Air Canada Advance Seat Selection Policy & Preferred Seats

Ever wondered how to secure that window seat on your next Air Canada flight? Or maybe you’re all about the extra legroom that comes with a preferred seat? You’re in luck! Air Canada’s advance seat selection policy lets you have your pick of the best spots on the plane.

This policy isn’t just about comfort, it’s about convenience too. No more last-minute scrambles to find suitable seats for you and your travel companions. With a little planning, you can ensure everyone’s seated together.

Air Canada Advance Seat Selection Policy

Before we investigate into the nitty-gritty, let’s get a clear understanding of what Air Canada’s Advance Seat Selection Policy is all about. A tool designed to enhance your flight experience, this policy allows you to select your preferred spot on the plane before your flight. It’s essentially Air Canada’s answer to the phrase “the early bird catches the worm.”

Have you ever arrived at the airport only to find your travel companion six rows Away? Air Canada’s seat selection policy removes this concern. Plan ahead and Choose your seats when you purchase your ticket or any time up to 24 hours before your flight. This way, you can avoid the last-minute scramble at the gate and guarantee that your journey starts stress-free.

About the seat types, Air Canada operates an extensive fleet, and knowing the aircraft type can help you choose the most comfortable spot. Varying amenities are available depending on aircraft type and seat location. Each aircraft model has its specific seat map layout. Want to stretch out your legs on the long haul? Opt for an exit row or a bulkhead seat. Prefer a window view? Look for a seat farther from the restless traffic of the aisle.

The importance of this policy extends beyond your personal comfort. Imagine the convenience for families with young children to sit together, so making the flight more manageable.

But before you start dreaming about that perfect seat, there’s a small disclaimer. Preferred seats are available on all Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge flights and select Air Canada Express flights operated by Jazz. Advance seat selection does not apply to flights operated by other Airlines. So, confirm your seat preferences in advance to assure a smooth ride.

This policy is user-friendly, beneficial, and simple to carry out. Now let’s move on to talk more about the preferred seats offered under this policy.

Benefits of Preferred Seats

Air Canada’s Advance Seat Selection Policy gives you an edge. It lands you the opportunity to have a comfortable and enjoyable flight. Opting for preferred seats doesn’t just give you a place to sit. It takes your flying experience to the next level.

Comfort sits at the heart of preferred seating. You get enhanced legroom which means more space to relax. Long haul flights can be tiresome! Preferred seating pushes back the boundaries. It gives you the much-needed personal space. You can stretch your legs and get comfortable without worrying about disturbing the passenger in front.

Try doing in-seat exercises if you’d like. They’re great in preventing circulatory problems associated with long flights. In-seat exercises allow for a freer movement which contributes to a smoother flying experience. Loved by frequent flyers, preferred seats add an extra layer of comfort to your journey.

Preferred seating also ensures you’re seated with your travel companions. Whether it’s family or friends, the Advance Seat Selection Policy lets you enjoy your journey together. Imagine the convenience. There would be no last-minute huffing and puffing to ensure everyone is seated together.

In your journey with Air Canada, the Advance Seat Selection policy takes care of families with young children too. Parents can rest easy knowing that their little ones are seated right next to them. Air travel can be a bit overwhelming for kids. Having their parents close by can ease their apprehensions and make the journey fun. After all, journeys are not just about reaching your destination. They’re also about making memories that last a lifetime.

How to Access Advance Seat Selection

So, now that you’re aware of the extensive benefits of Air Canada’s Advance Seat Selection Policy, you’re probably eager to learn how to access this option. A good beginning always starts with a well-informed approach, and that’s exactly what we’re going to provide.

When purchasing a ticket with Air Canada, seat selection becomes available at the time of booking. By making a small additional payment, you can secure the seat of your choice, be it an aisle seat for easy mobility, a window seat for a stunning view, or a seat with extra legroom for your ultimate comfort on long flights.

Seat selection can occur via several mediums for your convenience. The simplest option is online during the booking process. Once you’ve chosen your flight and are moving to review your details, select the option to choose your seat. The system’s easy-to-navigate seat map allows you to pick the most suitable spot.

For those who prefer a more personal touch, Air Canada’s customer service representatives are available via phone calls to assist you in the selection process. Alternatively, you can make your selection at the airport check-in counter if you’re more comfortable making your decision closer to your flight departure time.

Finally, if you’re a member of Air Canada’s Aeroplan Loyalty Program, you can select your preferred seat when redeeming your points, at no additional cost. This is a great perk offered to loyal customers, ensuring they enjoy superior comfort every time they fly.

To sum it up, there’s a variety of ways to access Air Canada’s advance seat selection. Online, over phone, during check-in, or through the loyalty program, the choice is all yours. Remember, your comfort and satisfaction are Air Canada’s top priority, and this policy is one of many steps the airline takes towards ensuring a pleasurable journey.

