Allegiant Air Seat Selection

How Allegiant Air seat selection works

Upon booking your flight, Allegiant presents you with the option to select your seat. It’s a substantial benefit of flying with Allegiant Air. This process, which many other low-cost carriers don’t offer, provides passengers with the freedom to select their preferred location onboard.

You’re given the liberty to choose where you’d like to sit, and that could be:

  • By the window so you can take in aerial views,
  • An aisle seat for more legroom, or
  • The middle seat for close proximity to your travel buddies.

Isn’t it fantastic to have this kind of choice?

Allegiant assigns seats when you choose ‘Seat & Bag’ at the time of booking or later via ‘Manage Travel.’ The price for each seat varies, so you need to refer to the airline’s website for current rates. Allegiant operates within a dynamic pricing structure; the sooner you select your seat, the better the chances are of bagging a deal.

With the ‘Seat & Bag’ option, you not only select your preferred seat but also the size and number of bags you intend to check-in or carry on the plane. This option adds to the overall efficiency and convenience Allegiant Air intends to deliver to its customers.

If you decide against early seat selection, Allegiant assigns seats roughly 24 hours before departure. However, in this scenario, I wouldn’t rely on luck to get the seat of my liking.

In the next section of this article, I’ll lay down the steps to make a smooth and hassle-free seat selection with Allegiant Air. Let’s face it; air travel should be less about stress and more about its eventual excitement.

Benefits of choosing your own seat

When you choose your own seat on Allegiant Air, you’re given a level of control that’s uncommon with many other low-cost airlines. The perks that come with this control are seemingly endless. In my own experience, I’ve found that there are several key benefits worth going into details.

One of the first benefits is comfort. Let’s face it, we don’t all have the same preferences when it comes to seating on an aircraft. Some of us relish the opportunity to soak up the view by the window, others prefer the freedom of movement that an aisle seat offers, and then there are those who don’t mind the middle seat— a surprising minority but hey, to each their own. When you choose your own seat, you have the benefit of selecting exactly where you feel most comfortable for the journey. This means your flight is likely to be significantly more enjoyable.

The second benefit ties in with productivity. If you’re like me, you might find it easier to work in an aisle seat where there’s marginally more room for your laptop or paperwork. A blessing for business travelers! Alternatively, you might have work that’s suited to a window seat where there are fewer distractions. By choosing your own seat, you can create the optimum conditions for getting work done during your flight.

Finally, there’s peace of mind. With a pre-selected seat, you won’t have to worry about being assigned a less desirable spot on the aircraft. You’ll know where you’re sitting well before you step onto the plane, eliminating any flight-day anxiety related to seating.

Remember, Allegiant Air’s ‘Seat & Bag’ option lets you pick your preferred seat and also select the size and number of bags you plan to travel with. Besides these specific benefits, having a grasp on where you’ll be situated during the flight leaves one less thing to chance in the complete travel experience.

Allegiant’s dynamic pricing for seats means you’ll need to weigh the cost against these benefits, so think carefully about what’s most important to you on your flight.

Types of seats available on Allegiant Air

As an airline renowned for giving its passengers control over their journey, Allegiant Air offers a variety of seat types for you to choose from. Each one designed with the passenger’s comfort and convenience in mind.

Let’s delve into the different types of seating options that are available to you when you fly with Allegiant Air.

Standard Economy Class Seats are provided on all Allegiant Air flights. They offer the basic, yet comfortable, seating that you’d expect from a budget airline. Alignment of these seats is in a 2-2 configuration.

However, if you crave a little more luxury and space, you might want to consider their upgraded seating options.

The Legroom+ seats offer passengers more space to stretch their legs – a coveted feature on those longer flights. Found at the front of the plane, you’ll also be among the first to disembark.

For an even more generous helping of comfort, Giant Seats are the premium option on Allegiant Air. These are wider seats with ample legroom and a significant recline. A 2-2 seating array ensures less congestion and quicker access in and out.

The Exit Row Seats are for those who don’t mind a little responsibility. In exchange for potential assistance in an emergency, you receive extra legroom. Do remember that stringent FAA regulations apply to these seats.

Here are the specifics to have a clearer view:

Seat Type Salient Features
Standard Economy Basic seating, 2-2 configuration
Legroom+ Extra legroom, early disembarkation
Giant Seat Wider, significant recline, 2-2 setup
Exit Row Extra legroom, FAA regulations apply

Remember, seat assignment is at a nominal fee with Allegiant Air. It might take a little investment, but the perks that come along are worth it. So, weigh your comfort needs against the available options and choose the best for your journey with Allegiant Air. Your comfort and satisfaction are their priority.

Tips for getting your preferred seat on Allegiant Air

Finding the perfect seat for your flight can be as crucial as the journey itself. I’ve compiled a few key tips to help you secure your preferred seat on Allegiant Air.

Firstly, book early. Allegiant Air’s seating policy is on a first-come, first-served basis and allows passengers to choose their seats at the time of booking. The earlier you book, the wider the selection. So don’t hesitate. Snag your spot as quickly as you can.

Another vital tip is to consider the upgrade options. Allegiant Air offers some fantastic options like Legroom+ seats, Giant Seats, and Exit Row Seats. While choosing these seats might come at a slightly higher cost, they offer greater room and comfort. Particularly for long-haul flights, these options can make a significant difference in your overall flying experience.

Lastly, stay flexible. If the seat you want isn’t available at the time of booking, keep checking back. Seats often open up as people upgrade or change their plans. By staying alert and checking frequently, you might just land your dream spot.

Let’s break down the main points:

  • Book your flight as early as possible for a broader seat selection.
  • Consider upgrading for extra comfort and legroom.
  • Stay alert and flexible to snag better seats that might open up later.

Remember that maximizing your comfort during the trip begins with picking the right seat. It’s all about making smart decisions that ensure an enjoyable and stress-free flying experience with Allegiant Air.


So there you have it. Booking your preferred seat on Allegiant Air isn’t as daunting as it might seem. With early booking, considering upgrade options, and a bit of flexibility, you’ll be well on your way to a comfortable and stress-free flight. Remember, getting the right seat is key to enhancing your flying experience. Stay ahead of the game by keeping these tips in mind next time you’re planning a trip with Allegiant Air. Safe travels!

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