How to contact interjet customer service? Speak to Agents

Ever had a flight delay, a booking glitch, or just needed some quick info about your travel itinerary? If you’re flying with Interjet, you’re in luck. Their customer service is top-notch, and there’s always an agent ready to help.

But how exactly do you get in touch with these helpful folks? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This guide will walk you through the easiest ways to contact Interjet customer service and speak to an agent. So, buckle up and get ready to have all your Interjet-related queries answered in no time.

Why contact Interjet customer service?

Interjet customer service operates with the ultimate objective – to ensure you have a quality journey experience. Your every query and worry is their first concern and it’s this commitment that places Interjet at the top of its game.

Firstly, for those uncertain about flight schedules or changes, the customer service is your go-to hub. Weather, technical issues, and many other unexpected factors can lead to changes in flight times. By contacting the team, you are always staying a step ahead, well-informed about every possible change.

Plus, the friendly and skilled agents are invaluable when it comes to airfare insights. You’re booking a flight and can’t decide which deal is the best for you? Not to worry. The team will provide you with expert advice on grabbing the best deals tailored for your travel needs.

Interjet’s services don’t stop at just bookings. Check-in procedures, baggage rules, inflight services – the agents are well-equipped to answer all your queries. No more fretting over what’s allowed in your cabin baggage, or how to avail certain services onboard.

Also, they understand that unexpected scenarios can arise anytime. Flight cancellations or delays can really throw a spanner in your travel plans. That’s when Interjet customer service will aim to alleviate your woes. Whether it’s rebooking you onto the next available flight, or handling refund requests, the team at Interjet is there for you.

After all, customer service isn’t simply about providing solutions. It’s about making your journey as effortless as possible and leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction and confidence. Interjet strives to leave no stone unturned, making it the reason its customer service is highly sought out.

While this list covers several reasons why you may need to contact Interjet customer service, it’s important to remember that each traveler’s needs are unique. Hence, any inquiries not included here are still important and will be handled with utmost expertise by the Interjet team.

Contacting Interjet customer service via phone

Understanding the diverse situations that may necessitate reaching out to customer service, Interjet accommodates this need by making it effortless to get on the phone with a representative. Contacting Interjet’s customer service via phone allows you to quickly address your concerns, no matter how large or small.

Before you pick up your phone to call Interjet customer service, it’s crucial to have all relevant information at your disposal. This might include your reservation number, flight details, and potentially, the credit card used to book your flight. Having these at hand will streamline the process, enabling the customer service agent to assist you more effectively and swiftly resolve any challenge you might be facing.

Interjet offers numerous customer service lines, determined by both your geographic location and the nature of your inquiry. Let’s take a look at what those numbers are – sorted by country for your ease:

Country Customer Service Phone Number
USA 1 866 285 9525
Mexico 55 1102 5530
Canada 1 844 874 4050
Colombia 01800 952 0700
Other countries +52 998 889 5278

Plus to the variety of channels, Interjet’s customer service hours are worthwhile noting. They operate lines 24/7, ensuring you have access to assistance no matter the hour. But, to get the quickest response, it’s generally best to call during typical business hours which is usually between 9am and 6pm local time.

As soon as you reach out to Interjet’s customer service by phone, you’ll be greeted by an automated system. This system will guide you through options tailored to address issues related to flight schedule changes, airfare insights, check-in procedures, baggage rules, and handling of unexpected scenarios like flight cancellations or delays. Once you’ve chosen the applicable option, the system will connect you to a live Interjet representative.

Remember that patience is vital, particularly during peak times. It’s about connecting you to the right professional to solve your problem, not simply the fastest one.

Contacting Interjet customer service via email

While the traditional telephonic way of reaching out to Interjet customer service is quite effective, we understand the age-old adage – the pen is mightier than the sword. Or in our modern world, the email just might be mightier than the phone call.

Emailing customer service is a fantastic recourse if you’re not in a rush and would rather have a detailed electronic record of your interaction. It’s a perfect avenue for those complex queries or concerns that require detailed answers.

So, how do you go about this?

It’s pretty simple. You need to mail your queries to This is Interjet’s main customer service email address, and it is regularly monitored. Though they operate 24/7, allow at least 24 to 48 hours for a response. This time frame gives the customer service team enough time to look into your issue and respond with a fitting solution.

