Tips for Getting Cheap Flights Ticket Deals on Air Canada

Tips for Getting Cheap Flights Ticket Deals on Air Canada

Finding budget-friendly tickets on Air Canada is no cakewalk. But with a few insider tips, you could indeed become an expert at snagging those lucrative deals.

Timing is everything when it comes to booking flights. If you’re flexible with your dates, you stand a better chance at grabbing a bargain. Look for off-peak hours, midweek flights, and flights during the off-season for the chunkiest discounts.

Take advantage of Air Canada’s price drop guarantee. If the price of your flight drops after you’ve purchased your ticket, the airline will refund you the difference. That’s a smart way to avoid overpaying for your ticket.

Also, double-check for hidden fees. Often, what looks like a cheap ticket could be accompanied by hidden baggage fees or seat selection charges. Having clarity on these aspects ensures you don’t end up paying more than you’d intended.

Remember to add your Aeroplan number to your booking. With this, each flight you book brings you points closer to a cheaper, or even free, flight. Plus, it gives you access to exclusive deals and offers.

Consider opting for last-minute flights. While this strategy might seem risky, it could pay off. Airlines often slash prices on unsold seats close to departure time, providing the perfect opportunity for you to score a discount.

To sum it up:

  • Be flexible with your flight dates and times
  • Take advantage of Air Canada’s price drop guarantee
  • Avoid hidden fees
  • Use your Aeroplan number
  • Consider booking last-minute flights

By incorporating these tips into your flight booking strategy, you’re giving yourself the best possible chance at securing an affordable ticket. Laying emphasis on planning and staying open to opportunities can go a long way toward helping you save on your travel with Air Canada.

Sign up for Email Notifications

Still want more methods for finding cheap flights on Air Canada? Try signing up for email notifications from the airline. Air Canada often sends out alerts for deals and discounts directly to their subscribers. So, by signing up for these emails, you put yourself in a prime position to snag these cheap flight tickets as soon as they go live.

Straight from the horse’s mouth – it’s the most direct source of information. Imagine being the first to know when there’s a major sale, or when prices suddenly drop for certain destinations. That’s the power of these email alerts. Air Canada doesn’t want its flights to depart with empty seats. When the airline has a good number of unsold seats, they’ll often slash prices and promptly inform subscribers.

Joining the email list usually involves going to the Air Canada website and looking for the sign-up section. Typically, you’ll find it near the bottom of the homepage. Don’t worry. They won’t spam your inbox with irrelevant emails.

These alerts can sometimes offer exclusive deals that aren’t available elsewhere. For instance, if you have a preferred destination: indicate it during the sign-up process. They’ll alert you when that specific route has a promotion.

Your cheapest ticket may just be a few email alerts away. By exploiting the potential of these notifications, you raise the ante on securing affordable tickets. It’s all part of being a savvy flyer, ready to pounce on the best deals before they disappear.

Remember to check your emails regularly for these alerts. Keep the notifications turned on and stay ahead of the game. Your next Air Canada ticket deal could be waiting in your next email. Let’s not let it slip out of your grip.

Follow Air Canada on Social Media

In the quest for cheap flight tickets on Air Canada, one strategy overlooks traditional methods. It’s revving up your social media engagement. Since social media is an amazing, real-time avenue for promoting deals, it’s a win-win platform for both airlines and customers.

An effective start is following the official Air Canada pages on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They routinely post last-minute deals, special offers, and exclusive promotions for their followers, which you can capitalize on. Every now and then, they even host giveaways for free tickets, so this could be your lucky break!

By having instant access to your social media feeds, you can receive notifications for new posts and updates, enabling you to swiftly act on sweet deals as soon as they drop. Remember, timing is everything, and it could mean a difference of several hundred dollars in your ticket price.

Benefit from digital word-of-mouth by getting involved in Air Canada forums on platforms such as Reddit or TripAdvisor. It’s a fantastic way to access user-generated tips, tricks, and experiences about low-cost airfare. Also, being part of a community dedicated to sharing flight deal discoveries can significantly increase your chances of a cheaper flight.

Fuel your social media strategy even further by connecting with aviation and travel deal blogs. Many of these bloggers have a keen eye for bargain flights and often share alerts on social media. When you are following the right accounts and groups, you’re raising your odds of nailing a great Air Canada ticket deal.

Consider joining #AirCanada conversations on Twitter, where users share related information and discuss various promotions. Such hashtags can be a treasure trove of information and a chance to engage with other savvy airfare shoppers.

Use Flight Comparison Websites

In your ventures to score the best cheap flight deals, flight comparison websites ought to be your companion. These web-based platforms provide an overview of various flight prices across airlines, including Air Canada. It’s a fast, easy way to find the cheapest flights without hopping from one airline’s website to another.

Don’t limit yourself to using only one comparison website. Instead, check out different platforms such as Kayak, Skyscanner, and Google Flights to broaden your scope. Each of these websites often has different deals and discounts from various airlines, so it’s wise to browse through more than one to get the best rates.

Knowing how to navigate these websites is crucial. Remember that while these sites display a range of flight prices, they don’t always include extra fees like checked bags or seat selection. Before you snag what appears to be a great deal, check if these additional fees are included in the price. If not, you may end up paying more than anticipated.

