Southwest Travel Funds & Travel Credit: Know Its Uses

Ever wondered how to make the most of your Southwest travel funds and travel credit? You’re not alone. It’s a topic that many travelers grapple with.

Understanding how these funds work can unlock a world of travel opportunities. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional vacationer, knowing how to use your Southwest travel funds and credit can save you money and enhance your travel experience.

What are Southwest travel funds?

When you change or cancel a flight with Southwest, instead of a refund, you’re often compensated with something called Southwest Travel Funds. These funds are essentially travel credits and can be used for future flight bookings, ensuring that your hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste.

Southwest Travel Funds are specifically tied to the passenger for whom the original ticket was purchased. This means, even if you have the confirmation number, you can’t use someone else’s travel funds for your own flights.

But how long do Southwest Travel Funds last and where can you use them?

Firstly, validity is important. As of travel booked in 2020, Southwest’s policy states that funds expire one year from the original purchase date of the ticket. But, considering the pandemic, they’ve extended the validity of some travel funds until September 2022. So, it’s crucial to check the exact expiration date of your funds.

Secondly, usage. You can use your travel funds for any Southwest flight – whether domestic or international. It’s simple to apply these funds while booking online. All you need is the original confirmation number of the cancelled or changed flight.

What about booking for someone else or combined funds?

Unfortunately, you can’t use your Southwest Travel Funds for someone else’s ticket. As per the policy, the passenger of the original flight has exclusive access to these funds. In terms of combined funds, Southwest allows a maximum of three forms of payment per passenger. This means you can combine your Travel Funds with up to two other payment methods.

To sum up, Southwest Travel Funds are a handy way to save on future flights if you have to cancel or reschedule. Being aware of their terms, usage, and limitations helps you make the most of this unique feature.

Remember, each airline operates differently, so always do your assignments when planning a trip, and let the Southwest Travel Funds work to your advantage.

How are Southwest travel funds earned?

Southwest travel funds are typically earned when you make changes to your flight bookings or cancel a ticket. Upon cancelation or a change in itinerary, Southwest Airlines does not provide a cash refund but issues travel funds that can be redeemed on future bookings.

When you book a flight and later decide to change your plan, Southwest Airlines credits the difference, if any, in the form of travel funds. The accumulated funds sit in your travel funds account for you to use for future flights with the only constraint being that the funds must be used within one year from the original purchase date of the ticket.

Similarly, if you have to cancel a flight, don’t worry about losing your money. Instead of offering a refund, Southwest issues the entire ticket value as travel funds. These funds are equivalent to the total value of your initial ticket expenditure. You are free to use these funds to book any available Southwest flight in the future or pay for upgrades for a more comfortable journey.

Do note, though, that Southwest travel funds are tied to the passenger whose ticket was initially purchased. This means you can’t use your travel funds for someone else’s ticket or transfer them.

In case you’re wondering about combining payment methods, Southwest Airlines allows a mix of up to three methods of payment. This means that along with travel funds, you can use other payment forms like credit, debit, or gift cards to make your flight bookings.

By understanding how Southwest travel funds are earned, you are better positioned to use them effectively for your travel. Avail these funds effectively to manage your travel budget and save on your future flights.

How to use Southwest travel funds for booking flights

Let’s jump into the nuts and bolts. The process of using Southwest travel funds isn’t all that complicated, you’ll find it’s pretty straightforward.

When you’re ready to book a new flight, head over to the Southwest website. Start the usual flight booking process – select your departure and arrival cities, dates, and the number of passengers. Then, when you reach the payment page, you’ll notice an option to use travel funds.

You’ll begin by entering your confirmation number from the previous flight that was altered, producing the travel funds. Your first and last name will also be required. These travel funds are linked to the individual whose name was originally on the ticket, so keep in mind you can’t transfer them to another passenger.

Southwest’s system then deducts the available travel fund balance from your flight’s total cost. If there’s a shortfall, you’re given the opportunity to pay the remaining balance using up to two additional forms of payment. This could include a credit or debit card, additional travel funds, or Southwest LUV vouchers.

