How do I get discounts on Air Canada flights?

Know the Best Time to Book

If you’re gunning for discounts on Air Canada flights, pick your traveling time wisely. Understand that timing is key in securing affordable tickets. It’s not solely about when you travel, it’s also about when you book your flight.

When you’re planning a trip, it’s crucial not to rush into booking. Instead, you want to leverage certain periods when flight prices generally dip. Typically, midweek and later in the evening are considered the best times to book flights. Why is that, you ask? Most individuals tend to plan their trips at the start of the week, causing prices to surge. But as the week progresses, these prices normalize. You’re more likely to score a deal if you’re patient and schedule your booking appropriately.

For the unseasoned traveler, it’s easy to overlook the significance of seasonal factors in airfare prices. Everyone loves a vacation during summer or holiday seasons, right? But that’s precisely when airfare prices blast off. It’s a classic case of supply and demand. On the other hand, traveling off-season could put you in a prime position to snag some discounts. Typically, the least expensive months on Air Canada flights are January, February, and part of March.

But how about last-minute deals, you wonder? Well, while they do exist, relying on last-minute deals isn’t always the best strategy. Often, those deals come with specific strings attached, like inconvenient flight times or excessive layovers. They can be a lifesaver in a pinch, but let’s not forget: planning always pays off.

There you have it! To get the best discounts on Air Canada flights, you need to play the timing game. By going against the current and picking less popular travel times, and by planning meticulously and booking smartly, you can save a bundle on your next adventure. Here’s to your next affordable, amazing journey with Air Canada.

Sign up for Air Canada’s Newsletter

You’re probably thinking what’s the big deal about newsletters huh? Well, hold on to your seats because Air Canada’s newsletter is more than just news. It’s a goldmine for discounts and deals.

When it comes to securing those bargain tickets, you’ve got to be thorough. Your game plan must include a variety of strategies – hitting up mid-week bookings, taking advantage of the off-peak season and now, signing up for newsletters. After all, wouldn’t it be great to have all the juicy deals delivered straight to your inbox?

Not many are aware of this but Air Canada’s newsletter is a hub of exclusive discounts. As a flyer, newsletters are your insider pass into the world of bargains. Remember, savings aren’t just about the tickets. Extra luggage, priority check-ins, lounge access – there’s a whole range of services you’d rather not splurge on!

Subscribing to Air Canada’s newsletter ensures not only are you always up-to-date with the latest discounts but also that you don’t miss out on exclusive email-only deals. These are offers that are made available only to subscribers – a reward for your loyalty if you will. From flash sales to limited-time offers, it’s all there.

In a rush and can’t check your mail everyday? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Set up a custom alert for your emails. That way, whenever there’s a newsletter from Air Canada, you’ll know. So go ahead, save big bucks by maximizing every possible discount, just remember to sharpen your strategy by subscribing to Air Canada’s newsletter.

Follow Air Canada on Social Media

With the digital era at its peak, airlines are harnessing social media platforms to engage with customers. Air Canada is no exception. By following Air Canada’s social media accounts, you’re signing yourself up for a possibility of landing exclusive online deals and promotions that the airline occasionally shares with its followers.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are where you’re most likely to come across these discounts. So, if you’re not already following Air Canada on these platforms, it’s time you started. Be sure to enable notifications so that you’re the first to know when a new deal pops up.

Not only are there discounts that apply directly to flight bookings, but you may also find promotions that include partner services such as hotels or car rentals. These could help you save on your entire trip rather than just your flight.

Air Canada also releases updates about last-minute seat sales or deals through their social media accounts. While these sales usually have a limited window for bookings, they can offer significant savings if your travel dates are flexible.

Also, airlines often run contests and giveaways via their social media accounts. Air Canada frequently has contests that offer free tickets, upgrades, or Air Canada Gift Cards. By participating in these, you’re potentially stepping into an avenue of scoring free or heavily discounted flights.

For those who fly frequently with Air Canada, following the airline on social media can also keep you informed about any changes that might affect your travel. Be it route changes, flight cancellations, or important updates, you’ll have access to real-time information, ensuring you’re always prepared.

To recap:

  • Follow Air Canada on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Enable notifications
  • Look out for partner service promotions
  • Keep an eye on last-minute deals and seat sales
  • Participate in contests and giveaways
  • Stay updated with real-time travel information

Following Air Canada on social media ensures you never miss out on a potential discount or deal. Judicious use of social media – alongside the effective strategies discussed so far – can further amplify your adventures while easing the strain on your wallet.

Note how each step plays its part and remember that when combined effectively, these steps can create a greatly optimized flight booking experience. Absolutely, you’ve got more possibilities to unlock.

Use a Flight Comparison Website

Flight comparison websites are another savvy method to find discounts on Air Canada flights. These are platforms that provide insights on various airlines’ prices helping you to get the best deal for your flight. They’re an excellent tool to use as they swiftly compare prices from hundreds of flight websites.

Following the trend of modern technology, these sites have become increasingly user-friendly. The advantage you have here is the option to set price alerts for specific flights.

