How far in advance can you buy Southwest tickets?

You’re eager to lock in your travel plans and you’re wondering, “How far in advance can I buy Southwest tickets?” It’s a common question, especially for those who love to plan ahead or snag the best deals.

Southwest Airlines, known for its budget-friendly fares and flexible policies, has its own unique timeline for ticket releases. It differs from many other airlines, adding an extra layer of anticipation (and sometimes confusion!) for passengers.

Understanding Southwest’s Ticket Release Schedule

Unlike other airlines, Southwest has a unique ticket release schedule, and understanding it can help you snag the best deals.

One key aspect of the Southwest ticket release process is the “Opening Day.” On Opening Day, Southwest releases tickets for a specific period in the future. If you’re keen on getting a jumpstart on securing your seats, keep an eye on this day. Usually, Southwest announces the dates of their next ticket release a few months in advance.

You’re probably wondering, “How far out does Southwest sell tickets?” In most cases, Southwest sells tickets up to six months in advance. This is quite different compared to the industry standard of 330 days. It’s a shorter window, but don’t let it deter you!

Instead of seeing it as a limitation, think of it as an opportunity. With fewer days available for booking, you may find less competition for desirable seats and dates. You might even score a great deal on airfare!

Table: Southwest Ticket Release Schedule

Booking Period Tickets Release
6 months in advance On Opening Day

As part of your travel planning strategy, keep tabs on the Southwest Airlines’ “Opening Days” and align them with your preferred travel dates. Regular updates can be found on Southwest’s official website, social media platforms, or e-newsletters to help you stay on top of their ticket release schedule.

But remember, just because tickets are available doesn’t mean they’re at their cheapest. Understanding Southwest’s ticket pricing strategies can further enhance your ability to secure the best deal. This involves keeping track of Southwest’s fare sales, which typically occur on Tuesdays.

Remember, the key to mastering Southwest’s unique ticket release timing is being proactive and flexible. Stay ahead of the game by regularly checking their release dates and adjusting your travel plans as needed to snag those coveted low fares.

Booking Southwest Tickets within the Standard Booking Window

You may be wondering, what’s the standard booking window for Southwest tickets? Contrary to other airlines, Southwest opens their ticket booking roughly six months in advance. While it seems considerably shorter than the industry norm of 330 days, savvy travelers often see this as an edge.

Every now and then, Southwest hosts an “Opening Day” where tickets for a future period are made available. These Opening Days are usually promoted a few months ahead, giving you ample time to align your travel plans.

Here’s how:

  • Keep track of Southwest’s Opening Days
  • Align them with your preferred travel dates

Remember, planning is key. Besides, being proactive and adjustable can help you snag the most desirable seats, sometimes at a bargain.

Think about it, with fewer tickets released at once, there’s less competition. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Another thing you’ll need to grasp is Southwest’s pricing mechanism. Southwest has a unique strategy where they often host fare sales typically every Tuesday. You want to be on the lookout for these sales as they can help you snag tickets at an unbeatable price.

Ways to stay in the loop:

  • Sign up for Southwest’s e-newsletters
  • Follow Southwest on their social media platforms

Although the window is shorter, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll miss out on opportunities. In fact, Southwest’s specific “Opening Day” coupled with their unique ticket pricing strategy, you might just find yourself snagging the best deals under lesser competition.

Understanding Southwest’s unique ticket release timing and pricing strategies put you at an advantage when you need to fly at a specific date and time. This is by no means an exhaustive guide, but a starting point to master Southwest’s unique approach to ticket releases. If you’ve been accustomed to booking airline tickets way ahead of time, Southwest’s method could be a game-changer.

Remember, in the journey of hunting for flights, knowledge is power. So keep yourself informed, strategize, and prepare for your next adventure.

Taking Advantage of Southwest’s Extended Booking Window

Southwest’s ticket release schedule is different from the majority of airlines. They have a practice of opening their booking window roughly six months in advance — a shorter timeframe compared to the industry standard of 330 days. But, don’t see this as an inconvenience, rather, it’s an opportunity waiting to be seized.

For one, there’s generally less competition for desirable seats and dates, purely because people aren’t always aware of this shorter booking window. So, what’s the trick to turning this into an advantage? Stay proactive, be flexible, and keep yourself updated on Southwest’s “Opening Days”.

To do this, you should regularly check Southwest’s official website, follow their social media platforms, or subscribe to their e-newsletters. By consistently doing these, you can stay updated on when the tickets for your preferred travel dates are likely to go on sale.

Besides, understanding Southwest’s ticket pricing strategies also helps a great deal. For example, Southwest often holds fare sales, which generally fall on Tuesdays. This means you can sometimes find some fantastic deals if you’re buying tickets on that specific day of the week. To make the most of this, align the “Opening Days” with these fare sales if possible.

Key Points to Remember
Proactively keep track of “Opening Days”
Stay updated via the website, social media, newsletters
Look out for fares on Tuesdays

Just remember, there’s no magic formula to finding the perfect airfare deal. But by keeping tabs on Southwest’s unique ticket release timing, you stand a better chance of snagging a good deal under less competition.

