How to Check Flight Status on Aeromexico

Traveling can be stressful, especially when you’re trying to keep track of flight statuses. If you’re flying with Aeromexico, you’re in luck. It’s easy to check your flight status and stay updated.

Whether you’re at home, on the go, or already at the airport, Aeromexico provides several convenient options for you to stay informed. You’ll never have to worry about missing a flight update again.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to check your flight status on Aeromexico. So, sit back, relax, and let’s get started.

Step 1: Visit the Aeromexico Website

In today’s world, you’re online most of the time. It could be on your computer at work, your mobile device while on the move, or even your tablet while relaxing at home. With this, there’s an efficient way to feed your wanderlust or confirm your travel itinerary. Turn your attention next to Aeromexico’s official website, a one-stop-shop for all your flight-related concerns.

Ready to check your flight status? Here’s what to do.

First, launch your internet browser of choice. In the address bar, type and hit the enter key. This beams you right into the heart of Aeromexico’s web-based services, including the critical functionality of flight status checks. Keep in mind, this website is optimized for various devices, providing a seamless experience whether you’re on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

As the Aeromexico homepage loads up, there’s a lot to take in. Nevertheless, don’t get carried away exploring all the nooks and crannies just yet. Instead, let’s help you get what you came here for: your flight status.

Now you have taken the first step. You’re geared up and ready to dive deeper. The next steps will guide you to retrieve your flight status, making sure you’re well-informed for your airline experience with Aeromexico. Stick with us as we move onto the next part of the guide. The process is simple, quick and waiting for your action.

Step 2: Click on the “Flight Status” Tab

Once you’re on the Aeromexico homepage, look towards the top of your screen. You’ll see a number of options available. But there’ll be one that will catch your eye – the “Flight Status” tab. This tab, as straightforward as it may sound, is your key to accessing the latest updates on your flight.

You might be wondering, why should you click it? Besides keeping you up-to-date, its key purpose is to save you time and keep you organized. By providing you real-time information on flight schedules and any potential changes, it empowers you to make timely decisions, whether it’s about reaching the airport or arranging your pick-up.

It’s time for action. Move your cursor towards the “Flight Status” tab and click on it. It’ll lead you to a new page. This page is designed to provide you with all the necessary details about your flight. Information such as departure and arrival time, gate number, terminal, and possible delays are available at your fingertips.

Speaking of delays, these can be inevitable due to factors like weather conditions and technical issues. Being aware of such changes in your flight schedule can save you from unnecessary stress and hassle. Hence, by using this feature, you’ll always be in the know about your flight status with Aeromexico.

Step 3: Enter Your Flight Information

Once you’ve successfully navigated to the “Flight Status” tab on Aeromexico’s homepage, it’s time to proceed and enter your flight information. This step is crucial as it fetches the real-time data relevant to your particular journey.

Your first task is to enter your flight number into the designated text box. This is usually a blend of letters and numbers i.e., AM142 or AM007. Getting this number right is important – it’s what the system uses to search for your specific flight.

Departure and arrival cities are your next entries. Ensure you’ve got the names of your departure and arrival cities right. There might be multiple airports in a single city and each one of them has their own schedules.

But maybe you don’t remember your flight number. What then? Aeromexico’s got you covered. You can also look up your flight using the departure and arrival locations and the travel date instead! It just goes to show how good Aeromexico’s system is at providing flight status information at your fingertips.

This process is seamless and intuitive. As soon as you start entering your details, an auto-fill feature will recommend potential matches. This cuts down on your search time making your experience smooth and fast.

One final, but often forgotten piece of flight information to enter is your travel date. Ensure you’re entering the correct date – a simple mix-up could lead to incorrect flight status information. Imagine checking the status for the wrong day and the issues that could cause!

Finally, click the ‘Search’ button. As simple as that, you’ve just passed the third step in checking your flight status with Aeromexico. Now, sit back, hold on, and wait for your flight status details to appear.

In the words of a seasoned traveller, it’s always better to be prepared and informed. The flight status feature on Aeromexico does just that.

Step 4: View Your Flight Status

After clicking on the ‘Search’ button, Aeromexico’s system jumps into action. It’ll sort through numerous flight details to find and display your specific flight status. This efficient process ensures you have up-to-date data. It’s a quick, convenient, and reliable solution for those who need to know their flight details in real time.

Aeromexico’s flight status page will show you several important pieces of information. Listed below are some key facts to look out for:

  • Flight number
  • Departure and Arrival times
  • Flight duration
  • Any changes or delays

Also, you may notice detailed information about the airport, such as gate number and any terminal changes. It’s crucial to pay attention to this part as well as it can drastically change your pre-flight plan.