Take note: Southwest doesn’t allow for more than three forms of payment per person. For example, if you’re using travel funds plus two other payment forms, you’ve reached your limit!

Here’s a thing about Southwest’s travel funds you must remember: they expire. They’re usually valid for a year from the original ticket purchase date. If you haven’t flight booked within that time, the travel funds vanish. It’ll be like they never existed in the first place, so don’t let your hard-earned travel credit go to waste!

Tips for maximizing Southwest travel funds

Traveling can be expensive, but by taking advantage of Southwest travel funds, you can make the journey budget-friendly. Now let’s jump into the smart ways to maximize your Southwest travel funds.

First, the perfect strategy is to book as far in advance as possible. As the departure date nears, flight prices often increase. By booking in advance, you can grab the most value from your travel funds before they expire. But, keep in mind that changes to flights booked with travel funds follow the original ticket’s terms and conditions.

Next, look for sales and discounted deals. Southwest often offers sales that can let you stretch your travel funds even further. If you’re flexible on your travel dates and destinations, these sales can turn into real bargains.

Also, avoid booking during peak seasons. Flight prices surge during holiday seasons and school breaks, making it tougher to stretch your travel funds. If you’ve got the flexibility, try to plan your trips during off-peak times when airlines tend to lower their fares.

One critical point is to be aware of your travel fund’s expiration date. Travel funds from Southwest are valid for one year from the original ticket’s issue date. You wouldn’t want to discover too late that your hard-earned travel funds have expired, so make a point to keep an eye on those dates.

Finally, be imaginative and think outside of the box. Might there be an indirect route with cheaper flights where you could make good use of your travel funds? Maybe a weekend trip to a nearby city could provide a welcome break without very costly? Stay open to possibilities and your travel funds might surprise you with how far they can go.

Remember, every penny counts when traveling. Incorporate these strategies, and you’ll potentially stretch your Southwest travel funds to cover even more of your next adventure.

What is Southwest travel credit?

Advancing within your journey of gaining the most out of your Southwest travel funds, it’s crucial to understand Southwest’s Travel Credit. This term might confuse you at first, but we’re going to break it down. Trust us, it’s a piece of cake once you get the hang of it.

Imagine you’re holding onto a small trove, a stash you can only spend on spoiling yourself with travels. Southwest travel credit is essentially that. It’s a monetary value granted to travelers due to cancellations, flight changes, or certain conditions offered by Southwest airlines.

Instead of refunding the amount you’ve paid for your ticket, the airline converts it into travel credit. This credit is what you use to pay for future flights without any extra cash. Yes, even you can become that savvy traveler who can leverage their canceled flights into an unplanned adventure awaiting down the line.

But remember, Southwest travel credits are non-transferable and tied to the passenger whose flight was changed or canceled. They’re unique to you, and you alone, adding a personal touch from the airline’s end.

What to do if you must cancel your Southwest flight or make any changes? Don’t worry, there’s good news. The airline has customer-friendly policies. There are no cancellation or change fees. Your unutilized ticket value goes straight into your travel credit, ready to fuel your next escapade.

Parameter Southwest Airline Policies
Transferability of Credits Non-transferable
Cancellation fees None
Change fees None

By now, you must have a clear understanding of what Southwest travel credit is and how it works. Pair this knowledge with the tips we discussed earlier on maximizing Southwest travel funds, and you might just become the most accomplished Southwest wanderer yet! But hold onto that thought—there’s more nifty information coming up next.

How to earn Southwest travel credit

Remember, you have to earn it to spend it. A good question you might have is, “How do I earn that Southwest travel credit?”

Sure, you understand that Southwest’s travel funds can be a lifesaver and a handy way to maximize your travel budget. You’ve become conscious of the non-transferable and passenger-specific nature of these credits. You also know that these funds come directly from unutilized ticket value, with no cancellation or change fees in sight.