To make the process smoother, ensure your email is well-detailed and thorough. You’d want to include specific information about the issue. Things like your ticket number, flight number, and travel dates are essential. You might also want to attach any critical documentation. This way, when a representative is reviewing your email, they have all the pertinent information at hand. It significantly increases the chances of your issue being resolved quicker.

Do remember when you’re crafting your email, politeness and patience go a long way in getting your issue resolved. Yes, a problem with booking or a flight cancellation could be frustrating, but remember, the person on the other end is there to help you out. Being polite would ensure your concerns are addressed appropriately, and patience would assure you’re giving the team enough time to fix your problem.

So, for a record of your conversation, detailed responses, and no fear of dropping the call or being put on hold, get those keyboards typing and shoot an email to Interjet customer service.

Contacting Interjet customer service via live chat

Another approach to handle your queries is through Interjet’s live chat option. This method strikes a balance between convenience and speed. It generally allows for a quicker response compared to email and can often be more convenient than phone calls.

Firstly, to initialize a live chat, you’ll need to visit the Interjet website. Look for the “Contact Us” or “Help” icon, generally located in the lower right corner of the screen. Upon clicking this, you’ll be prompted to start a chat.

When initiating the conversation, provide necessary information such as your booking reference number, full name, date of travel, and a brief outline of your issue or question. This enables the agent to assist you effectively and efficiently.

There’s a key thing to remember here: unlike calls, there’s usually little to no hold time when you use the live chat option. But, you may experience a slight delay during high-traffic periods. Don’t stress, though – you’ll receive a reply soon enough.

While you are using the live chat option, representatives can handle multiple requests at once. Hence, responses might not be immediate, but rest assured your issues will be addressed.

To make the most of Interjet’s live chat service:

  • Be clear and concise with your queries
  • Provide all the required information to avoid any back-and-forth
  • Be patient for a response during peak hours

Tips for speaking to an Interjet customer service agent

When you need to get in touch with Interjet customer service, it’s crucial to have the right approach. Making your interaction as efficient and successful as possible isn’t tough if you know how to go about it.

Be Prepared
Before placing your call or initiating a live chat, have all necessary information at your fingertips. It could include your flight number, booking reference, and travel dates. It’s also handy to keep any relevant documents within reach. Being prepared in this way not only speeds up the process but also decreases the chance of miscommunication.

Patience is Key
Whether you’re on the phone or chatting live, there might be wait times or slight delays, especially during high-traffic periods. Stay patient. Representatives are handling multiple requests at the same time. But, they’re trained to ensure that your issues get addressed properly. Breathe easy understanding that your query will be answered.

Be Clear and Concise
Clarity is a virtue when it comes to communication in customer service. Describe your issue or question as precise and succinct as possible. Not only does this help the agent understand your condition, but it also speeds up the process of finding a solution or answer.

Mind Your Manners
While it might not seem like a big deal, being polite and respectful goes a long way in customer service interactions. Simple courtesies such as saying please or thank you can impact on your interaction.


So there you have it. It’s all about being prepared, patient, clear, concise, and respectful when contacting Interjet’s customer service. Keep your flight details at your fingertips, and remember that your patience can go a long way in getting your issues resolved. Communication is key, so make sure your concerns are well-articulated for a quicker resolution. Finally, never underestimate the power of politeness. When you’re respectful, you’re more likely to receive the best possible service. Now, you’re all set to tackle any issues you may have with Interjet. Happy traveling!

What should I prepare when calling Interjet customer service?

Before you call Interjet customer service, be ready with important information including your flight number, booking reference, and travel dates. This will expedite the process, allowing the agent to help you faster.

Does the article mention anything about being patient while on a call?

Yes, the article suggests being patient as representatives may be dealing with multiple requests at once. There could be slight delays or waiting times.

What is the recommended approach when describing queries to the customer service representative?

The article recommends being clear and concise when presenting your issues or queries to the Interjet representative. This can expedite the resolution process.

Is politeness important when interacting with Interjet customer service?

The article emphasizes the importance of politeness and respect when dealing with customer service representatives. It can potentially lead to a more positive interaction and faster resolution.

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