Take note too about the flight times and layovers. Sometimes the cheapest flights might have longer layovers or less desirable departure and arrival times. If you’re flexible, this might not be an issue. But if you’ve got a tight schedule, this might not be the ultimate low fare deal you were hoping for.

One other beneficial feature of flight comparison websites is the option to set up price alerts. By inputting specific dates and routes, you can receive email notifications when prices drop. This is a handy tool you should definitely take advantage of.

By better understanding how flight comparison websites function, and making good use of their various features, your hunt for cheap Air Canada flight deals becomes a lot easier and more fruitful. Dedicating some time to this research can be an investment that saves you a tidy sum. Now, you’re empowered to pursue savings with greater strategy and efficiency.

Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates

When hunting for cheap flight deals on Air Canada, it’s crucial to maintain a degree of flexibility with your intended travel dates. Flying during the busiest times can bump up your ticket price significantly. So, it’s advised to consider flying at times when demand for tickets is lower, such as weekdays, or off-peak hours.

Looking for flights on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday can often result in lower fares. That’s because these days are less popular for both business and leisure travellers. So, Air Canada and other airlines often offer discounts to entice passengers to fly during these times.

Staying open to flying during off-hours can also pay off. Air Canada flights departing very early in the morning or later in the evening can be less expensive than flights during the peak late-morning and early-afternoon slots. Not everyone is willing to adjust their schedule to fly at these times, which means less competition for these cheaper tickets.

Another strategy is to consider flying during the shoulder season — the period between high (peak) and low (off-peak) seasons. During these times, airlines may lower fares to attract travellers. For Canada, the shoulder seasons often fall in spring (April and May) and fall (mid-September to mid-November).

Tables showcasing the median flight price during spring, fall, and busy periods can be useful.

Season Median Flight Price
Spring( April – May ) $200
Fall(mid-September to mid-November) $210
Busy Periods $270

Keep in mind, these are average estimates and prices can vary based on factors like point of origin, destination, and how far in advance you book your flight.

Consider Alternative Airports

When booking flights, most travelers tend to focus on their preferred major airport. But, for savvy individuals like yourself looking for cheap ticket deals on Air Canada, considering alternative airports could be a game-changer.

Small or mid-sized airports sometimes offer cheaper fares as airlines aim to draw passengers away from the bustling hubs. By selecting adjacent airports, you might find surprisingly lower prices. Alternatively, if your destination city has more than one airport, compare prices between them. For instance, if you’re flying to New York, check fares for JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark.

But remember–it’s not just about the ticket price! Before booking, make sure to factor in additional costs, such as:

  • The cost of traveling to and from the alternative airport
  • Potential accommodations if your flight is significantly earlier or later
  • The time it may take to travel to the airport

You’ll want to weigh the savings against these extra costs to ensure it’s a viable option.

Besides, when flying with Air Canada, you’re also likely to see a number of connecting flights passing through their major hubs like Toronto Pearson, Montreal Trudeau, or Vancouver. They may initially appear more expensive, but don’t be too quick to dismiss them. Often these routes have more flexibility with timings and capacity. As a result, airlines may offer last-minute discounts to fill up seats, making them bargain goldmines for flexible travelers.

Staying ahead in the airline ticket game is about staying informed and being flexible. While alternative airports may mean a slight detour in your original plan, the potential savings on your Air Canada ticket cost can make it a strategy worth considering.


You’ve now got the insider tips to bag those cheap Air Canada flights. Remember, flexibility is key – with your dates, flight times, and even airports. Don’t forget about Air Canada’s price drop guarantee and always keep an eye out for hidden fees. Your Aeroplan number is your ticket to points and exclusive deals, so be sure to add it. Email alerts from Air Canada put the best deals right in your inbox. Considering alternative airports and connecting flights can also slash those prices. So, stay informed, stay flexible, and start saving on your Air Canada flights. Happy travels!

When is the best time to book a flight on Air Canada for cheaper rates?

The best time to book a flight on Air Canada for cheaper rates is during off-peak hours, midweek, and off-season periods. Being flexible with your travel dates can lead to significant discounts.

Does Air Canada have a price drop guarantee?

Yes, Air Canada does have a price drop guarantee. If the price of their flight drops after purchasing, passengers are eligible for a refund of the difference.

How can I avoid hidden fees when booking with Air Canada?

Always double-check for hidden fees when booking a flight, such as baggage fees, seat selection fees, or service fees. Reading the fine print can help you avoid unexpected costs.

What are the benefits of adding an Aeroplan number when booking a flight on Air Canada?

Adding an Aeroplan number when booking a flight using Air Canada can grant you access to exclusive deals. It also enables you to earn points that you can use for future travel.

How can I stay updated with Air Canada’s deals and discounts?

Sign up for email notifications from Air Canada to receive alerts for deals and discounts directly from the airline. It’s a convenient way to stay updated with the airline’s offers.

Will considering alternative airports offer cheaper Air Canada tickets?

Yes, considering alternative airports can sometimes lead to cheaper fares. Small or mid-sized airports might offer lower ticket prices compared to larger airports.

Can connecting flights result in savings on Air Canada?

Connecting flights through major hubs can occasionally offer savings on Air Canada. However, it’s important to balance the potential savings with considerations of travel comfort and convenience.

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