Here’s how you can make the most of flight comparison websites:

  • Make sure to set your search to flexible. This displays flights to your desired location within a range of dates and might show cheaper prices.
  • Always cross-reference. It’s crucial to cross-reference the prices pool multiple comparison websites. Not all websites show the exact same results.
  • When you spot an interesting deal, you can click on the offer and you’ll be redirected to Air Canada’s website or a travel agency’s website to finalize your booking.

A few competent flight comparison websites include Skyscanner, Kayak, and Google Flights. They offer comprehensive filters like flight duration, number of stops, and fare types. The more you play around with these filters, the better chance you have of striking a deal.

These websites also tend to have exclusive deals from time to time which can lead to substantial savings. After setting up your preferences and alerts, let the website do its work. It’ll shoot you an e-mail when prices drop.

Keep in mind, no matter how diligent you are, flight prices are unpredictable. While these websites offer some degree of insight into possible price trends, they should be used as a tool to assist with booking rather than a surefire way to predict costs.

Remember, maximizing savings on Air Canada flights requires a multi-faceted approach. So make sure you’re also utilizing other tips like flying midweek, signing up for newsletters, and following Air Canada on social media platforms. Together, these strategies will increase your chances of scoring that dream deal.

Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs

Membership does come with its benefits! one of these is the ability to accumulate and use points in various loyalty programs to decrease your travel expenses. Air Canada’s primary loyalty program is Aeroplan, which you can join for free. It’s definitely a strategy you’ll want to leverage if you’re looking to book cheaper flights with the airline.

As an Aeroplan member, you collect points each time you book a flight with Air Canada or its various partners. The same applies for purchases made with affiliated retailers and service providers. Your collected points can then be redeemed to partially or fully cover the cost of future flights.

Take this scenario: you always use your Aeroplan card when booking flights and making everyday purchases. Over time, you’ll notice that your points have grown significantly. Now, when you’re looking to book your flight to Vancouver, you can use these points and dramatically reduce the cost of your flight, sometimes being able to fly for free!

If you’re an infrequent flyer, don’t worry. The points accumulate over time and there’s no pressure to use them immediately, they won’t expire. Plus, the Air Canada Aeroplan Membership might be combined with other loyalty programs to maximize benefits. Let’s be clear, you certainly don’t want to miss out on these opportunities to save!

Pairing your Aeroplan membership with an Aeroplan credit card can lead to further rewards. Being a cardholder allows you to earn more points with each dollar spent and can often come with additional travel advantages like insurance protections, free checked luggage, and priority services.

We should mention that the rewards and benefits mentioned above aren’t just limited to Air Canada. Aeroplan points can also be redeemed for flights with Star Alliance partners, allowing you to explore global savings options. Always keep an eye on your point balance and explore ways to build this through your existing shopping habits.

As you can see, getting the most out of loyalty programs can be one of the most effective ways to get discounts on Air Canada flights. Remember, it’s all about playing smart with your points! Make loyalty programs a crucial part of your strategy.


You’ve now unravelled the secret to scoring discounts on Air Canada flights. Remember, flight comparison websites like Skyscanner, Kayak, and Google Flights are your allies. They’ll help you spot the best deals and set price alerts for your desired flights. But don’t rely solely on them, as flight prices can be as unpredictable as the weather. Make sure to cross-check prices on multiple platforms and click through to Air Canada’s site or a trusted travel agency for booking.

Don’t forget about the power of loyalty programs. Air Canada’s Aeroplan can be a game-changer for frequent flyers. You can earn points on flights, retail purchases, and services, then redeem them to cover part or all of your future flights. Pairing this with an Aeroplan credit card can unlock even more perks. So, make loyalty programs an integral part of your savings strategy. With these tips, you’re well on your way to landing fantastic deals on your next Air Canada flight.

What is the best way to get discounts on Air Canada flights?

The article recommends using multiple strategies to optimize savings, including using flight comparison websites, enrolling in loyalty programs like Aeroplan, and pairing your Aeroplan membership with an Aeroplan credit card.

Which flight comparison websites are recommended?

SkyScanner, Kayak, and Google Flights are recommended. These websites let you compare prices from various airlines and set price alerts for specific flights. Remember to cross-reference prices on multiple websites before making a decision.

What is the benefit of using flight comparison websites?

Using flight comparison websites allows you to easily compare prices from different airlines. They also offer comprehensive filters and occasionally offer exclusive deals.

How can a loyalty program like Aeroplan help save on flights?

Aeroplan members can collect points through flights, purchases with affiliated retailers and service providers. These points can then be redeemed to partially or fully cover the cost of future flights.

Can I use Aeroplan points outside of Air Canada flights?

Yes, Aeroplan points can also be used to book flights with Star Alliance partners, increasing your options for global travel savings.

Should I pair an Aeroplan membership with a credit card?

Yes, using an Aeroplan credit card with your membership can offer additional rewards and benefits which can lead to more savings on flights.

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