Consider this – Southwest funds aren’t just about changed or cancelled flights. In fact, there are other ways you can pile up those credits. Here’s how:

  • EarlyBird Check-In: This hassle-free check-in mechanism lets you earn travel credit each time you use it. It’s a win-win: you get a stress-free check-in and some extra credit in your Southwest account.
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards: Here’s where loyalty reaps rewards. By being a member of the Southwest Rapid Rewards program, you can earn points on every flight you take. These points can then be converted into travel credit.
  • Southwest Credit Card: Yes, you could get rewarded for your everyday spending too. Each time you swipe your Southwest credit card, you not only earn points but also travel funds. Don’t have one? It might be time to consider applying.
  • Gift Cards and Travel Packages: Buying gift cards for Southwest or opting for their travel packages can also earn you some quick travel credit.

By incorporating these strategies along with your usual travel plans, you’re upping your Southwest travel credit game. Imagine the places you can go. The savings and advantages just keep stacking up. Continue to be an accomplished Southwest wanderer, and make the most of your travel credit strategies.

Using Southwest travel credit for flights and more

After acquiring your Southwest travel credit, it’s time to put it to good use. As a savvy traveler, you must now understand how to grab maximum benefits from your credit.

Undeniably, the mainstay use for your Southwest travel credit is to use it for future flights. Whether you’re planning a quick getaway or a family vacation, your travel credit can come in handy, essentially reducing the out-of-pocket cost of your flight. Isn’t that great?

The process is quite straightforward! When booking a flight on the Southwest website, simply choose the “Southwest Travel Funds” option at the payment gateway. After you enter your confirmation number, the website would allow you to apply your credit balance. Keep an eye out for this!

On the other hand, do not overlook the fact that Southwest travel credit is not just for flights. There’s more to it!

Familiarize yourself with the fact that you can actually spend the credit on additional services provided by Southwest. This variety in the uses of credit certainly acts as an appealing factor. Be it extra legroom, priority boarding, excess baggage or even in-flight amenities, your travel credit can offer you the comforts of luxury travel.

Also, if you’re enrolled in the Southwest Rapid Rewards program, using a Southwest Credit Card, or any Southwest-related purchase could be offset with your travel credit, further stretching its value.

Southwest’s customer-friendly policies extend even to the use of travel funds – it makes an effort to ensure your travel experience is as smooth, economical and enjoyable as possible.

What you’ve learned and explored here are just some of the uses for your Southwest travel credit. But remember, the most valuable use of your credit will always depend on your personal travel needs and preferences.


Mastering the use of Southwest travel funds and travel credit can truly elevate your travel experience. Remember, booking flights early, keeping an eye out for discounts, and staying on top of expiration dates can help you make the most of your travel funds. Southwest’s customer-friendly policies, including no cancellation or change fees, make it even easier to manage your travel budget.

New ways to earn travel credit, like EarlyBird Check-In, the Rapid Rewards program, and using a Southwest Credit Card, can further boost your travel savings. Don’t forget, you can use your travel credit for more than just flights – it can also get you extra legroom, priority boarding, and in-flight amenities.

Eventually, how you use your Southwest travel credit depends on your personal travel needs and preferences. So, take control of your travel experience and make your Southwest travel credit work for you.

What is Southwest travel credit?

Southwest travel credit is a refund provided by Southwest Airlines to the passenger whose flight has been changed or cancelled. The unutilized ticket value is translated into credit which can be used for booking future flights or additional services with Southwest.

Can Southwest travel credit be transferred?

No, Southwest travel credit cannot be transferred. It’s tied to the passenger who originally had the flight that was changed or cancelled.

How can I maximize my Southwest travel funds?

You can maximize Southwest travel funds by booking flights in advance, looking for sales and discounted deals, and being aware of the expiration date for your travel funds.

How can I earn Southwest travel credits?

You can earn Southwest travel credits by using EarlyBird Check-In, enrolling in the Southwest Rapid Rewards program, using a Southwest Credit Card, and purchasing gift cards or travel packages.

How can I use Southwest travel credit?

Southwest travel credit can be used for booking flights and additional services like extra legroom, priority boarding, excess baggage, and in-flight amenities. It can also be used to offset purchases made with a Southwest Credit Card or through the Southwest Rapid Rewards program.

What is the best use of Southwest travel credit?

The best use of Southwest travel credit will depend on individual travel needs and preferences. However, the value is maximized when it is applied to booking flights and additional services offered by Southwest.

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