Tips for Securing the Best Deals on Southwest Tickets

Securing the best deals on Southwest’s ticket booking isn’t rocket science. It’s all about proactive planning, strategic timing, and being adaptable with travel dates.

First, let’s knock down a common misperception. Many believe airline tickets are cheaper if booked at midnight. That’s old news! Southwest generally adjusts their fare pricing during the daytime. That means you should check Southwest flights during business hours for the best rates. Make it a habit to check the official website frequently during the day to snag some great gig. Regularly visiting will also help you understand Southwest’s ticket-pricing patterns.

Secondly, remember that Tuesday may be your lucky charm! Southwest typically drops fares late Monday night and by Tuesday afternoon, many competitive airlines match the lower prices. This phenomenon called the “Tuesday effect” provides a great window of opportunity to lock down lucrative deals.

Now let’s talk timing. By aligning your booking with Southwest’s “Opening Day,” you could be first in line for the tickets. This will increase your chances of getting the preferred flights at the best prices. Track the Southwest’s opening days to keep yourself ahead in this game.

Being flexible with your travel dates can make a big difference. Planning your travel based on Southwest’s fare sales can land you the best deals. It’s a smart move to adjust your vacation days parallel to Southwest’s sales. Trust us, flexibility pays off!

If you wish to stay updated on Southwest’s ticket release schedule, consider subscribing to Southwest’s e-newsletter or follow their social media platforms. Regular notifications from these sources will keep you informed about fare sales, special promotions, and other opportunities to save money.

Dedication to smart booking strategy and timing will increase your chance to buy Southwest tickets at the lowest possible prices. Maintaining this strategic and flexible approach will lead to a win for your wallet and a smooth flight experience.

Additional Considerations when Purchasing Southwest Tickets

When buying Southwest Airlines tickets, timing is key. Not just in terms of when you’re buying your ticket, but also how far in advance you’re planning your trip. It’s well-known Southwest tickets can be bought up to six months in advance, but they also have a unique approach known as the “Wanna Get Away” fares. These are non-refundable fares that are typically much cheaper than other ticket types, and they often sell out fast. They’re mainly available for flights booked well in advance, so planning ahead will increase your chances of landing these discounted tickets.

Ticket Type Refundable Average Cost
Wanna Get Away No Cheapest
Anytime Yes More Expensive
Business Select Yes Most Expensive

It’s also important to realize Southwest’s pricing model is somewhat dynamic. Namely, their fares usually increase as the departure date nears. Hence, the earlier you book, the better deals you’re likely to find.

Also, think about what’s included with your ticket. Southwest’s tickets come with two free checked bags per passenger. Considering the additional fees most airlines charge for checked baggage, this is a significant cost-saving benefit. The option of two free checked bags can financially outweigh the potential savings you’d make from purchasing a cheaper ticket with another airline.

Take note of the company’s no change fee policy. If your travel plans are tentative, Southwest might be a wise choice. Usually, airlines penalize passengers for changing their flight dates or times, but Southwest has a no change fee policy. This means you can rebook your flight without worrying about incurring additional charges, giving you peace of mind and flexibility.

Remember, utilizing Southwest’s unique policies and fare structures can help you save on your airfare. Deciphering this information is a crucial part of securing the best deals on your Southwest tickets. Your efforts will pay off when you successfully nab a great ticket deal and enjoy the added benefits Southwest offers.


So there you have it. You’ve got the inside scoop on how to snag the best deals on Southwest tickets. Remember, it’s all about timing and flexibility. Keep your eyes peeled for fare sales, and make sure to check Southwest’s site often, especially during business hours. Don’t forget about “Opening Day” and the potential savings of the “Wanna Get Away” fares. And, of course, factor in those two free checked bags when comparing prices with other airlines. With a little planning and savvy, you’ll be jetting off on your Southwest adventure without very costly. Happy travels!

1. When’s the best time to check for lower fares on Southwest Airlines?

This would often be during business hours as Southwest adjusts their fare pricing throughout the daytime. Sometimes, you might want to check their website on Tuesdays, as fares often drop late Monday night.

2. How else can I stay updated on Southwest’s ticket release schedule?

You can subscribe to Southwest’s e-newsletter or follow their social media platforms to stay in the loop about their latest offers.

3. What makes Southwest’s “Wanna Get Away” fares unique?

“Wanna Get Away” fares are cheaper, non-refundable fares offered by Southwest. They tend to sell out quickly, so booking early is advised.

4. What is the benefit of Southwest’s two free checked bags policy?

This policy could result in overall savings, as the cost of baggage fees with other airlines can sometimes outweigh a cheaper ticket price.

5. What is Southwest’s no change fee policy?

Southwest’s no change fee policy means you won’t be charged any extra if you need to change your travel plans. It adds a level of flexibility for travelers with tentative itineraries.

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