Advance knowledge of these potential changes can help you immensely. You’ll be able to plan better, reduce stress before your flight, and get a head start on any necessary adjustments.

Remember – the key to a smooth and successful trip is staying informed. By regularly checking your flight status, you’ll stay ahead of the game.

With the omnipresent uncertainty and frequent changes in air travel, relying on Aeromexico’s accurate flight status feature is a game-changer. It’s an embodiment of the airline’s commitment to providing exceptional service and convenience to passengers.

Step 5: Receive Updates Via Email or SMS

The next pivotal step in staying informed about your flight status with Aeromexico is to receive updates via email or SMS. Aeromexico offers a direct and no-nonsense update feature to keep you looped in at all times.

To use this feature, you need to sign up for Aeromexico’s email or SMS update services. It’s an easy process With just a few clicks, you can directly tie your flight details to your chosen mode of communication. This way, any change in your flight status – whether it’s a delay, reschedule, or gate change – lands directly in your inbox or on your phone screen.

After registering for the update service, you’ll receive an initial confirmation message of your flight details. This would include your flight number, departure and arrival times, flight duration, and much more. Remember to keep an eye out for this message to verify your access to the update service.

One considerable advantage of this feature is that it effectively eliminates the need to routinely check up on flight status online. It’s like having your own personal Aeromexico assistant, providing direct updates on any changes – big or small.

Besides, opting for SMS updates ensures you get real-time updates regardless of internet access. No need to worry if you’re in a spot with a weak or no internet connection – Aeromexico’s got you covered.

The update feature is an incredibly valuable tool, offering convenience and confidence in your journey. It helps reduce pre-flight anxiety, ensuring you always feel in control. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a once-a-year vacationer, knowing you’ll be immediately alerted to any changes can make all the difference. It’s all part of how Aeromexico puts travelers first.

Step 6: Use the Aeromexico App to Check Flight Status

In the age of digital mobility, the Aeromexico App proves to be an indispensable resource in your flight preparation. Not only can you check your flight status, but you can also gain access to other functional features designed for your convenience.

Downloading the Aeromexico app from your phone’s app store covers you at every step. You’re assured that all necessary flight details are just a fingertip away. Log into the app using your Aeromexico account details and navigate to the ‘Flight Status’ section. You’re all set for real-time updates on your departure and arrival times right in your pocket.

A noteworthy plus? This platform adjusts to flight changes and instantly updates. That’s real-time reassurance that you’re not left hanging if sudden schedule shifts. With automatic push notifications, you’re alerted of any important changes promptly. It’s innovative technology putting comfort and control in your palm, wherever you might be.

Besides flight status, the Aeromexico app offers a multitude of other benefits. You can access all these features right from your smartphone:

  • Online Check-in
  • E-Boarding Pass availability
  • Airport maps
  • Aeromexico Club Premier Miles balance
  • Booking amendments

The advantages of having the app installed and configured on your phone are far-reaching. You’re able to bypass time-consuming processes and enjoy seamless pre-flight and in-flight experiences.

Remember to keep your App up to date for the smoothest experience. Developers regularly roll out updates to improve functionality and introduce fresh features. It’s always good practice to ensure that you have the latest version.

While other methods of flight status checks are great, using the Aeromexico App carries with it a level of comfort. It’s one more tool in your arsenal to combat potential pre-flight jitters and ensure that you’re timely, comfortable, and in control at all junctures.


So, you’ve mastered the art of checking your flight status with Aeromexico. With the steps outlined, you’re now equipped to stay on top of your travel plans. The Aeromexico App is your go-to tool for real-time updates, online check-in, and even booking amendments. It’s all about convenience and control right at your fingertips. Remember, keep your app updated to ensure you’re getting the best experience. Now, you’re not just a passenger, but an informed traveler. Safe travels!

1. How can I check my Aeromexico flight status?

You can check your Aeromexico flight status using the Aeromexico App. It provides real-time updates on departure and arrival times. Simply keep the app updated for the best experience.

2. What are the features of the Aeromexico App?

The Aeromexico App offers various features such as online check-in, e-boarding pass availability, and airport maps. Additionally, it allows you to make booking amendments.

3. Why should I keep the Aeromexico App updated?

Keeping the Aeromexico App updated ensures you have access to the latest features and improvements. It also enhances the app’s performance, providing you with a smoother user experience.

4. Can I make booking amendments with the Aeromexico App?

Yes, the Aeromexico App allows you to make booking amendments. It provides a convenient way to change your flight details whenever necessary.

5. Is the Aeromexico App user-friendly?

The Aeromexico App is designed for convenience. It provides control at your fingertips, making it easier to manage your journey with Aeromexico.

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