based on a priority sequence dependent on ticket type and Club Premier status. Hence, the sooner your request is in, the higher your chances of securing that comfortable Premier Business Class seat.

If you’re at the airport and still haven’t secured an upgrade, don’t worry! Just head over to an Aeromexico ticket counter and have a warm chat with a customer service representative. You can certainly request your upgrade there provided seats in Premier class are still available.

Requesting an upgrade might seem daunting at first, but once you’re accustomed to the process it’s as simple as pie! Keep in mind that achieving Elite status in the Aeromexico Club Premier loyalty program can significantly enhance your chances of securing that much-desired upgrade.

In the end, the luxurious experience of Premier Business class on Aeromexico will definitely be worth the effort. Enjoy the unrivaled comfort and privileges including priority check-in, luxurious seating, unending refreshments, and the highest standard of service that truly make your journey truly unforgettable.

Paying for an Upgrade

When you’ve met the eligibility criteria and are ready to upgrade to Premier Business class, it’s time to explore the pricing options Aeromexico Airlines offers. It’s crucial to remember that an upgrade isn’t free, and costs can vary depending on several factors.

A central element determining price is your current ticket class. The cost of upgrading to Premier Business class from a full-fare or flexible ticket is much lower than from a discounted or promotional ticket. It’s also important to know that upgrading at the last moment, if seats are still available, might be more expensive.

As a Club Premier member, ensure you’re familiar with the Puntos Premier program. This unique scheme gives you the ability to pay for an upgrade using Premier Points, rather than cash. The upgrade cost in Premier Points primarily depends on the route and distance of your flight. But, remember not all flights offer this option, and it’s subject to availability.

Using a table to help you visualize these varying costs, here’s a brief breakdown of how many Premier Points you may need to upgrade:

Route Premier Points Needed for Upgrade
Domestic (Mexico) 10,000-20,000
Transborder (USA & Canada) 40,000-50,000
International (Rest of the world) 70,000-80,000

A quick pro tip – always make sure to check the latest rewards chart on the Aeromexico Club Premier page. This is due to the fact that the required points are subject to change. So, by doing this, you’ll ensure that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Another important point to ponder is whether you want to cover the complete upgrade cost with Premier Points or opt for the “Points + Cash” option. This latter choice enables you to combine your Premier Points with a cash payment. Although it might seem a bit complex, it’s valuable to assess all your options thoroughly.

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Upgrade

Here’s the scoop: you need to get savvy if you want to increase your chances for a successful upgrade to Premier business class on Aeromexico Airlines. Let’s break it down with some cool strategies.

Stay Smart About Ticket Types: Always remember, not all ticket classes are eligible for an upgrade. Your best bet is purchasing a full fare or flexible ticket to be considered for an upgrade. Always check for ticket eligibility at the time of buying so you don’t miss out.

Leverage Your Loyalty: If you’re in the Aeromexico Club Premier, use it to your advantage. Frequent flyers with Elite status enjoy priority when it comes to upgrades. In fact, it’s a great leap ahead of the queue. The higher your status, the better your odds.

Advance Planning Pays Off: Waiting until the last minute is not recommended. Try to request an upgrade at least 24 hours before the flight’s departure. That way, you’re ahead of folks who wait till they’re at the airport and Premier class seats are running out.

Check Flight Routes: All routes are not created equal. Some flight routes are more likely to have available Premier class seats. Routes like Mexico City to Cancun or Monterrey to Guadalajara often offer more upgrade opportunities. Do your assignments about flight routes before deciding to upgrade.

Points Plus Cash: Not enough Premier Points? No worries. Aeromexico allows a combination of Premier Points and cash for the upgrade. It’s a handy option if you’re points-short but eager to upgrade.


So there you have it. Upgrading to Premier business class on Aeromexico Airlines isn’t as daunting as it may seem. Remember, a full fare or flexible ticket can be your golden ticket to an upgrade. Elite status in the Aeromexico Club Premier loyalty program can also boost your chances. Don’t forget to request your upgrade at least 24 hours before take-off. Check flight routes for those hidden upgrade opportunities. And if you’re short on Premier Points, don’t worry. You can always top up with cash. With these tips up your sleeve, you’re ready to experience the luxury of business class. Safe travels and enjoy the upgrade!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the article offer?

This article provides tips and strategies for successfully upgrading to the Premier business class with Aeromexico Airlines.

What is the importance of having a full fare or flexible ticket?

Purchasing a full fare or flexible ticket increases your chances of securing an upgrade to Premier business class on Aeromexico Airlines.

How can becoming an Elite member of the Aeromexico Club Premier loyalty program aid in receiving upgrades?

Being an Elite status member of the Aeromexico Club Premier loyalty program improves the likelihood of getting an upgrade.

When should I request an Aeromexico upgrade?

You are advised to request an upgrade at least 24 hours before the departure of your flight for the best chances of approval.

How can checking flight routes boost upgrade opportunities?

Checking flight routes allows for discovering extra opportunities for upgrades, especially on less popular or off-peak flights.

Can I use a combination of Premier Points and cash for upgrades?

Yes, if you do not have enough Premier Points, you can use a combination of your points with cash for the upgrade.

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