When Will Southwest Start the 2024 Flights Sale?

If you’re an avid traveler, you’re probably wondering when Southwest will start their 2024 flights sale. It’s a question on many minds, especially those planning ahead and looking to snag the best deals.

Southwest Airlines, known for its affordable fares and customer-friendly policies, has a history of releasing their flight schedules in batches. Understanding their pattern could give you a leg-up in securing those budget-friendly tickets.

Southwest’s Flight Sale Schedule: A History

When you’re looking to score bargain fares with Southwest, it’s essential to understand their historical pattern of releasing flight schedules. Southwest typically releases flight schedules in batches, several months in advance. Knowing this, you can plan ahead and snatch those budget-friendly tickets as soon as they’re available.

Historically, Southwest has followed a predictable pattern in releasing their flight schedules. It’s been observed that the company releases new batches around every six to eight weeks. These releases usually cover travel dates seven to eight months in advance. As an example, if Southwest releases a batch in January, it would typically cover travel dates through August or September.

Below is a breakdown of Southwest’s typical flight release schedule:

Month of Schedule Release Expected Travel Dates
January August – September
March October – November
May December – January (next year)
July February – March (next year)
September April – May (next year)
November June – July (next year)

But, remember that these are just norms observed over years. Southwest doesn’t officially confirm this pattern. Hence, you should always keep an eye on Southwest’s ‘airfare sale’ announcements.

Another point to consider is Southwest’s reputation for having various sales throughout the year. On occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Southwest’s Anniversary Sale in June, you might find some exceptional bargains.

While we can’t predict with certainty when Southwest will start their 2024 flight sales, understanding this history can guide your planning. Staying informed about their typical schedule can put you in a better position for bagging those lucrative flight deals.

How Southwest Airlines Releases Flight Schedules

Understanding Southwest Airline’s flight release pattern can be your key to getting ahead when booking flights. Typically, one doesn’t find airlines releasing round-the-year flight schedules. Unlike these, Southwest tends to announce schedules seven to eight months in advance. Want to get those budget-friendly tickets? Time to get insider knowledge!

Southwest doesn’t flood you with all their schedules at once. Instead, they release them in chunks to keep things manageable. Their pattern of releasing flight schedules usually revolves around a set of months and corresponding travel dates.

Here’s a bit deeper look at how Southwest does their magic:

Month of Schedule Release Expected Travel Dates
January Late August to Early October
February Early October to Late November
March Late November to Early January of next year

Being savvy about these release patterns can give you an upper hand in getting the best deals. But don’t rely completely on these patterns. These are based on historical data and Southwest doesn’t officially confirm them. They can change the pattern without any prior notice. Keeping an eye on the Southwest website and updates can be your best bet to stay ahead of your budget flight game.

Extra treats from Southwest come in the form of various sales throughout the year. You can look forward to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the buzz-worthy Anniversary Sale in June. Just remember – the early bird catches the worms! By being proactive and informed, you’re lining up some lucrative travel deals.

Beyond these steps Southwest takes, being on their email list can be beneficial. New flight schedule announcements, exclusive sales, and exciting promotions – direct to your inbox. Such a setup can help you stay one step ahead when planning your travel with Southwest Airlines.

Tips for Scoring the Best Deals

Next on the radar is ensuring you bag the best deals. Being armed with information about Southwest’s typical flight schedule release pattern is just half the battle. Let’s jump into some actionable tips for scoring the best flight deals.

Stay Informed and Be Swift

Timing is everything. As Southwest typically releases their flight schedules in batches seven to eight months in advance, it’s important to be proactive. Keep a close watch on the expected release dates, line it up with your planned travel, and act quickly. Since these aren’t officially confirmed by the company, staying observant is crucial.

Take Advantage of Sales Cycles

Southwest offers generous sales throughout the year. If you know where to look and when to act, you could land big savings. A few key periods to watch out for are Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Southwest Anniversary Sale in June. These sales often offer some of the airline’s best fares.

Get on the Mailing List

Signing up for Southwest’s email list is like striking gold. These emails deliver new flight schedule announcements right to your inbox, giving you an advantageous head start. Also, exclusive sales and promotions await those who subscribe.

Play the Points Game

Finally, if you’re a frequent traveller, it’s wise to immerse yourself in Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program. Earning and spending points could get you free flights or upgrades. Besides, Chase offers Southwest credit cards with massive signup bonuses that can be converted into flights.

So, whether it’s diligently watching for schedule releases, seizing sales opportunities, subscribing to the mailing list, or collecting and using rewards points, there are multiple ways for you to make the most of Southwest’s offerings.

Predicting the Start Date for the 2024 Flights Sale

Analyzing Southwest’s past trends is a key strategy for predicting the start date of the 2024 flights sale. The airline traditionally releases its flight schedules well in advance, often several months to a year ahead.