Types of Preferred Seats

Have you ever imagined the perfect flight seat? Air Canada offers a variety of preferred seat options, taking your in-flight comfort to the next level. Each type comes with its own perks, suited for different passenger needs.

The airline provides three main types of preferred seating: Standard, Preferred, and Exit Row seats. Here’s a breakdown:

Seat Type Features
Standard Seats These common choices offer standard legroom suitable for most short-haul flights.
Preferred Seats Found towards the front of the plane, these offer speedier deplaning and extra legroom. Perfect for those long-haul travels or if you’re in a hurry to exit the plane.
Exit Row Seats These provide the most space, located at the plane’s exit rows. Ideal for those seeking maximum legroom on their journey.

Now you’re probably wondering, “How does Air Canada differentiate between these seat types?” Let’s explore.

Standard Seats are essentially the bread and butter of every flight – basic, but dependable. They are situated throughout the plane, offering the well-known comfort of a familiar flying experience.

On the other hand, Preferred Seats take passenger comfort up a notch. They’re located nearer to the cabin’s front, providing quick exits and bonus legroom. If you fancy a little extra stretching space or need to dash off the plane fast, preferred seats are your best choice.

Exit Row Seats lay it all out there when it comes to leg space. Being in the exit rows, these seats feature significantly more stretching room, catering perfectly to tall passengers or those who just appreciate extra roominess.

Plus, all seat types include overhead bin access for your carry-on luggage, and reclining options for your ultimate in-flight ease.

Seat Selection Fees

Now that you’re familiar with the perks and features of Air Canada’s Advance Seat Selection policy, it’s time to investigate into the various fees associated with selecting your preferred seat.

Let’s begin with the Standard seats, the most economical choice. As you might expect, these seats do not command an additional cost over your ticket value. That’s certainly an advantage for budget-conscious travelers. Moving further up, Preferred seats, favored for their extra legroom and quicker deplaning benefit, come at a slight added cost. The charges may vary depending on the length of your flight.

But, for those of you craving the most spacious seating, the Exit Row seats are undoubtedly the best choice. Even though their premium legroom advantage, keep in mind they come with a premium price tag.

An important factor to consider is that fees for the Advance Seat Selection service vary based on flight duration, segment, and booking class. To help you visualize, refer to the following markdown table:

Seat Type Short-haul Flights Long-haul Flights
Standard No added cost No added cost
Preferred Variable (low) Variable (moderate)
Exit Row Variable (moderate) Variable (high)

Remember, Air Canada also offers a complimentary seat selection for beneficiaries such as Altitude members, Premium Economy and Business Class passengers.

Keep in mind, the Advance Seat Selection isn’t just about comfort, it’s also about peace of mind. When you select your seat in advance, there’s no need to stress over where you’ll sit or if you’ll be split from your travel party. The certainty of knowing your seat position before getting on the plane is an undervalued advantage. So, when planning your journey with Air Canada, consider the Advance Seat Selection policy as an element of your comfort and trip efficiency.


So, you’ve learned about Air Canada’s Advance Seat Selection Policy and the benefits of picking your preferred seat. Whether you’re after the cost-effective Standard seat, the extra legroom of the Preferred seat, or the ample space of an Exit Row seat, there’s a choice for every traveler. Remember, the fees can vary, so it’s worth considering your comfort and convenience versus the cost. And don’t forget, some lucky folks can even enjoy complimentary seat selection. With this policy, you can tailor your flight experience to your needs, ensuring a more enjoyable journey. So next time you’re booking with Air Canada, consider selecting your seat in advance for that extra peace of mind and an efficient trip.

What is Air Canada’s Advance Seat Selection Policy?

Air Canada’s Advance Seat Selection Policy allows passengers to choose their desired seats in advance. Types of seats available for selection include Standard, Preferred, and Exit Row; each offering varying perks and features.

What are the types of seats offered by Air Canada?

Air Canada offers three types of preferred seating: Standard, Preferred, and Exit Row. Standard seats come at no extra cost, Preferred seats offer extra legroom, and Exit Row seats with the most substantial legroom but with a premium price.

What are the fees associated with Air Canada’s preferred seating?

The costs for preferred seating vary depending on the flight duration, segment, and booking class. Standard seats are the most economical and do not cost extra, whereas Preferred and Exit Row seats come with an additional cost for the added perks.

Who can avail of complimentary seat selection on Air Canada?

Air Canada offers complimentary seat selection to certain beneficiaries. However, the specifics of who these beneficiaries are isn’t covered in the article.

Why should I choose my seat in advance on Air Canada?

Choosing your seat in advance offers peace of mind and can make your trip more efficient. You’ll know where you’re sitting ahead of time which can make the boarding process smoother and less stressful.

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