Recall the 2023 flight sales, which began in May of the previous year. This marked a pattern that Southwest typically follows, useful for predicting future sales. By observing that pattern, it’s possible to anticipate a similar timeline for the 2024 flight sales.

Bear in mind, though, that these are predictions only. Variations can occur due to factors like market conditions or policy changes.

Stay ahead of the curve by joining Southwest’s email list, which offers perk such as early schedule announcements. Subscribers are often the first to get notifications about flight schedule releases and sales. This can make a significant difference as flight sales, especially those with a limited number of discounted fares, are likely to sell out quickly.

Taking advantage of Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program is another way to gain a competitive edge. Members of the Rapid Rewards program continue to earn points for every dollar spent on Southwest flights. These points can open doors to future opportunities for free flights or upgrades.

For those who frequently fly with Southwest, their co-branded credit cards can also be part of your flight fare reduction strategy. Using Southwest credit cards for daily purchases and travel expenses can help you accumulate Rapid Rewards points more quickly, so shortening your path to nab a free or discounted flight.

Nailing the right time for booking a Southwest flight requires strategic planning and a keen eye for patterns. Be diligent, stay informed, and use the tools Southwest provides through their email updates and loyalty programs.

Remember, making the most of the 2024 flight sales is within your grasp. You just need to seize the right opportunities when they come.

What to Expect from Southwest’s 2024 Flights Sale

With Southwest’s 2024 flight sales, you’re set for a thrilling rollercoaster of price drops and promotional offers. But how best can you anticipate these sales and make the most of them? You can expect several distinct patterns that emerge when it comes to these sales. Armed with these insights, you’re equipped to strategize and maximize your savings.

Let’s break down what you can typically expect from Southwest’s flight sales in 2024:

Price Drops on Select Routes

In most Southwest sales, you’ll find price reductions on specific routes. Some routes, particularly those with heavy traffic, often see the biggest markdowns. Though it’s hard to predict which routes will get price cuts, following past trends can provide clues. In past sales, for instance, cross-country flights and flights to popular vacation destinations usually offered significant price breaks.

Seasonal Deals

Southwest Airlines is famed for its seasonal deals. The airline typically releases sales around holidays and peak travel times. You’ll see sales for summer vacations, spring breaks, and holiday travel in the fall. These sales offer excellent deals particularly for the leisure traveler. So, it’s wise to anticipate and plan your holidays accordingly.

Early-Bird Specials

A distinctive feature of Southwest sales is early-bird specials characterized by greatly reduced fares for those who book early. Known to sell out quickly, these offers are a goldmine for savings. Being a part of the Southwest email list or their Rapid Rewards program keeps you ahead of the crowd, as you’ll get alerts once these sales start.

Frequent Flyer Perks

If you’re a part of Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program, expect some unique sales features. You’ll earn points on discounted tickets, allowing you to pile up rewards for future flights. Plus, Southwest may offer exclusive sales to Rapid Rewards members, adding another layer to your potential savings.

The 2024 Southwest flight sales promise to present a goldmine of deals and discounts, as has been the airline’s tradition. Staying alert to these opportunities and acting swiftly will assure you of the best value for your travel. Tracking the trends, planning around seasonal deals, utilizing early-bird specials, and harnessing the power of the Rapid Rewards program will undoubtedly boost your hunt for the best flight deals.


Armed with the knowledge of Southwest’s flight schedule release pattern, you’re in a prime position to snag the best deals when the 2024 flights sale kicks off. Remember, staying alert to announcements and being a part of Southwest’s email list can make all the difference in securing budget-friendly tickets. Plus, participation in the Rapid Rewards program and using Southwest credit cards can further boost your chances of flying free or at a discount. So, keep an eye on those price drops, seasonal deals, and early-bird specials. With a bit of strategic planning and swift action, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the best value for your travel with Southwest in 2024.

What patterns does Southwest Airlines’ flight schedule follow?

Southwest typically releases its flight schedule every six to eight weeks. Because of its pattern, deals often show up immediately after a new schedule is published.

How can I stay informed about Southwest flight schedules and sales?

Southwest provides new schedules and exclusive sales and promotions announcements through email. Subscribing to Southwest’s email list is recommended for staying updated with these announcements.

Why should I participate in Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program?

The Rapid Rewards program allows members to earn points per flight that can be redeemed for free flights or flight upgrades. It’s an excellent way to save money on future travel.

How can I predict the start date of Southwest’s 2024 flight sales?

Analyzing Southwest’s past flight schedule trends can help predict the start date of future flight sales. This historical data could provide insight into when Southwest might release its 2024 flight sales.

What are the benefits of using a Southwest credit card?

Southwest credit cards allow users to accumulate points with every purchase, which can be redeemed for free or discounted flights, making them a valuable tool for regular fliers.

What can I expect from Southwest’s 2024 flight sales?

The 2024 flight sales may feature price drops on select routes, seasonal deals, early-bird specials, and perks for frequent flyers. To take advantage of these deals, it’s crucial to stay alert and act swiftly to secure tickets.

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